Sunday Jan 29, 2006

First "long" ride of the year.

The 70 mile ride went off with out a hitch, well for the three that actually did it it went without a hitch. Though with hindsight the choice of route was a bit harsh. Four big hills (that is big for Surrey) took a lot out of riders this early in the year. Though the ability to skip sections and re-group was used to great effect reducing the hills and the total distance for one rider.

While cold and especially as we descended Little Switzerland, icy, the day was spectacular. A clear day near perfect cycling conditions and a good breakfast at the Lucky Duck in Shere made for a perfect start to the day.

Next week is the Redmon Reliability run which we have done for the last few years and can be challenging if you join the faster groups.


Sunday Mar 20, 2005

Up and Down and Up and Down

I broke my personal rule and despite the fact that the clocks don't spring forward until next week I was out on my summer bike. So this was the first real test of the fixed ergo lever. This did mean I had to do pedal swapping early in the morning as I discovered my Look Cleats is broken.

Lots out for this weeks ride. We were heading to Henfold Lakes again, via Polseden Lacey and the zig-zags up Box hill. However after getting over the Polesden Lacey hill a few of us took the right turn for a run up to the top of Ranmore Common and then back down, just for some added “fun”. The idea was that we would catch the rest of the group after going over Box Hill somewhere before getting to the Cafe. However the others had be lured into the Tea room at the top of Box hill for a cuppa and were waiting

Whilst there a missing member of the group texted to say he was in or would soon be in the Cafe at Shere. So we had a change of plan and decided to go back down the zig-zags, though Dorking and then blast along the A25 as a group to Shere. Not often we just go up hills only to come straight back down again and today we did it twice.

The plan mostly worked except the climb after Westcott split the group into two. However we did all arrive at the Cafe at about the same time to find our missing member (Prance) waiting. Service in the Cafe was so slow we almost gave up on it and then were late to had to rush back over Coombe Bottom to Molesey.

On the way back we passed a cyclist who used to ride with us so I slowed to chat to him. By the time I looked up the group had gone so I cycled back with him and offered him break from riding into the wind, but this did mean taking it easy. So I took the long way home from Molesey as I was late anyway.

Not sure what the milage the group would have had since they went a different way back from me. I ended up doing 63 miles at 15.5mph. Nice ride if a bit chilly when we stopped for those like me who decided shorts and sleeveless shirts were the order of the day.

The Ergo lever was great, leading me to believe that it had been broken for a long time, gear changes are now very precise and if anything the lever is too stiff. Due to the pedal debacle I also got yet another test of the pedal reflector modification which stood up well so I think that is fixed.

I'm hoping to do a 100 on Good Friday if I can find some equally mad people to pop to the coast and back.


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