Friday Jun 08, 2007

South Western Road Club May Cyclosportif - results

I got the results through for the South Western Road Club Cycle sportif, which is not a race but since they publish times you can see how well you did compared to others. I came in ninth, (fifth for my age group) which I find amazing:

9 05:03 Gerhard Chris E 05:03 GOLD

I've now forgotten the rain and how horrible the day was.

Sunday May 20, 2007

Helmet Cam out with BBT

My first trip out on a Sunday with my handlebar mounted video camera. Having had problems with the camera it went back twice to the shop who have finally replaced it with a new one. This one seems, so far, to work. The old ones would both power themselves off for no apparent reason failing to save what they were recording and leaving the SD card corrupt so it had to be reformatted to get back.

It does suffer from the same problem as the other cameras though, that the output is really boring. When it is approaching interesting, which is not often and only when travelling at speed, then the vibrations are terrible. So I hope to not post any showing me being cut up or pulled out on by cars.

Anyway seven of us rode over Headley then down to Newdigate, Ockley, over Leith Hill to Dorking then up over Ranmore and then to the Cafe in Leatherhead. Brilliant weather very pleasant ride.

63 miles, top speed 47mph Average 16mph

Sunday Apr 08, 2007

Five to Henfold Lakes

Five riders out for todays ride was to Henfold lakes via Epson and Headly. When had descended Pebble coombe we caught up with a cyclist from Addlestone cycling club, who joined us in the cafe at Henfold Lakes. It turns out that Jim was 80 and was out for a short ride. Most impressed.

On the way back we detoured over Box Hill, up the Zig-Zags (8 minutes 10 seconds, very disappointing but I had an excuse, which I won't document here for reasons of good taste). Then back down and home via Leatherhead.

60 miles average speed 16.4mph, max 48mph.


Wednesday Oct 04, 2006


There is a clash in the program that leaves the Dilema of whether to listen to the Services Executive team or go to a technical breakout... 13 minutes to decide.


Friday Jun 16, 2006

Open Letter to Steven Gerrard

After last nights game I have to write an open letter to Steven Gerrard:

Dear Steven,

I suspect like me you are fed up with people asking if we are related despite the fact that our names are spelt differently but we will just have to live with this.

Great goal last night. However I would suggest that you change your training regime so that you do your shooting practice at the beginning of the session and not at the end. You are actually allowed to score in the first half and although I understand and appreciate that by leaving scoring to the last possible moment you increase the enjoyment of neutral fans by keeping the game on a knife edge.

However since we have a knife amnesty at the moment this is another knife edge that we would be happy to be handed in.

I know from your F.A. Cup final performance that you are keen to give the fans value for money by playing an extra half an hour. Again I applaud you for your professionalism and dedication but can assure you we would be quite happy with only 90 minutes of play where England are in front from the first minute to the last.


Chris Gerhard


Wednesday Apr 12, 2006

Good Morning Build 37

Build 37 is on our Sun Ray server after a short delay due to a live upgrade bug that was introduced and had to be worked around. The same bug that caused me to need to edit the x86 mini root. All seems well so far.

: FSS 1 $; uname -a
SunOS enoexec 5.11 snv_37 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire
: FSS 2 $;


Thursday Mar 23, 2006

Toshiba Tecra M2 hangs

Just had a bizarre one with my work laptop. On booting solaris it would not come up into multi-user but while it booted it flashed a message like this on the screen:

WARNING: failed to program IO space [0/31/6] BAR@0x10 length 0x100

I say like as I did not note it down well enough to be sure the numbers in the square brackets were those given but that string should be enough for google to help any one else who sees this.

Booting single user the reason for the hang become unexpectidy clear as when I ran 'ifconfig -a' the system hung a bit more diagnosis and the problem is narrowed down to the wired network interface.

Booting windows (spit) it came up but would not bring the wired interface up either, then Tim suggested that I reset the BIOS to Factory defaults. Nothing much to loose ther, I had not made any BIOS changes for months and those changes were there to support older versions of Solaris so should no longer be needed.

Did that and now the system has booted and is live upgrading to build 36 as I type.


Saturday Jul 09, 2005

Last Saturday Football of the season

Went along to the last kids football session of this season only to be told that the parents should warm up with their children. I should have seen what came next coming. A 6 a side team to play with the 5 - 7 year olds. This is a no win situation, if they win well you know it, if they don't, well you are adults.

One of the helpers played on each of the kids sides and a good time was had by all, no injuries and the Parents finished unbeaten. There seemed to be a stong competitive streak there amoungst both the parent and the kids.

Football starts again on September 17th.

Now a day to watch the tour. Perfect.


Sunday Jul 03, 2005

Wimbledon Finals

Today I went to Wimbledon tennis. We applied for tickets last year and were lucky enough to get some. Centre Court Tickets on the last day, Mens singles final day. While this sounds fabulous it can mean that there is not much tennis to see.

However we were really lucky, thanks to the weather we had the Ladies doubles final, then the Mens final and then the Mixed doubles final. All went in straight sets so were not exactly nail biters. The best match was the Ladies doubles, Federer was fabulous as was Roddick but the match was not really great entertainment. The mixed doubles was a bonus match for us and was entertaining but not a really great contest.

A great day out.


Saturday Jun 25, 2005

My evening viewing of the match ruined.

Grrrr the internet a new hazard to watching sport delayed. I've not listened to the radio news, not watched the TV, not gone anywhere I might find out the score of todays Test between the All Blacks and the Lions, but I stupidly have just scanned where the final score is in the title of this entry. I'm gutted. I would have put the score in the contents and a title of : “Spoiler: All Blacks V Lions”.

No wonder the entry does not have comments enabled.

Wednesday May 25, 2005

Cup drama

It is not over until the fat lady sings...... Well she is singing in Liverpool tonight. I'm gutted as I stopped watching at half time.....but then I do support Chelski.

Great result, great keeper.

Saturday Mar 19, 2005

Congratulations Wales

2005 Grand Slam Winners!

Thursday Jan 06, 2005

Kill Joys

I read in The Times today that the FA are considering banning small clubs from the FA cup if they can't host a premiership side as a home match. One of the great joys of the Cup is seeing the non league sides play with the top clubs, it is a shame that for public saftey reasons the matches are normally played at the Premiership ground, but that must be a great experience for the non league players.

I struggle to see why this is such a bad thing.


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