Monday Jul 27, 2009

French broadcaster builds fast, energy-efficient Web portal on Sun GlassFish Platform

RTL France is a radio broadcaster that owns some of the country's most popular stations. Thanks to the widespread adoption of broadband Internet, RTL France is seeing online listening figures grow across several of its stations. Because of this growth, RTL France decided it needed to completely rebuild its Windows-based portal and ASP.NET-based applications to support a larger audience with new services.

RTL France aimed for a solution that would increase reliability and scalability while also building an infrastructure that would be easier to manage, more cost-effective, and more energy-efficient. RTL France needed to replace all network hardware, acquire space at a hosting center, configure transit and peering connections, set up storage area network connections and consolidate separate databases into a centrally managed one. RTL France also needed an application server, and was only interested in open-source solutions that would be highly reliable in a production environment.

Sun Customer RTL France

(Image courtesy: RTL France )
RTL France evaluated several different technologies, and ultimately chose Sun's GlassFish Enterprise Server. To deploy the solution RTL France needed to virtualize its servers and chose VMware ESX software running on Sun Fire X4600 Servers. RTL France also added a Sun Fire T1000 Server to test applications prior to deployment and two Sun Fire T2000 Servers to run the applications in the production environment.

The servers are powered by UltraSPARC T1 processors with CoolThreads technology and run the Solaris 10 Operating System. Sun Fire X4100 and X4100 M2 Servers with AMD Opteron processors are used for batch and other back-end processing. Sun StorageTek QFS Software is used for sharing static file across hosts, and the entire solution is backed by SunSpectrum Platinum Support.

RTL France is pleased with the new solution's performance. Sebastien Thomas, Network and System Manager of RTL France praised the GlassFish solution saying, “Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server delivers a Web infrastructure that can scale easily with demand.” He summarized the value of the Sun solution by saying: “With Sun, we get stability, confidence, and savings in power, costs and time.

Check out the complete details here.

Sunday Mar 09, 2008

Customer of the Week: Scripps Networks

Media giant Scripps Networks easily responds to massive, unpredictable peaks in demand serving up to 300 million revenue-generating ads per day, by deploying Sun Fire T2000 and X4600 M2 servers running the Solaris Operating System. Because Scripps Networks uses a consistent Sun platform, it is able to run this large IT operation with a small staff consisting of just 1 administrator for each 50 systems.

According to their Executive Director of Enterprise IT Operations, Bryan Allen, "The Sun platform has been a stable, consistent and reliable platform for us, with good performance and scalability. We are always responding to new requirements as we continue to push the envelope on the Internet. Sun's support has been very valuable in helping us meet day-to-day requirements, as well as new and unique ones."

Check out the details here.
Sun customer -- Scripps Networks
(Image courtesy: Scripps Networks)

Friday Jun 22, 2007

Sun Fire X4600 server review in ServerWatch

ServerWatch posted a very positive evaluation of the Sun Fire X4600 server. The reviewer, Charlie Schluting, looked at the design, product features and performance of the machine -- and praised each of these areas individually.
  • Design: Charlie highlights the changes in the internal design citing better airflow and cooling capabilities. He also praises the flexibility of operating system support and the ease of installation.
  • Product Features: The review provides a list of the product features and components highlighting the benefit of each of these for use in determining hardware compatibility. Charlie highlights how the features included are strong, but are also based on industry standards making compatibility very easy.
  • Performance: The evaluation looked specifically at speed of the server. Charlie ran four processes of Folding@Home and stated: "Performance, if you need any convincing at all, is sublime. Everything we threw at this server ran faster than we'd ever seen on other Opteron servers."
Charlie briefly highlights how to consolidate servers onto the X4600, stating that two of these machines could run the critical apps in a modest sized infrastructure. He wraps up his review stating: "Saying this server is "fast" doesn't really do it justice. Speed isn't nearly as important as good design, redundancy, and close attention to detail from a seasoned server manufacturer. Combine that with extreme flexibility and speed, and you have the X4600."

Saturday Mar 03, 2007

My favorite ones from last week

These conversations caught my attention last week...

1. What Users Want - ZDNet, 3/1
Paul Murphy looked at a comparison between Domino on a Sun 1.4Ghz T1 UltraSPARC and the same software on an IBM dual processor (4 core) Xeon 5160 at 3.0Ghz, and believes users care about performance, not capacity. He summarizes that what's important to the user is the difference in usability perception between the 0.692 second average response time for today's UltraSPARC T1 and the IBM Xeon's 3.056 seconds.

2. Order Your OpenSolaris Starter Kit Now! - Catatan Kehidupan Seorang SysAdmin, 3/1
Mohd Irwan Jamaluddin praises the free OpenSolaris starter kit and describes the key features on the DVDs including Solaris Express, Live CDs, Sun Studio compilers and OpenSolaris source code.

3. Java Mobile Application Video Contest - Dr. Dobb's Journal, 3/1
Eric Bruno discusses Sun's contest for rewarding Java ME developers.

