Wednesday Feb 04, 2009

40" Sun Ray Display

I managed to buy 2 Sun Ray 2's off Ebay and one of them was is now in place in the living room driving our 40” TV.

Combine this with a KeySonic wireless mini keyboard and the DTU does not only act as a photo frame. The Sun Ray unit is attached to the underside of the shelf as the top unit in the pile is a Virgin cable TV recorder which does not like having anything on top blocking the air flow. Thanks to the Sun Ray 2 being so light 5 strips of sticky back velcro do the trick so well that it really is going nowhere to the point that I could not remove it to plug the USB keyboard adapter directly in the back of the unit. The keyboard adapter has a button you have to press once plugged in to pair it with the keyboard. Alas with the Sun Ray in this configuration the button faces upwards. So there is a short USB cable hidden back there.

Networking is provided via Ethenet over mains.

The keyboard has impressive range and a really nice touch pad that pretends to have a scroll wheel down one side. However I've not yet got the keyboard map for it right but it only arrived an hour ago so there is time.

Saturday Dec 23, 2006

Build 55 UK keyboard oddity

Build 55 hit my laptop yesterday and the first thing I noticed was that the keyboard type was all wrong. It seemed to think this was a US keyboard which makes life hard thanks to not being able to find the “|” or for that matter the quotes. More to the point it was going to make the thank you letter to my boss saying “Thank you for the £100,000 bonus” really hard to write (I can dream).

A bit of digging and it was cured by setting the “keyboard-layout” setting in the eeprom (which is not really an eeprom at all on x86):

#  eeprom keyboard-layout=UK-English

It was a shame it was not a completely seamless upgrade as I was feeling quite pleased with myself as I had upgraded the home server and remembered to update the /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf file before activating the new BE, only to discover that I also had to edit the httpd-ssl.conf file in the same directory to disable all thoughts of SSL. Then on the laptop I remembered to put the /etc/X11/gdm/custom.conf file in place before switching so that there is a Shutdown button on the launch menu so had it not been for the keyboard layout this would have been a perfect upgrade.

However I did forget to rescue the my nfsmapid and it's config files. Now that is done NFS is happy again. I have actually found things that break without it (as oppose to just look broken). Using ACLs would leave me unable to read directories that I should be able to (it contains things that due to Christmas should not be read by one person).


Friday Dec 08, 2006

Build 54 keyboard problem

Build 54 has proved to be more difficult to get up than most releases. I've not yet worked out why the lumake on the server fails, I suspect something to do with the zone that is configured. However the laptop upgrade went smoothly until it came booting the new OS. I was hit by to problems:

  1. The permissions on /tmp and /var/run were incorrect. Others have reported this when live upgrading to build 53 but I never saw it until today. This stopped gdm login starting until it was fixed.

  2. The keyboard mappings were hosed on the UK keyboard that my laptop has installed. Typing 'c' got me 'z', 'g' got me 'f' etc. Thanks to Alan for diagnosing this and pointing me at a solution (copy /usr/X11/lib/X11/xkb/symbols/sun/gb from the build 53 image).

The coolest thing in build 54 is that at last staroffice 8 is bundled I just need to clean up some of the mess left from having it installed seperately.


Friday Jun 02, 2006

Sun Ray Keyboard problem solved.

Proper keyboards have the escape key next to the 1, the control key next to the 'A', shift next to the 'Z' and caps lock under the shift that is next to the 'A'. Unfortunately not everyone realises this so they have keyboards that result in much swearing if I hot desk to an incorrect keyboard.

The solution is so blindingly obvious that I am ashamed not to have worked it out before.

Take your keyboard with you. Sun Ray copes perfectly with having two keyboards and on the newer Sun Rays the USB port is on the front or near the front making it easy to plug in.

Plus if you are really clever you can use both keyboards at the same time!



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