Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

Finding the correct device to install onto

After spending too long today installing onto the wrong disk of an x4500 I thought I better write down how to find the right one.

The solaris install document: tells us that the bootable devices are:


Slot Number

Device Node


0 \*



1 \*


Now the important thing to remember is, ignore the device nodes from the table. Instead boot of the media and use cfgadm to list the devices and the device nodes for sata3/0 and sata3/4.

# cfgadm | grep 'sata3/[04]'    
sata3/0::dsk/c3t0d0            disk         connected    configured   ok
sata3/4::dsk/c3t4d0            disk         connected    configured   ok

So on this system and this OS (snv_101a) the boot devices are c3t0d0 and c3t4d0.

Tuesday May 13, 2008

OpenSolaris laptop

I've just side graded (I can't really call is an upgrade or a downgrade it is just different so side grade it is) to OpenSolaris 2008.05 from Nevada build 86 on my laptop (Toshiba Tecra M2).

# uname -a     
SunOS principia 5.11 snv_86 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris
# cat /etc/release
                        OpenSolaris 2008.05 snv_86_rc3 X86
           Copyright 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
                        Use is subject to license terms.
                             Assembled 26 April 2008

Before the side-grade I used zfs send -R | zfs receive -n to push my existing home directories and other data onto an external USB disk drive and then after the upgrade used the same trick to get the file systems back. This did get me to hit bug 6700597 (you can not use zfs send -R | zfs receive of file system that have non default mount points) which was disconcerting but easy to work around. Actually the easiest way was simply to do the backup and restore while booted form the live CD then after importing the pools you just do "zfs umount -a" so nothing is mounted. I'm now selectively pulling files and directories off the back up so that I can work but don't loose the unique OpenSolaris feel.

I have had to add OpenOffice using the new IPS system. All was very slick, not fast, but I was hammering the disk at the time restoring the ZFS file systems from the previous install and also running a ufsrestore of the old root disk so I still have every thing.

pfexec pkg install openoffice

was all that was required. I'm now getting used to the very very slightly different look and feel of OpenOffice as opposed to StarOffice which is easier than getting used to bash having been a long term ksh users. Given that the rest of the family are happy with StarOffice I don't think I will confuse things further by side-grading, actually down-grading, my home server to OpenSolaris and thus move to OpenOffice.

Update. It did not take me long to realize what I was missing. Yes a complier. I have a horrible feeling that somewhere in the past I have said: "It will be a cold day in Hell the day I need an office suite before I need a compiler.". It seems that that cold day has arrived.

Anyway reasolving this was not hard thanks to Getting Started With the Image Packaging System which leads you to the following commands:

cjg@principia:~$ pfexec pkg install sunstudioexpress
DOWNLOAD                                    PKGS       FILES     XFER (MB)
Completed                                  10/10   8353/8353 624.55/624.55 

PHASE                                        ACTIONS
Install Phase                            11882/11882 

and at the same time in another window:

cjg@principia:~$ pfexec pkg install netbeans
DOWNLOAD                                    PKGS       FILES     XFER (MB)
Completed                                  17/17   5420/5420 339.92/339.92 

PHASE                                        ACTIONS
Install Phase                              6393/6393 

Sunday Feb 03, 2008

Putting the Prime Minister in the dock

I only just came across this and it is just wonderful. Mark Thomas continues his attack on the very silly law that prevents demonstrations around Parliament. This time by starting proceedings against the Prime Minister. Now the question is is the PM above the law!

Time to buy a badge or two to support this noble cause.

Friday Nov 16, 2007

no2id call in the pledge

So my pledge got called in:

     Hello, you have received this message because you signed my
     pledge, "I will refuse to register for an ID card and will
     donate £10 to a legal defence fund but only if 10,000 other
     people will also make this same pledge" back in 2005. In fact
     11360 other people also did. Thank you all.

     You may have seen that recently high-profile figures have begun
     to follow you, by committing themselves to non-compliance too.

     The Identity Cards Act 2006 is now law, and - despite growing
     opposition, significant delays and rising costs - the new Prime
     Minister shows no sign of calling a halt to the National
     Identity Scheme. In 2008, the government intends to pilot
     fingerprinting and to issue the first 'biometric residence
     visas' to non-EU foreign nationals as a precursor to
     registering British Citizens.

