What was that all about. So I'm cycling down Red road minding my own business resigned to the fact this won't be a fast run home due to the head wind and the fact it is 28C and I notice a cyclist up in front. Why could I not have just said to my self: “That's interesting a cyclist in front of you, I wonder where he is going?” and left it at that. Instead it's lets see if you can catch him.

Well it turns out that I could catch him but then the trouble started. I caught him at the roundabout on the Bagshot road and past him just as we joined the road to Chobham. It's downhill so I'm not surprised that he is still with me at 30mph. As the hill eases 28mph, then I steady out at 26mph and start wondering if I will expire due to dehydration or just Bonk first and wonder if I can get the bag of Lucazade out of my pocket. Finally my speed drops to 24mph and he passes me lifting us back to 26mph after a bit I take my turn on the front secure in the knowledge he will turn right in Chobham.

We get the Chobham, he follows me left. No problem he will go straight on, (now this is a delusion. If you were going straght on you would never have come down the main road) he does not he follows me and we hit the now climbing road to Ottershaw. 23mph all the way to the airfield where the road climbs some more, still trying to work out how to drink the Lucazade. I'm on the front and the speed has now dropped to 21mph and he passes keeping us above 20mph all the way to the little climb outside Ottershaw. I pass him and get a gap on the hill by simply not slowing down. I then sit up in the hope he will catch me and we could talk, but the gap is to big and he does not catch me until the lights in Addlestone. We have a short converstation:

Him: “A bit fast for me”.

Me: “Sorry”

Him: “It was a bit fast for me”

Me: “Oh, where are you going”


So it would seem that we were both going “A bit fast for me” and neither of us would slow down. One day I might learn. On the off chance he is reading this. Thanks for the tow.

I never did drink the Lucazade.



Chris, "Mano-a-Mano", guys are born with this 'disease', trouble sometimes. Kindly let me know what you think about the following, 1) A composite chassis with 100mm front and rear suspension travel. 2) 20 forward speeds, 2X FD - 10X RD, electric activation. 3) Full LED lighting + signals, fenders, pannier storage, horn 4) 'No flat' construction tires Any ideas welcome! Today a driver told me he thought I was going to ride on the sidewalk (a law violation) so he pulled in front of me from a market lot (another law violation)? DUH!

Posted by William R. Walling on May 27, 2005 at 03:08 PM BST #

Sorry I certainly typed the reply to this question in a previous blog, but it never made it into the systemm

I'm really not convinced that there is a market for such a bike. Electric shifting seems to add complexity for very limited, if any gain and would not seem appropriate on any thing other than a racing bike where certain practical considerations can be ignored.

Also with the exception of recumbant bikes I think suspention is overrated unless you are seriously off road it just consumes too much energy.

As to LED lights, drop them in favour or a SON hub generator which as you may have read earlier on my blog I rate highly

Posted by Chris Gerhard on May 28, 2005 at 09:01 AM BST #

Chris, Thank's for your valued comments! Good Luck in tomorrows race!

Posted by William R. Walling on May 28, 2005 at 03:38 PM BST #

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