Saturday Sep 15, 2007

Links of the week...

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during last week:

1. Can New Solaris Beat Linux in Server Market? -- ZDNet, 9/11
Dana Blankenhorn and Paula Rooney talks about announcement of Solaris 10 8/07 and how its new features will help enterprise managers in open source.

2. Solaris 10 Update 4 on ESX Server --, 9/6
Scott Lowe discusses his experience with Solaris 10 8/07 (Update 4).

3. The BrandZ Framework Enhancements -- Blog'o thnet, 9/12
Julien Gabel talks about Linux support on OpenSolaris (Brand Z) and the upcoming availability on Solaris kernel.

4. Open Source Software For Your Biz -- The Things I Do....., 9/13
This blogger talks about OpenOffice and GooglePack. He explains that they are his favorite alternatives to MS Word.

5. Sun's is the Way Forward for Grid -- Blade Watch, 9/10
Martin MacLeod touches on the recently developed partnership between Sun and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Both organizations have come together to take advantage of utility computing for StarSim application that involves accumulation and analyzing images of ion collisions.

Thursday May 24, 2007

Recent Sun Grid Compute Utility Coverage

We recently made couple of important announcements regarding the Sun Grid Compute Utility available from Here are a few selected coverage around the world:

- Sun takes Grid international -- VNUNet (also appeared in IT Week, iT News , and Computing UK), 5/3

- Sun's Grid Goes International -- CXOToday (India), 5/3

- Sun's grid computing service goes global -- IDG News Service (also appeared in InfoWorld, Computerworld, Computerworld Malaysia, ComputerworldUK, Computer Partner/Netherlands, InfoWorld Netherlands, UK, CIO India, ARNnet and Computerworld Australia), 5/3

- Suppliers Gird Grids -- Byte and Switch, 5/3

- Sun's Grid Utility Expands Beyond the United States -- IT Jungle, 5/3

- Sun extends grid computing service to Australia -- Computerworld Australia (also appeared in InfoWorld Netherlands, Webwereld Netherlands), 5/3

- Sun grid computing comes to Europe -- IT Week (also appeared in VNUNet and Computing UK), 5/3

- Solaris served on the Rocks; While Sun exports its network -- The Register, 5/4

- Sun's grid computing service goes global – NetworkWorld Asia, 5/4

- Additional press release pick-ups: HPCwire, GRIDtoday, Linux Magazine, Web Services Journal, SMBedge Singapore and Media Newswire

Thursday Apr 26, 2007

Three great reviews in April issue of Sys Admin magazine

In the April issue of Sys Admin magazine, we received three positive pieces of coverage including a detailed review of the Sun Grid Engine, a technical review of Solaris 10 and a how-to article that explains how to set up process accounting on Solaris 10.

In a positive detailed review of Sun Grid Engine, Rayson Ho of Sys Admin Magazine provides a brief history of the Sun Grid Engine and discusses how, with each release, the open source community contributes new features. Rayson describes the architecture of Grid engine clusters, system requirements and installation steps, and provides an overview basic Grid commands. He concludes by highlighting the growing number of useful features with each release of Grid Engine and says, "It is impossible to document all the useful features in Grid Engine in one article."

In a very technical and positive in-depth review of Solaris 10 Resource Management, the Sun product is positioned as a "significant enhancement of the facilities in previous versions." The reviewer, Scott Cromar, takes a step-by-step look at Solaris 10's task and process-level management capabilities, omitting a focus on Zones to discuss the function in a different article.

In third and final review, Marco Marongiu describes how to set up process accounting on Solaris 10, based on Aileen Frisch's Essential System Administration book, the Sun System Administration Guide as well as his own personal experience. Marco states process accounting as the capability of the operating system to track system activities by recording statistics. The article goes on to describe various commands and scripts to set up process accounting, and how the system administrators can leverage them.

Saturday Apr 07, 2007

My favorite ones from last week...

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. 10 Minute Guide to Getting Started With Zones - Unix Admin Corner, 3/29
Jamesd links to Sun documents on creating zones and provides administrative guidelines for setting up zones.

2. Sun's Grid Online - Blade Watch, 3/29
Martin considers Sun's "click and run" support for its service a positive move by Sun to remove initial start up costs and other developer challenges with Grid.

3. Being A Sun Studio Fan... - Cypro's Telephony, 4/1
A long time user of Sun products, Cypro praises the quality of tools and service coming from the Sun Studio team.




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