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Announcing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming

Mark De Visser
Principal Product Manager

At CloudNativeCon North America 2018 this week in Seattle, we are excited to announce a new service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming. The Streaming service provides a fully managed, scalable, and durable storage for ingesting continuous, high-volume streams of data that you can consume and process in real-time. Streaming can be used for messaging, ingesting high volume data such as application log data, operational telemetry data, web click-stream data or other use cases in which data is produced and processed continually and sequentially in a publish-subscribe messaging model.

Use Cases

Here are some of the many possible use cases for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming:

  • Messaging:
    Use streaming as a backplane to decouple components of large systems. Key-scoped ordering, low latency and guaranteed durability of streaming provide reliable primitives to implement a variety of messaging patterns, while high throughput potential allows for such a system to scale well.

  • Web/Mobile activity data ingestion:
    Use streaming as your ingestion pipeline for usage data from web sites or mobile apps (such as page views, searches, or other actions users may take). Streaming’s consumer model makes it easy to feed information to multiple real-time monitoring and analytics systems or to a data warehouse for offline processing and reporting.

  • Metric and log ingestion:
    Use streaming as an alternative for traditional log and metrics aggregation approaches to help make critical operational data more quickly available for indexing, analysis, and visualization.

  • Infrastructure and application event processing:
    Use streaming as a unified entry point for cloud components to report their life cycle events for audit, accounting, and related activities.

Managed Service

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming manages everything needed to operate the service, from provisioning, deployment, maintenance, security patches, infrastructure, storage, networking, and replication to configuration of the hardware and software that enables you to stream data.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming is secure by default. Only the account and data stream owners have access to the stream resources that they create. It supports user authentication to control access to data, allowing you to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies to selectively grant permissions to users and groups of users. You can securely put and get your data from Streaming through SSL endpoints, using the HTTPS protocol. Lastly, user data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Getting Started

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming will be generally available in 2019, but we are currently providing access to selected customers through our Cloud Native Limited Availability Program. To learn more about Streaming or to request access, please register.

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