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Announcing SDK generation for APIs on OCI API Gateway

Robert Wunderlich
Product Strategy Director

We’re pleased to announce that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) API Gateway can generate software development kits (SDKs) for application programming interfaces (APIs).

APIs represent a world of interconnectivity where development teams can offer capabilities to partners and enable cooperation between organizations. OpenAPI provides a great way to describe the functionality and contract of the API and is used to provide documentation for API Consumers. API Gateway can understand OpenAPI and use it to accelerate the configuration of the API deployment.

Developers looking to consume an API appreciate having an SDK that accelerates their adoption of the API. For example, OCI offers API access to its services and also provides SDKs for customers that programmatically interact with the control-plane instead of using the Console. As developers build APIs to offer to their users, they want to make it easier for their users to consume and build in popular languages.

Creating an SDK

Using the API SDK Generation feature, the API development team can generate SDKs in five languages: Java, Android, Javascript, Typescript, and Swift. The generated SDK is available for the API Development team to include with their API documentation.

To begin, the developer creates an API by providing the API description in OpenAPI format. When the API is validated, a Create SDK button appears. Clicking that button begins the process.

A screenshot of the Create SDK screen in the Console.

The developer can provide a name and choose a language. Depending on the language, the developer provides the required and optional properties to be used in the SDK. When the developer chooses to create, the SDK is built and appears in a list of SDKs for the API.

A screenshot of the API details page with the newly created SDK.

The developer can view the details of any of the SDKs and can download it to further refine and include it with the API documentation.

A screenshot of the test SDK creation details page.

Creating SDKs for APIs is as easy as clicking a button with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway. The API development team can offer a richer experience to their consumers by including SDKs in several popular programming languages.

Learn more

Learn more about building APIs and generating SDKs through the following resources:

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