     The legal powers to do these all these things will shortly
     begin to be applied. Now is the time to call in the legal
     defence fund part of the pledge.

     Please send your donation, by cheque made payable to 'NO2ID'

     NO2ID (Legal Defence Fund)
     Box 412
     19-21 Crawford Street
     London W1H 1PJ

     If you also send in your contact details (we have no way to
     identify you otherwise - this message is forwarded by
     PledgeBank) we will keep you informed about the NO2ID campaign
     and how we can, working together, stop the disastrous National
     Identity Scheme. We will not pass your details to anyone else.

     Phil Booth
     National Coordinator, NO2ID

I never really thought that it would get this far, sense prevailing way before now, how wrong I was.

I'm still waiting for someone, anyone to tell me why an ID card would be a good thing? What problem is it actually solving?

I also wonder how many of those who signed the pledge will actually pay up, at least one..

Thursday Mar 08, 2007

Electing Lords?

I was ready to write a “how disappointed” entry about Parliament's failure to trust democracy and give us a fully elected upper chamber. I was so sure they would fail to deliver I did not even wait up to hear the results.

Here are the results according to the BBC:

All appointed house - rejected by 179 votes

20% elected - rejected, no vote

40% elected - rejected, no vote

Half elected/half appointed - rejected by 263 votes

60% elected - rejected by 214 votes

80% elected - backed by 38 votes

All elected - backed by 113 votes

I'm almost speechless.

Now the Government has to deliver on the will of the elected house.

I just hope that the Government understands that just because the 80% option was not rejected does not mean that it is acceptable in a country claiming to be a democracy. It needs to be 100% elected. If Bishops want a seat then they can stand for Election as can the Leaders of any other faith. Such is the low opinion I have for politicians at the moment I expect to be disappointed.


Sunday Nov 19, 2006

ID card Petition

I wonder if the ID card petition on the 10 Downing Street site won't be used to show that most people want them. If less than 50% of the population sign that would be that as far as the Government is concerned. Perhaps I am to cynical.

With that in mind I had no choice but to add my name.

If you are British then add yours to, it will reduce, well stop your tax bill increasing.

Sign up here.


Thursday Apr 20, 2006

Time to get a new Passport

By getting a Passport before the new ID register comes into force you can buy yourself 10 years of not being on the governments database. With hard some luck and hard work that should be long enough for the thing to have fallen away. Alas this only works for Adults since child passports only live for five years.

Anyway the folks at No 2 id are suggesting that you renew your passport in May.

Looks like I won't be travelling in May.


Wednesday Apr 19, 2006

Where is the gate

With the on going investigations, both criminal and by Parliment into the Loans for Peerages scandal I left wondering when the press will get around to naming the scandal "Peergate" or "Lordsgate" or something more amusing ending in "gate".

Are the press loosing their touch?


Saturday Jan 14, 2006

National Identity Card

Now that Gordon Brown has put forward the suggestion that Britain should have a National Identity day this offers the government an easy way to achieve their manifesto pledge of a National Identity Card.

We can all send each other National Identity Cards on National Identity day. Job done.


Wednesday Nov 09, 2005

It could have been worse...

The bill to imprison without trial was amended to "only" allow detention for upto 28 days, small comfort to those who loose there liberty and are then not even charged, but it could have been worse if Tony had had is his way.

What I don't understand is how he could have lost so badly. Did they not know how many were going to vote against? What were the whips doing?

Or did he as Geoff wonders want to be defeated?

Now about those ID cards.....


Tuesday Nov 01, 2005

Another ID pedge

There is a new ID card pledge running for those who missed the first opportunity to object to the UK ID card bill.

Lets hope their Lordships defeat this bill and send it back to the Commons, who may yet see sense.

Thursday Sep 29, 2005

Id cards and the Terrorism act.

Robin pointed out the Labour Party is busy trying to make it self look by ejecting and then detaining an 81 year old party member from their conference. I have no problem with that, they are welcome to make themselves look stupid. The bit that gets me is that this man was then detained under the terrorism act. Now this man was so patently not a terrorist how could the Police use the act to detain him? Well because all they have to do is say he might be and then they can.

So what's this got to do with Identity cards?

When the terrorism act was going through parliament we were told that it would only rarely be used and not to suppress demonstrations. Yet is is used to detain an 81 year old. This illustrates that the authorities will use any power they have to do anything they wish to. In the case of ID cards that will include criminalising any one not carrying one (no I don't believe that they won't force us to carry them). We should not give them any more authority.

