Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

Sun VDI 3.0 Demo Installation 2 2/3


short update on the demo installation. The directory server is successfully installed.
Here is what I did to install and configure the ldap server:

Install Directory Server 6.3

Installation instructions

Document collection

So, after downloading the tarball, gunzip and extract the files ( tar xf ).
Read the README.txt and open the installation instructions. Following it, we do:

Install the DS Server
Change your current directory to the download directory and change to the install dir of DS 6.3.
bash-3.2# cd DSEE_ZIP_Distribution/
bash-3.2# ls
dsee_data dsee_deploy idsktune

bash-3.2# ./dsee_deploy install -i /local -p 11169
Unzipping ...
Unzipping ...
Creating WAR file for Console

Configuring Cacao at /local/dsee6/cacao_2
Setting Cacao parameter jdmk-home with default value [/local/dsee6/private]
Setting Cacao parameter java-home with default value [/local/jre]
Setting Cacao parameter nss-lib-home with default value [/local/dsee6/private/lib]
Setting Cacao parameter nss-tools-home with default value [/local/dsee6/bin]
Setting Cacao parameter jmxmp-connector-port with value [11169]
Registering DSCC agent into cacao
Starting Cacao if necessary
Registering JESMF agent into Cacao
Making a copy of dsee_deploy
Making a copy of listrunnings64
You can now start your Directory Server Instances
You can now start your Directory Proxy Server Instances

Now we need to configure the directory server.

1. Create an instance
The working directory is /local/ds6/bin

bash-3.2# ./dsadm create -p 389 -P 636 /local/ds
Choose the Directory Manager password:
Confirm the Directory Manager password:
Use 'dsadm start '/local/ds'' to start the instance

2. start the instance

bash-3.2# ./dsadm start /local/ds
Directory Server instance '/local/ds' started: pid=10880

3. verify if you can read the root DSA Specific Entry ( DSE ) of your instance

bash-3.2# ldapsearch -h gandalf -p 389 -b "" -s base "(objectclass=\*)"
version: 1
objectClass: top
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.7
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.8
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.3
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.5
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.6

Fine! Now configure the DS Server:

1. create an suffix dc=demo, dc=com; NOTE: if you use dc=example, dc=com you can import the /local/ds6/ldif/Example.ldif afterwards!

bash-3.2# ./dsconf create-suffix -h gandalf -p 389 dc=demo,dc=com
Certificate "CN=gandalf, CN=636, CN=Directory Server, O=Sun Microsystems" presented by the server is not trusted.
Type "Y" to accept, "y" to accept just once, "n" to refuse, "d" for more details: Y
Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:

2. check it

bash-3.2# ldapsearch -h gandalf -p 389 -b "" -s base "(objectclass=\*)"
version: 1
objectClass: top
namingContexts: dc=demo,dc=com

hurrah... finished.

Now we can continue our VDI configuration, finally:
Go to
http://server_name:1800 or http://localhost:1800

and setup your Desktop Pools, how we do this, I will describe later.
But, meanwhile, you can try it yourself

Good luck,

Thursday Jan 29, 2009

Again, a new version of the x86 Server config Guide available

Hi, long time no see,

I updated the "x86 Server Configuration Whitepaper" and checked if the links are still valid. Also, I add a new link to my page "X86 Server Installation Guides" .
This page is a link collection to gain installation information of various OSes ( Solaris, Linux, Windows )and to get firmware updates and drivers for x86/x64 Sun Servers.

If you like to add information there, you are very welcome.

Have a nice day,

Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

x86 Server Configuration Whitepaper

Hi there,

again I updated the x64 Server configuration paper with some installation support links and information.

I decided to give the baby a name ( hahaha ).
It is now called x86 Server Configuration Whitepaper ( waa hooo - sounds great )and the files named x86_ServerConfigWP.pdf ( german version ) or x86_ServerConfigWP_engl.pdf ( english version ).

