Saturday Mar 21, 2009

Summer bike back on the road

I've just completed one of the best jobs of spring. Putting my summer bike back on the road. This year it has the obligatory new chain and cassette (I ended up splashing for the Record cassette as I could not find a Chrous one), new cables and jockey wheels. Here is a top tip if your bikes gears no longer change as positively as they did when new,replace the cables and jockey wheels. I also replaced the G springs and the broken front brake spring.

The things I never thought I would wear out were the bottle cages:

I'm not sure the picure does it justice but almost half the profile of the bars have worn away which has had two effects. The cages no longer hold bottles securely and the aluminium wearing off on my water bottles means they look horrible. So I have new carbon fibre (but thanks to the credit crunch not Campagnolo) cages:

Finally the obligotory new handlebar tape and I'm done. The tyres are still good for a few more miles.

As always even just getting on it to test things are o.k. is a dream compared to my winter bikes. The trouble is it leaves me with no excuses for being slow.

Sunday Jan 11, 2009

Replacing Bike springs

It is almost five years since I replaced the original G springs on my right hand ergo lever. Over the summer I had noticed the shifting was deteriating so I proactively ordered a new pair of springs from Sigma Sport along with the new spring for my front brake. After taking apart the ergo lever the old springs were still intact unlike last time but were noticibly less springy than the new ones and so were replaced. It seems the life expectancy is five years or 20,000 miles.

Replaceing the spring in the front brake was quite simple. I was amazed to discover that there are small ball races for the barings on both the pivots however given the price of Campagnolo Record brakes I should not have been.

The bike is still not back on the road as a new chain has to be purchased and in these credit crunch times I'm holding off to see whether to get another record cassette or the cheaper chorus one. I don't think I will be getting any bling this time!

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

More exciting than it should have been

We did a 63 mile round trip via Henfold lakes but out via a strange route taking in Ripley, Newlands Corner and then Cranleigh. When descending what is a very exciting hill towards Cranleigh doing 40mph I had the added thrill of hitting a large stone in the road and having my front tyre deflate instantly. As I braked as hard as I could using my back brake and slowed very slowly I was able to see the tyre not coming off the rim but also not doing much in the way of letting me steer around the bend that was approaching. The odd thing was what went through my mind was the question: ¨Am I using the rear brake?¨, which I was. Thankfully the rear brake was able to overcome the 1:7 hill and bring me to a halt before the tyre came off or I hit anything. A tribute to continental GP4000s ability to be ridden when flat.

When I went to put the wheel back on after fixing the tube the spring on the front brake decided to brake. I can´t really complain since it is 9 years old but it is the first time I have every had a brake spring fail (Campagnolo Record) I should be able to get a new spring if my local bike shop comes good with stocking Campagnolo spares, something they say they are going to do. The failure meant that if I used the front brake I had to manually spring the callipers apart for the rest of the ride. Not hard to do but enough to mean I wont be commuting on the bike again this year. I now have quite a large number of things to fix on my summer bike although not enough to let me upgrade to the new 11 speed Campagnolo group set, alas.

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we were able to take advantage of the Indain Summer we appear to be having.

Sunday May 14, 2006

Bike Marketing.

Just a great bit of marketing. Yesterday I received a parcel from Deeside Cycles that I had been expecting as I had ordered a new chains and cassettes for the triplet and my summer bike. So imagine my surprise when the box looked like this:

What is more this was a Carbon Crank set. Even as I saw it I knew the box contained the bits I had ordered and not the crank set but I could not help just hope. That I would have to contact Deeside and find out what was going on was not on my mind.

However opening the box revealed nothing more than 2 chains and 2 cassettes. Even if one of the cassettes is a record cassette. It's left me craving the original contents of the box. Well the crank would be carbon, therefore black so would match the rest of the bike!

Even I'm not falling for that one.

At least the triplet is now fully operational again, no slipping in top gear. At lastI seem to have mastered the Power Link at last.



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