Announcing Boot Volume Backups and Clones for Application Protection and Lifecycle Management

Max Verun
Principal Product Manager

We are excited to announce that you can now backup and clone your boot volumes online without any downtime on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Put all your worries about application protection and life-cycle management behind you!

We continue to invest heavily in adding comprehensive application and data protection solutions to our cloud offering. Boot volumes provide remote boot disks that are encrypted by default, offer high performance and fast launch times, and durability for your bare metal and virtual machine (VM) instances. By using the boot volume backup and clone capabilities, combined with the recently announced volume groups feature, you can easily create point-in-time consistent backups and clones of your running enterprise applications that span multiple instances and storage volumes across one or more compute instances, while they are online without any downtime. These capabilities, available only from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, expand the breadth of built-in application, data management, and protection capabilities that you should expect from a cloud provider.

  • Backing up a boot volume enables you to preserve the entire state of your running operating system as a backup. All of the block volume backup capabilities also apply to boot volumes: you can configure policy-based automated and scheduled backups, you can choose full or incremental backups, the backup completes in a minute, and a restored boot volume becomes available to use within a matter of seconds.
  • Cloning a boot volume allows you to quickly provision an exact, isolated copy of a running instance without going through a backup and restore process. A clone of a boot volume becomes available for use within a matter of seconds, making it trivial to spin off new environments for scale up, development, QA, UAT, and troubleshooting.

You have a choice: either backup your instance and keep its backup for future restore, or clone it and use the clone immediately.

These new capabilities are provided at no additional cost to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers beyond the cost of the amount of consumed block and object storage.

The rest of this post walks through creating a boot volume backup and clone in the Console.

Backup a Boot Volume

  • On the Boot Volume details page, click Backups and then click Create Backup.

  • Specify a name for the backup.

  • The backup of the boot volume becomes available in a few seconds.

Assign a Backup Policy to a Boot Volume

You can easily assign a backup policy to a boot volume, so the backups happen automatically on a schedule.

  • On the volume details page, Backup Policy field, click on Assign:

  • And select from three predefined policies:

  • Backups for the boot volume will happen automatically and will be retained based on the policy you selected.


Clone a Boot Volume

Similarly, you can clone a boot volume in a few clicks.

  • On the Boot Volume details page, click Clones and then click Create Clone.

  • Specify a name for the clone.

  • Your cloned boot volume is available to use immediately.

We want you to experience these new features and all the enterprise-grade capabilities that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers. It’s easy to try them out with $300 free credit. For more information, see the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Getting Started guide, Block Volume service overview, and FAQ.

Watch for announcements about additional features and capabilities in this space. We value your feedback as we continue to make our service the best in the industry. Send me your thoughts on how we can continue to improve or if you want more details on any topic.

Max Verun

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