Thursday Nov 29, 2007

A380 what A380

I have a friend, well colleague, well acquaintance who I met again this week in Kuala Lumpur (KL to the locals). I had flown from London he had flown from Australia, via Singapore.

I was absolutely staggered when he said he had flown to Singapore on an A380 and only noticed as he got off. Quite how you can not notice being on a double decker plane is beyond me. Clearly he did not even bother reading the safety card. At times like this I understand why he moved into management. No engineer could have missed that.

If only they flew to London.

Tuesday Nov 27, 2007

Trapped in an airport

The bad news is your flight is delayed 2 hours.

The good news is there is free WiFi in the airport.

The bad news is that the battery on you laptop is only good for 1 hour.

So that is one vote for KLIA.

Update: perhaps not a vote for KLIA after all. As you would expect from free Wifi the service is less than perfect however the most irritating thing is it appears to be blocking a number of port including IMAP so I can't even read my email, much less send the presentation to those who are on the call at 9am tomorrow.

Wednesday Sep 26, 2007

Train to Luxembourg

Here I sit on the train from Brussels to Luxembourg with the decision to take the Eurostar rather than fly partially vindicated. It was certainly cheaper and so far, more convenient. A short train trip to Waterloo, catch the Eurostar, change at Brussels. Alas this will almost certainly be the last time I depart from Waterloo International as the service is moving to St Pancras which will mean a tube across London. So at least for me the 20 minutes it will knock of the journey time will be entirely lost by the extra time to get to St Pancras.

However using a laptop on the Eurostar was impossible, the lack of laptop power limits the working time to the life of the battery, which on this both not very long and the not very predictable. The battery indicator goes from 60% to 2% in one hop.


I am in internet withdrawal, the hotel only had prepaid WiFI access which since I had not pre paid was no good for me. Another case of expensive hotel (the cheap ones were full, honest) and yet the could not throw in an internet connection. I must remember to check these things next time, not that I really had a choice about the hotel.

If you are reading this I must have made it home....

Tuesday May 15, 2007

Initial Thoughts on Chicago

I've travelled to the United States a lot, but nearly always to the same area. That being the San Francisco Bay area. Now for a change I am in Chicago, and no Dave I can't “prove” it using plazes which while fun and geeky I have problems with the idea that anyone would care.

Anyway my initial thoughts on Chicago:

  1. Watching the Blues Brothers entirely prepares you for using a Taxi here. Research based on a single trip from the Airport which well was interesting. Apparently the tyres on cars here really do squeal around every corner like they do in the movies. The trouble with this is that the other things that cars do in movies is explode if there is the slightest crash hence the Blues Brothers being a perfect preparation. None of the cars in the Blues Brothers exploded. We did not crash, I'm still not sure how.

  2. Don't trust the Doorman at the Hotel to mark on a map where you are. Unbelievably he did not seem to know beyond telling me which street I'm in.

  3. The Police use Segways. Really. If I had been quicker with the camera I would show you.

  4. I wish my Brompton I have on order had turned up in time to bring it. The ideal vehicle for escaping the Police.

  5. It's not that Windy, not yet anyway. It is however Pretty and they ain't got what we got...Sorry getting carried away.

Thursday Jan 25, 2007


I'm currently in Zurich, attending a “Web 2.0” workshop. When I started blogging I took on board 2 bits of advice:

  1. Be interesting

  2. Write what you know about.

I don't really know about “Web 2.0” although I'm learning fast so I'm not going to write about “Web 2.0” so that I can at least say I have kept to one of the bits of advice. Although there are some interesting usage possibilities that we are exploring for tagging in particular.

I have learnt one thing while here. That is that Lenin spent a few months here and while he did he drank in the Odeon bar. Comrade Levy and I checked it out. Very nice but I bit bourgeois for any aspiring revolutionary I would have thought. Comrade Levy kept very quiet about the fact the Mussolini also drank there,



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