Announcing Block Volume Service Enhancements: Worry-Free Predictable Performance and Better Scale

Max Verun
Principal Product Manager

Hi, I’m Max Verun, Product Manager for the Block Volume Service in Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud Services team. Today I am excited to be able to share with you what our Block Volume Service team has been working on for the last 6 months.

  1. All NVMe-based storage infrastructure
  2. 25K IOPS per volume, at 320 MB/s throughput
  3. Sub-millisecond latencies
  4. Configurable volume sizes: 50 GB to 2TB in 1 GB increments
  5. No more worries about storage performance - just provision capacity and performance scales linearly

And the price stays the same: 5 cents a month for each GB you provision!

Let me start by re-iterating our philosophy and approach to cloud platforms at Oracle, as it also underscores our approach to the Block Volume Service. First-generation clouds have organically evolved over the years, not necessarily making the right trade-offs or applying the best solutions when it comes to storage. In many cases, the current IaaS offerings haven’t satisfied enterprise expectations. Block storage is a very good example of this. Today’s options offer non-linear performance that is neither predictable nor steady, with a myriad of service options with complex and confusing tiers. The history is revealing. First-generation block storage started with HDD (magnetic hard disk drive) storage, and evolved into SSD (solid state disk) based expensive storage, forcing customers to provision IOPS for consistency, and increasing cost and complexity.

You are now left with today’s choices: a range of hardware and service offerings, challenging calculations and choices for consistent performance, and difficulty mapping the disparate choices into a cohesive solution. You shouldn’t have to obtain a block storage PhD to meet your workload needs and have an optimally configured environment. We make this all go away!

We at Oracle continue to build a cloud tailored primarily for enterprise workloads, using all the lessons learned from first-generation cloud offerings, and taking advantage of modern hardware choices. Our Block Volume Service has this same philosophy: by building a platform from ground up we avoid all the pitfalls built in to first-generation cloud block storage solutions. Our main audience is you, our enterprise customers. We recognize that you need a simple, yet sophisticated and feature-rich block storage platform. You already have complex set of applications and businesses to manage; You certainly don’t want to add more complexity to your business by adopting a block storage service with intricate management of multiple and confusing storage tiers for performance versus price.

We are announcing significant enhancements to our cloud block volume storage service that addresses key enterprise challenges. We now offer the best-in-class storage platform using industry-leading NVMe SSDs. With Oracle Block Volume Service, there is no reason to worry about storage performance anymore, just provision the capacity needed. We deliver a simple, scalable, single volume type that meets all your workload performance needs. And the great price stays the same: $0.05/GB-month. No need to worry about complex storage tiers, managing a wide array of media types and diverse pricing options. With Oracle’s Block Volume Service there is no reason to compromise.

Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud Block Volume Service is designed for consistency, and here are key characteristics of the service:

Metric or Feature Block Volume Service Characteristics

Configurable: 50 GB to 2 TB (1 GB increments)

All NVMe-based. 16 TB soon.

Performance: IOPS/Volume 60 IOPS/GB - up to 25K IOPS
Performance: Throughput/Volume 480 KBPS/GB - up to 320 MBPS
Performance: Latency/Volume Sub-millisecond latencies
Performance: Per-instance Limits

32 attachments/instance, up to 64 TB

Up to 200K or more IOPS, near line rate throughout

Cost per GB/month 5 cents! Simple model,  Single option that delivers performance and consistency that customers need


To see more details on actual performance with a range of workloads and block sizes, please see my colleague Lee Gates' blog on Block Volume Service performance.

With this launch, we focused on just nailing the basics. Our roadmap is jam-packed. Our customers are requesting shared volumes with multi-attach, disk-to-disk fast clone of block volumes, larger volume sizes up to 32 TB, resize volumes, scheduled backups, bringing one's own encryption keys, and much more. Expect to hear from us soon on this space

We want you to experience the enterprise grade capabilities offered by Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud Services. It’s easy to take advantage of these new capabilities with $300 free credit at the Oracle Store. For additional information, see the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Getting Started Guide and Block Volume Service.

I and the rest of the Oracle team value your feedback as we continue to make our service the best in the industry. Send me your thoughts on how we can continue to improve or if you want more details on any topic.

Max Verun-Oracle
Principal Product Manager
Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services Team

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