I simply don't trust the government (of any political persuasion) that much.


Tuesday Sep 13, 2005

Panic buying...

There is to be a "fuel protest" in the U.K. starting tomorrow, where a bunch of hauliers attempt to blockade fuel depots so that petrol runs out and the Government then has to give in and reduce fuel duty to offset some of the high cost of fuel caused by an increasing oil price.

This in turn is leading to people "panic buying" fuel, which in turn has caused a shortage in some areas, which the media has picked up on and reported causing more panic.

Even mentioning using less fuel as a solution will get you lynched as fast as suggesting that the way to avoid being photographed by a speed camera is to not speed, so I won't do that.

As usual I'm feeling a bit left out of this one. I wonder if I could panic buy some Go bars or bananas so I can get into the spirit of the occasion? Though the upside is that last time this happened after a few days the roads were nice and clear to cycle along.


Thursday Sep 08, 2005

Id card humour

Some "humour" about ID cards here.

Not the best way to put forward the very reasonable arguement that ID cards are a waste of time and money, but when the Government are spouting such rubbish to support their claims that ID cards are a good thing anything that makes people think about it is probably a good thing.


Thursday Aug 04, 2005

UK Gov have "oversold ID cards"

The only surprising thing here is that they appear to have admitted it. I wonder if this minister will be in his job when Charles Clarke returns from his holiday or are they trying to move the debate again. I could dream that they are beginning to see the folly of the scheme.


Thursday Jul 28, 2005

New ID pledge

Another pledge from the No2id folks. This time it is:

"I will actively support those people who, on behalf of all of us\*, refuse to register for an ID card, and I pledge to pay at least £20 into a fighting fund for them but only if 50000 other people will too."

If you want to sign it it is here:


Thursday May 05, 2005

Polls Closing

This is the last election blog entry before the polls close for the 2005 general election.

Despite the fact that I'm in a really safe constituency I really like elections. Something about the way it is all low tech and we still get to know the results in a few hours. Then if you stay up late you may get to see one of those Portillo moments. Just fab. I'm not sure what would count as a Portillo moment in this election. Perhaps Eric Martlew being beaten or obviously any of the leaders of the main parties, but Eric would be special.

I also love the way that so many people actually walk to the polling stations I have never seen the street so full of pedestrians, with neighbours actually meeting each other and talking to each other.


Wednesday May 04, 2005

Two replies in.

At this point I have had replies from the Liberal Democrat and Labour candidates. One gave the wrong answer, but did say it was a was his initial reaction and that he could be persuaded. Obviously the persuasion is in his inbox, however if he had remained the only reply I would have voted for him because he bothered to reply, had thought about the issue and seemed open to an alternative view if one was presented.

However the winner so far it the Labour Candidate who gave a 100% correct answer:

Thank you for emailing your question about cycle helmets.


I am a keen advocate of cycling.  I cycle to and from work most days - it's reliable, cheap and gives me much needed exercise.   Whilst I choose to wear a helmet I am not convinced that they are so beneficial that they should be made mandatory - so the answer to your question is "no".  As your MP, my prioirty (sic) would be to support policies that encourage more people to enjoy cycling e.g. incentives for Surrey County Council to have better designated cycle lanes, rather than penalise cyclists.

So unless there is a late reply from the other candidates that somehow beats that he has my vote.


Tuesday May 03, 2005

Still a floating voter..

Having studied the options for the election I'm still a floating voter. Mainly due to being in such a safe seat that it really does not matter who I vote for. Based on the parties policies towards Cycling the Lib Dems are currently top. I don't trust Labour to not do something daft like introduce a mandatory helmet law in an attempt to frighten more cyclists off the road. Just to be fair I have emailed all the candidates (except The Moster Raving Looneys and the Socialist Labour neither of whom have email that I can find) to ask them their views on Helmet compulsion. We will see if any reply.

No wonder so many are disillusioned by the process. So my vote will just be protest vote and my new MP, who is bound to be the same as my old MP will get an email requesting a fairer electoral system. I'm dreaming again.


Vehicle Excise duty becomes an election issue.

This is just priceless. Riding round the country as the “Party of Law and order” in an illegal bus.



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