4. OpenSolaris More Accessible - Computerworld, 3/1
M.C. Brown briefly mentions Sun's sponsorship of DVDs with OpenSolaris distributions on them.

5. JET: Controlling Custom_files With A Custom Extension - Solaris Jedi, 2/28
Christopher Hubbell explores how to use Sun's Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit (JET) and one of its modules called custom, and says, "its intuitive layout and ease of extension make it something I grow more fond of each time I use it."

6. Changing The Server Name Sun One Web Server Reports - Blog O' Matty, 2/23
Matty mentions that he likes the Sun One Web Server, but notes a fault with the server software that could possibly allow remote attackers access to information.

7. More On The Sun Fire x4600 and x64 / vmware / citrix -, 2/23
Charles Aunger called the X4600 an "awesome server" and goes on to describe the make-up of the system saying, "The design of the chassis sings of quality."

Monday Feb 12, 2007

Desktop Engineering review: "A Server On Every Desk"

Last week Desktop Engineering published a technical article on the Sun Ultra 40 M2. The review, written by Sun's Michael Schulman and Michael Burke, detailed the increased functionality between CAD and MCAE applications on workstations. To test the idea, the Sun Ultra 40 M2 workstation running Solaris 10 was used to run a CAD benchmark and a CAE application.

The machine, running all out and fully utilized, produced results with less than a 10 percent slowdown for the CAD application. For the typical user "any slowdown would be barely noticed." The authors also discuss acceleration technologies such as heterogenous computing, using an add-on board designed to speed up calculations for floating-point intensive applications and the use of FPGAs. The second of these technologies is working on Sun Fire X4600 servers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where the accelerator increases the performance of certain types of applications.

The authors wrap up the discussion by concluding that "MCAE applications will continue to be run on rackmounted or blade type servers sitting in data centers," but that the "recent improvements in workstation processing power allow for medium-sized data sets to be used. This enables closer integration between CAD and CAE, and will help bring products to market faster — just the ROI many manufacturers are looking for."

Tuesday Jan 02, 2007

Sun wins three Technology of the Year awards from InfoWorld

New year starts with GREAT news ...

Based on great product reviews in 2006, Sun Fire X4200, Sun Fire X4600 and NetBeans 5.5 were selected for InfoWorld's 2007 Technology of the Year Awards. 
InfoWorld chose Sun Fire X4200 as the "Best Server" of the year. Their Test Center reviewed the Sun Fire x4200 in February, giving it an 8.7 out of 10 -- an excellent rating.  The reviewer, Paul Venezia, found that "this is a serious server in a seriously well-designed package."

Sun Fire X4600 has been chosen as the "Best High-Performance Server" of the year. In December, InfoWorld published a very positive review of the Sun Fire x4600, scoring an 8.9 out of 10 -- another excellent rating. Paul found the X4600 to be "an extraordinarily well-engineered server."

According to InfoWorld, NetBeans 5.5 is the best "Java IDE Innovator" of the year. The award notes, "NetBeans already had the most complete collaboration features among IDE platforms. ... NetBeans is likely all that developers of enterprise Java applications will need." Check out Andrew Binstock's original NetBeans 5.5 preview.

This is a fantastic recognition by InfoWorld and is testament to all of the hard work by the teams. Congratulations everyone!!!

What a start of the new year...  :-)

Thursday Dec 07, 2006

Sun claims 2 top spots in InfoWorld's 2006 server reviews

InfoWorld has published its choice of top 5 rack mount servers for 2006 (based on the InfoWorld Test Center reviews conducted during  this calendar year).

Top spot goes to Sun Fire X4600 M2 server (InfoWorld Test Center score of 8.9) and the runner-up award goes to Sun Fire X4200 server (InfoWorld Test Center score of 8.7).

Dell, IBM and HP servers finished behind Sun servers.

Congratulations to the entire Systems group!

Tuesday Dec 05, 2006

Very positive X4600 (Galaxy 4) review in InfoWorld

Checkout Paul's lastest Sun Fire X4600 M2 review in InfoWorld !!!

Amply titled "Sun's new big iron bends the rules," the review showers praise in nearly all aspects of Sun Fire X4600 M2 server.  Paul goes over various features and concludes, "All these features lead me to the conclusion that this is one of the best-designed server chassis I’ve ever seen."

And it ran VMware  like a champ: "I’ve been running VMware Infrastructure 3 on it for a week in the lab not only problem-free, but the server barely breaks a sweat while running eight two-processor Windows and Linux VMs under normal load."

Paul ends the review with a very positive conclusion: "Overall, the Sun Fire x4600 is a superb server with an obvious focus on virtualization, HPC, and database applications. If the local RAID controller supported RAID5, and the local disk I/O had more headroom, this server would be nearly perfect."

The final bottomline was "... the x4600 is an extraordinarily well-engineered server."




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