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Announcing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

At CloudNativeCon North America 2018 in Seattle this week, we are announcing a new service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring.

Monitoring provides your enterprise with fine grained metrics and notifications to monitor your entire stack. Using the Monitoring service, your enterprise is able to understand the health and performance of your stack including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resources, optimize resource utilization, and respond to anomalies in real time.

Out of the box performance and health metrics are provided for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resources, including Compute Instances, Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) Virtual NICs, Block Store Volumes, and Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS). You can also emit your own Custom Metrics to have visibility across your entire stack.

Additionally, Alarms can be created on these Metrics using industry standard statistics, trigger operators, and time intervals. Alarms alert you in real time to important changes across your stack via email and PagerDuty using the Oracle Notification service.

The interactive Metrics Explorer in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console provides a comprehensive view of Metrics across your Resources and Custom Metrics with the ability to customize and filter the data. The Monitoring Service offers a best-in-class metric engine, allowing you to perform powerful aggregation and slice-and-dice queries across multiple metric streams and dimensions in real time. The Monitoring service public API, and SDK/CLI enable easy integration with your existing enterprise infrastructure.

Sample Monitoring use cases

Use the Metrics Explorer to understand the health of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resources. Metrics can be visualized individually or aggregated across multiple resources. Below is the CPU percentage for multiple Compute Instances over the past day:

OCI Monitoring provides notifications, such as CPU percentages passing a predefined utilization threshold. When a resource's CPU passes the threshold, a PagerDuty notification is triggered or an email is sent to your team. As an example below, an alarm can be triggered when a resource's utilization is below 3% for more than 24 hours.


With the Monitoring service, we are delivering another core pillar to ensure that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a best-in-class foundation for all enterprise workloads and use cases. Monitoring will become available in early 2019, but we are currently providing access to selected customers through our Cloud Native Limited Availability Program. To learn more about Monitoring or to request access to the technology, please register.

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Phil Robinson Friday, February 8, 2019
    What differentiates this from Oracle management cloud?

    I am looking at the monitoring options for new services and really need a clear picture of the Oracle monitoring story if it is at all possible.
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