"x86 Server Configuration Whitepaper"

I added links to server documentations, installation services, to BigAdmin, to driver and firmware downloads etc..

Please feel free to send me feedback, advices, news, links.....


Wednesday Sep 17, 2008

Konfiguration x64 Server UPDATE

Recently I heard about some claims of a customer about the installation process of x64/x86 servers.
He said, he had some problems and issues with OS drivers, the ILOM and BIOS firmware and settings and the installation of drivers for Sun-installed components option cards when using Windows or supported Linux OSes.

I like to point to this page:
Sun Installation Assistant ( SIA ).

SIA Features are:

\* Supports booting from a local or remote CD, USB flash drive or Network image
\* Provides a graphical wizard interface
\* Scans your server and installs the drivers for Sun-installed components and option cards [1]
\* Optionally checks with Sun for updates to OS drivers and Sun server software
\* Optionally upgrades ILOM Service Processor (SP) and BIOS firmware
\* Deploys Linux, Windows and Sun-supported applications to your Sun x64 systems
\* Optionally deploys using unattended scripted mode and PXE (Linux only)

The weblink provides a download of the wizard for all x64/x86 servers including blades, and links to the manual, to a BigAdmin Feature Article and finally also to a discussion forum.

I updated my paper "How to configure x64 Servers" x64_server.pdf ( german and english x64_server_engl.pdf version available ) by adding the link.
You can find the paper here .
The purpose of this paper is to help customers to configure their x64 servers.

Feedback is appreciated.


Friday Apr 04, 2008

Konfiguration x64 Server


my manager and the partner account manager had the idea of a paper for partners which helps to configure x64 servers and to find the appropriate and supported HBAs, ethernet interface cards, etc..

So, they wanted me to setup this paper.

Open the acrobat .pdf file in the Attachement section and go through the slides step by step. Some colleagues ( one of the partner infoline ) tested the use of the paper and the feedback was good.

Thanks to everyone for the advice, testing and feedback.

I hope it also helps you to setup your x64/x86 server configuration.


Friday Dec 21, 2007

Wie kann ich ... den Sunray Service installieren und konfigurieren ???

- english version at the end - 

Hallo mal wieder,

dieses Mal möchte ich eine kurze Anleitung über die Installationsschritte und Konfiguration der Sunray Services hier bereitstellen.

Sun Partner und Kunden testen stets gerne die Sun Ray Software, bevor sie sich am Ende entschliessen, diese auch in ihrer Umgebung einzusetzen.

Diese Teststellungen werden oft von uns SEs begleitet, um den Partnern und Kunden bei Installationsproblemen und bei der Konfiguration mit Rat und Tat behilflich zu sein.

Die Teststellungen, sprich die praktische Handhabung der Sun Ray Dienste zu erfahren, hilft tatsaechlich sehr dabei, dieses Produkt kennenzulernen.

Aber natürlich nur, wenn Kunden es auch tatsächlich nutzen können und feststellen, wie einfach es doch ist, die Sun Ray Dienste zu installieren, zu konfigurieren und schliesslich zu administrieren. Und es ist einfach!! 3 Befehle - fertig ist die Grundfunktion... zusätzliche Features gibt es viele ...

Daher dachte ich, vielleicht hilft ja diese kurze Anleitung die ersten Schritte zu gehen und kann bei der Installation und Konfiguration unterstützen und zwar so, dass auch "newbies" die Sunray Services sofort nutzen können. Deswegen sind auch nicht alle Features beschrieben, sondern jene, die die Grundfunktionalitäten beschreibt.

Verbesserungsvorschläge, zum Beispiel welche Themen noch hinzugefügt werden sollten, sind natürlich willkommen.


Happy Holidays and a very merry christmas!!



This is a short installation guide for german customers which may support them, when installing and configuring Sun Ray services, especially when they are newbies.





Claudia Hildebrandt \* Sytems Engineer \* Sun Microsystems GmbH \* Berlin \*


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