Friday Jun 26, 2009

Sun solutions help German systems vendor deliver affordable cloud computing

Merkl IT was founded in 2007 as a traditional systems vendor offering IT services, hardware, software and support. The Munich-based systems vendor decided to pursue an idea for a cloud computing solution, which lead to the development of Virtual BackOffice, the company's core product.

Sun Customer Merkl IT
(Image courtesy: Merkl IT)
Virtual BackOffice provides businesses with access to a virtual IT infrastructure that is highly scalable, flexible, affordable, and available and gives them access to their data and applications from almost any location with very little required on-site hardware. To provide the scalability and fast response time needed to deploy Virtual BackOffice, Merkl IT needed new hardware and chose several Sun products for its solution.

For storage, Merkl IT uses Sun Storage Tek 2510 arrays with redundant iSCSI RAID controllers and 1 Gb/sec throughput. The SMI-S-compliant Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager software simplifies 2510 array storage management and allows Merkl IT to accelerate deployment and improve utilization. Citing Sun's “green IT” focus, Merkl IT chose Sun Blade 6000 servers with energy-saving features to virtualize and host Windows servers and desktops running Virtual BackOffice.

Merkl IT offers more than just hosting services, it also provides its customers with Sun Ray Thin Clients and software including Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Secure Global Desktop software. Merkl IT stays one step ahead of the major cloud computing providers by integrating its customers' local servers and network infrastructure into Virtual BackOffice.

Julian Merkl, co-founder and managing director of Merkl IT notes “the Sun infrastructure allows us to operate the cloud-computing solution in an energy-efficient and stable manner, saving our customers money and helping the environment.”

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Friday May 08, 2009

Sun solution helps meet demand

Since its launch in 1999, Internet mail-order business has grown by 30% to 40% each year. sells its merchandise at stationary branch offices, through a mail-order catalog, and on its Web site, which is where the company receives the majority of its orders.

Until recently, ran with the help of a classic PC infrastructure, which required many individual devices to be administered, serviced, and updated constantly. Last year as the business growth put additional strain on the customer service team - particularly during the peak periods of Christmas and Easter - Olaf Brehmer, head of System Administration at decided it was time to find a replacement solution.
Sun Customer

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The solution focused on Sun VDI Software, and was based on the Sun StorageTek 6450 array, seven Sun Fire X4100 servers, a Sun Fire T2000 server, 65 Sun Ray 2 thin clients, and the Solaris 10 Operating System. Deployment was fast and successful, as the implementation started at the end of August, leaving no time for a proof of concept before the busy run up to Christmas began.

With the new system in place, employees at now have the flexibility to work at their own desk, another office, or at home while still having access to all of their applications and documents. Olaf Brehmer reports that "thanks to our new Sun Ray technology and Sun VDI deployment, we can scale our business successfully to meet seasonal demand while reducing the overall cost of administration."

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Wednesday Apr 02, 2008

Customer of the Week: Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell is finding that desktop virtualization is a far better alternative to upgrading hundreds of PCs running Windows.

The company is in the first phase of its desktop virtualization rollout based on VMware Infrastructure 3 and our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). With about 3,300 computer-using employees, the company will convert one-fourth of them to use virtual desktops in the initial effort.
Sun customer -- Cincinnati Bell
(Image courtesy: Cincinnati Bell)

Cincinnati Bell turned to Sun because Sun VDI is a great solution designed to work on top of VMware Infrastructure 3, which Cincinnati Bell already had installed. In addition, it offers a choice of end-user interfaces.

Check out the complete details from the InformationWeek article.

Thursday Dec 07, 2006

"Fatty and Skinny Went to War" and ...

Sun Ray won...

In a thin client comparative review conducted by Technology and Business, the Sun Ray 2 and 2FS won the "Editor's Choice" award beating out HP, Igel and Wyse.  The reviewers note that the lack of local software gives the Sun Ray 2 a high degree of flexibility for mobile users. They also detail that the  SunRay 2 only costs $374, making it the most cost-effective device among the products reviewed.

The reviewers spend quite a bit of time detailing the performance of the Sun Ray 2, stating "the performance is remarkably high" and suggesting that the system would be an excellent terminal for library catalogues or POS applications. They also note that power usage is extremely low (only 12W), making it the most energy efficient machine.

The reviewers also looked at the Sun Ray 2FS for this review and note that although the 2FS looks like the Sun Ray 2 at first glance, it is actually twice the machine as its double-depth case contains an extra USB port at the rear and extra circuitry allowing for a second monitor to be supported, thus allowing for more applications to viewed simultaneously. They also note that the 2FS is priced extremely low at $750 and the performance results for this machine were virtually identical to those seen by the smaller model.

Overall, the reviewers were extremely impressed with the Sun Ray thin client offerings...
Sun Ray




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