Sunday Jul 08, 2007

A weekend of Le Tour in England

No prizes for guessing what I have done this weekend.

Saturday: Went to London with my Son and watched the prologue of the tour. The atmosphere was fantastic the crowds huge and London was just the best place to be.

Sunday: I cycled with some members of Molesey BBT with the Mordern and Cheam CTC group over to the Halfway House Pub on the tour route to see the caravan and then the tour sweep through. I took a video using my phone but it really is not worth watching. If it was you would see the group of five riders in the breakaway sweep past, at that point things looked good for the break as they had about five minutes on the peleton but it was not to be.

After all that excitement we cycled home. Ended up doing 112 miles but this was at CTC speed until we got to Woldingham then we blasted down to Croydon, Sutton, Cheam, New Malden, Kingston and home.

The Winners this weekend:

  • London – Boy did it look good. Also on a practical level the transport system coped with over 1 million visitors without any problem.

  • Ken Livingstone. The tour was a hit and he will take the credit for it being here.

  • The Tour. It's hard to see how they could generate more interest in the tour's first days.

  • British Cycling and British Cyclists. While those British riders racing did not get the wins we hoped for grass routes cycling got a huge boost this weekend.

One of the best weekends I have had for a long time.

Thursday Feb 22, 2007

London OpenSolaris Group meetings

Another fine presentation at the London OpenSolaris User Group meeting last night. Jarod Nash managed to squeeze an almost complete tutorial for SMF (aka Greenline) into 90 minutes and only twice suggested that marketing renaming things was not the best thing in the world twice.

A very entertaining talk that included implementing an SMF service and building on the talk from Gavin about FMA him demonstrating SMFs ability to handle fatal memory errors. It culminated with Jarod copying /bin/ls over /etc/svc/repository.db and rebooting the system so we could all see the recovery.

There was also a competition announced where the winner could win an Acer Ferarri laptop (if it were a Campagnolo Lap top I'd be really wishing I could enter) however as a Sun Employee I am not eligible.

Anyway for those who missed it here are the details:


Sun is giving members of the OpenSolaris Community the opportunity to win a an Acer Ferrari laptop, pre-loaded with Solaris.

All you have to do to enter to win your very own Ferrari is submit a proposal for an OpenSolaris project by June 20th 2007 and demonstrate\* the results of your proposal at the July LOSUG meeting.

The project must:

1. Champion OpenSolaris
2. Be Original – Must not have been done before.
3. Be useful to the community
4. Have the “Cool” factor

Proposals must be submitted by the June LOSUG meeting on June 20th 2007.

Demonstrations will take place at the July LOSUG meeting on July 18th 2007. A decision on the winner will be made by the panel at the July meeting following which the prize will be awarded.

The panel will consist of two (2) Sun employees and one (1) community member.

1. The panel reserves the right to extend the deadline if it feels the criteria have not been met.
2. Panel members may not submit an entry, nor may Sun employees, their families or dependents.

\* The definition of “demonstrate” is to show a completed project or functioning prototype, that must use working code.

Since it appears the dates of London Open Solaris Group meetings are so hard to find I have posted the dates here in a form that can be uploaded into a calendar. For those in Sun there is now a calendar called “LOSUG” which contains the same information on the emea calendar server.


Date: Tuesday March 13th , 2007

Location: Central Hall, Westminster


April 18
May 16
June 20
July 18
September 19
October 17
November 21
December 19

Dates are correct at the time of posting.


Saturday Aug 05, 2006

TFL don't agree with Ken

While Red Ken thinks that cycle registration is a good idea, according to this email from Transport for London they do not:

Dear Mr Gerhard
Registration Plates for Cyclists
Thank you for your email of 28 July 2006 regarding the Mayors comments on cycle registration. I have been asked to reply on his behalf.
We have seen initial assessments from Transport for London that show that a bike registration scheme would face a number of practical problems, and could discourage cycling, whereas the aim is to carry on increasing the numbers of cyclists.
Given that such a scheme would have to be at least partly self-financing the cost of registering cycles would also have to be passed onto cyclists, again discouraging cycling. A registration scheme could therefore only ever be seen as a difficult last resort. Therefore, this will not be happening in the near future.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
Yours sincerely

It must be irritating to have to deal with all these emails because of an ill thought out comment from the Mayor.

Geoff commented if RFID would solve the problem for registering cycles. I see lots of issues with that, privacy being one. But the need for a verifiable way of showing that an offence had been committed. On cars this is the photo and the registration plate. With bikes that would again bring in the need for a visible identifier. Then if the chip went with the bike each bike would need a registered owner who would have to know who was in charge of the bike at any time. That would kill child cycling in one go.


Saturday Jul 15, 2006

Cycling in London

Transport for London is encouraging everyone to cycle in London, realising that cycling is a practical, quick and safe way to move around the city. So often cycling advice from government organisations is poor but in this case it seems very sound.

Check out the press release and TFL's Cycling site.

Thanks Ken.



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