Saturday Mar 15, 2008

End of an Era.

I've just replaced my last Nutrak Beltguard tyre on the old tourer. These tyres have not been made for over 10 years and were the tyres of choice for a lot of touring and utlitly cyclists back in the 1990s having a raised centre tread which made for claimed low rolling resistance and the first kevlar belted that really worked. Hence when they stopped making them I bought a few to keep me going. The replacement is a Continental Gaytorskin which was not really selected by me since actually there is limited choice of tyres now for 27” wheels. The good news is that if I was selecting tyres for a tourer I would certainly short list these. They have a distinct advantage over the Nutrak's that you don't drift around corners quite so much.

For the record I bonked on the way home on Thursday once again, I knew it was on the cards before I left work and I had managed to not have an energy bar in my pocket. What is worse I'm on a bike with a pannier and a large saddle bag both of which could have had a spare energy bar in them. Doh. The saddle bag did have a bottle of lucazade sport in it but it was not enough. I got to Addlestone and all energy was gone. Finding a shop open I declined the usual Mars Bar option as this just gives you a sugar rush, which may get you home, but if it does not you end up in an even worse situation. So I opted for shortbread which was fantastic.

Thursday Jan 24, 2008

Another January Bonk

It happened again last night. I did not even get out of Frimley when I started to feel all the energy drain from my legs and started to get the horribly familiar sweating that seems to accompany bonking. Being wise to the tell tale signs I consumed my emergency Go Bar and took on fluids which enabled me to climb our of Frimley and make good progress all the way to Webridge but with just two miles to go everything just stopped. I still find it hard to believe how total the lack of energy is and how quickly it takes you over when you bonk. I freewheeled down past Walton Station and the crawled the last few yards home.

I suspect a few things came together to get me this time:

  1. I'm not as fit as normal since it is winter, I've been traveling, I've been eating too much and not riding enough.

  2. I did not have a second breakfast when I got to work. (I know this sort of contradicts the eating too much above but the important thing is to eat the right food at the right time, which is within 15 minutes of the end of your ride).

  3. Lunch did not have enough carbs in it.

  4. I left work late so Lunch was now 6 hours earlier.

When I finally did get home I then went OTT and ate much to much. Now looking back at my blog I realise that January does seem to be the month when I most often bonk all though apparently not in 2007.

Saturday Jan 07, 2006

January cycling bonk.

It must be a January thing. I bonked twice this week on the way home, first time I had an energy bar and limped home second time I was close to home, I'd even had a banana before I left. The odd thing is that it is almost exactly a year since this first happened and I had no problems all summer. It must be the cold.

Goodness knows how you cycle in Alaska in winter, but at least Jill has an excuse for bonking, leaving on a ride after work as it gets dark, in snow, it's almost enough to make me want a mountain bike.



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