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Announcing OpenAPI support in API Gateway

Robert Wunderlich
Product Strategy Director

We’re pleased to announce that API Gateway now supports the OpenAPI Specification!


OpenAPI is a description format for RESTful APIs that you can use to describe the capabilities and expectations of the API. An API description helps developers understand how to interact with the API. And for those who implement the API, the description is an agreed-upon understanding of the functionality. The API description helps teams implement APIs much faster and with confidence that the requirements are being met.

There are numerous tools for designing APIs, including Oracle Apiary, Stoplight, SmartBear, and Postman, just to name a few. You can use whatever tool you want and add your API description into API Gateway for use throughout the API management lifecycle.

Use case: Create an API deployment from the description

The API deployment specification is the configuration of the API on the gateway. You can create the deployment directly by using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, CLI, SDK, API, or Terraform. However, much of the required information, such as paths and methods, are already defined in the API description.

When you create an API deployment based on the API description, the routes are prepopulated to save you time. In fact, if the API description contains an example, the deployment is automatically a “stock response” that provides developers with a fully working mock service available on their gateway.

Key benefits

  • Validation: When a specification is imported, it’s validated for both syntax and deployability.
  • Faster productivity: Deployments are created faster by prepopulating the configuration based on the API description.
  • Faster prototyping: A stock response API can be automatically created for developers and their consumers to test the APIs ahead of the implementation. A developer can add policy configurations around the stock response for deeper prototyping.

Learn more

To learn more about API Gateway and API design, visit our Cloud Native API Management site.

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