Sunday Oct 14, 2007

Links of the week...

Selected Sun product conversations in the blogosphere last week:

1. Sun's T-2 (Niagara 2) Servers Launch to an Enthusiastic Reception -- InfoWorld, 10/09
In this blog, Tom Yager discusses Sun's T5120 and T5220 by explaining that these servers and blades are sweeping award-winning performance that as such do not place them into the bargain class because of their clock speeds.

2. Migrating Lessons Learned from the Sun T1000 to the New T5120/T5220 -- Computerworld, 10/09
In this post, MC Brown discusses his "lessons learned" from having spent nearly a year and a half running various tests on the T1000. He shares a few best-practice experiences including, setting up multiple containers using Solaris Zones to divide up a server without application collisions.

3. Configuring Hardware Event Notifications on X2200 Servers -- Blog O' Matty, 10/07
In this blog, Matty talks about the Sun galaxy server line and the built-in capabilities it has to notify administrators of components that may have failed. The blogger positively speaks about these features and specifically mentions the X2200 servers and the hardware notification facility that is found on them.

4. The Next BIG Thing... -- BadWolf, 10/03
This blogger wrties about the T1000, T2000, Niagara and Niagara II series by simply stating that they "rock." He also highlights Solaris 10 and admires the recent update and inclusion of iSCSI. He explains that Solaris is only getting better with all of the services being added.

5. Eclipse 3.3 and NetBeans 6.0 Compared! -- Sciology = Science + Technology, 10/05
In this blog, Suresh Krishna does offer some positive impressions of NetBeans, in particular the applications built on NetBeans that are included, as well as the graphical editors.

6. OpenOffice is the Only Star, Time to Wind Up StarOffice? -- Command Line Warriors, 10/10
This blog talks about both StarOffice and OpenOffice as great alternatives to Microsoft Office. The blogger dives into the past of these two remarkable products and dishes out how they both have improved over the years.

7. Office of the future? -- CNet, 10/02
Peter Butler writes about StarOffice and how it has given end users much more choice in productivity software. During this blog he briefly explains what products are available via the GooglePack.

Sunday Apr 22, 2007

My favorite ones from last week...

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. More Linux/Solaris FUD Wars - Elektronkind, 4/13
Discussing another blogger's post on OpenSolaris, Dale from University of Maryland defends Solaris saying, "Solaris has everything one needs in a data center environment."

2. OpenSolaris, ForeSight Linux, Madriva 2007.1 - Frederik's Blog, 4/12
Frederik recently received the OpenSolaris Starter Kit and plans to begin testing out the live distributions soon.

3. SPARC Enterprise Line Released - Sparks and White Noise, 4/17
Octave discusses the new SPARC Enterprise server line and highlights that the IOU's (I/O Units) have cartridges for the PCI-E/PCI-X slots, which keeps users from having to open the box to install or replace cards.

4. ROCK, UltraSparc IV+, APL, And Other News - Sparks and White Noise, 4/11
Octave discusses several Sun announcements and is specifically excited that ROCK servers are not far from being tested.

5. SmugMug Dishes On SunFire x2200 M2 Server - Server Specs, 4/17's data center blog refers to several hardware reviews and links to reviews of the Sun Fire X2200 M2 and T1000 servers.

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

Smugmug loves X2200!!!

As you remember, the high profile Web 2.0 startup Smugmug started reviewing Sun products last year for their infrastructure. First they reviewed a T1000 server, which they didn't find suitable for their target application. Eventually they moved to X2200, and after a set of server reviews from various vendors, they selected Sun as their infrastructure supplier. They have standardized on X2200 as their server platform, and Smugmug CEO Don MacAskill has posted a detailed blog reviewing the benefits they are seeing from X2200.

Praising the server, Don discusses in detail the "fantastic" features of lights-out management (LOM) including the built-in Web UI, built-in email notification, SNMP settings and additional hardware details that make LOM "a dream." He mentions the organization and design of the server, saying it is "beautiful inside" and "the lid is printed with all kinds of useful diagrams that make servicing the hardware much much easier." Additionally, he highlights the competitive pricing of the servers and says, "I truly believe that the baseline hardware (CPU, RAM, HDDs) has become a commodity and that the differentiating value is in the extra technology (like LOM), service, and support. Sun gets this, I think."

Overall, Don is extremely pleased with the servers and says, "Everyone at Sun deserves a shout out. They've built a great product, and they've certainly showed us a great deal of support and personal attention, which we appreciate. If the people we've dealt with are any indicator of upcoming success, Sun's future looks bright."

Thursday Feb 08, 2007

A great Sun win !!!

Some of you might remember about a not-so-great T1000 review by the "CEO and Chief Geek" Don MacAskill of the high profile start-up SmugMug. We followed up with SmugMug immediately after the review was published. After lots of sweat and hard work for more than 6 months, we have finally won their hearts (and money)!  SmugMug did a complete evaluation of vendors including Sun, HP, Dell, IBM and Rackable, and yesterday Don announced Sun as the "winner" of his business.

Another day, another great customer win. :-)



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