Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Sun SMB Virtualization Offering named one of Network World's best products of the week

Sun's new virtualization products aimed at small and mid-sized businesses are one of the Network World's "Products of the Week" for the current week.

On Slide 5, Network World notes that these new offerings combine Sun's storage and servers with hypervisor software from either VMware or Microsoft embedded in the systems. The VMware ESX configurations include Sun Fire X4150, X4250 or X4450 servers with the Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage system. The Microsoft Hyper-V configuration includes the Sun Fire X4250 server and Sun Storage J4200 system.
Network World's "Products of the Week"

(Image Courtesy: Network World)

Friday Sep 19, 2008's perspective on OpenSolaris as a storage platform

In this look at OpenSolaris, reviewer Tory Skyers examined the storage features of Sun's offering to determine its value to the storage community; specifically, the SMB market. Tory notes, "as far as the storage-related aspect of this operating system goes, it's a home run. It offers iSNS, iSCSI, CIFS, NFS (Sun did help develop NFS you know!) and, most of all, ZFS."
Tori provided a primer on OpenSolaris, then outlined his test goal -- building a cost effective NAS device. He commented, "ZFS takes quite a bit of worry out of my day. I don't have to worry about purchasing expensive RAID controllers. I can use the SATA ports on my motherboard and get great redundancy and fault tolerance."

Overall, Tory was quite pleased with OpenSolaris as a storage platform. In closing, he notes, "Keep a close eye on the development of this product, once it matures a bit more it will save you some cash, enough cash to make getting some paid support every once in a while not such a terrible thing. If you have previous experience with Solaris either on Sparc or X86 then you will definitely find value in this initiative."

Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

PC Magazine Posts A Very Positive Review of Sun Fire X4150 Server

PC Magazine has posted a very positive review on the Sun Fire X4150 server as side bar to a round up review of other SMB-focused x64 servers.

The review praises the powerful features and functions that are included in such a small box -- stating that "Sun has kept its new Sun Fire in a 1U enclosure but has sacrificed absolutely nothing in the way of hardware or management features, building a box capable of competing with servers twice its size."
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Oliver Rist, the reviewer, goes on to list the CPU and driver components that are included on the system he tested, such as two quad-core Intel Xeons, 16GB of RAM and four 136GB 10,000-rpm SAS drives attached to an Adaptec RAID controller. He then positively highlights that the X4150 has "enough memory and disk space to run a heavy virtualization load in half of the space you'll find in most other server solutions ...[positioning] the Sun Fire as one of the greenest servers of 2008."

The review wraps up mentioning "... the Sun box would have blown the doors off anything else here" and Sun "deserves kudos for managing all this in a box this small."

PS: Had we known this opportunity in time, we would have sent a similarly configured and priced Sun Fire X4150 server that would have blown the doors off others anyway. ;-)

PPS: If you don't believe it, try it out free for 60 days via our Try & Buy program. You pick the configuation (and price range, we're sure you're going to buy it once you try... :-) )

Tuesday May 15, 2007

Positive StarOffice 8 Review in "Software for Small Business" Book

This month, StarOffice 8 was included in the 7th Edition of the "Software for Small Business" book. Author Iain Williamson reviewed StarOffice 8, among other products, to compile this comprehensive guide to programs that will help readers improve efficiency and productivity in their IT environments. Iain took a look at StarOffice Writer, StarOffice Draw, StarOffice Impress and StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet, weaving his reviews of each program throughout the book (under the appropriate chapters.)

First, with StarOffice Writer, Iain praised the program's "greatly improved" compatibility with Microsoft Word, noting he didn't have any difficulties opening Word files during his testing. He went on to discuss the program's many features, concluding that Writer is "all in all, a very powerful introductory processing program that contains most of the features that would be required by the average user...and at a very reasonable price!"

Next, Iain took a look at StarOffice Draw, which he claimed is a "very neat little vector-based drawing program." He noted he was impressed with its ease of use and various functions. Moving on to StarOffice Impress, he highlighted the program's wide variety of templates and the fact that it draws on other components of StarOffice to create effective presentations ("This is powerful stuff for an inexpensive little program!") Finally, Iain found StarOffice Calc to be a "great" program and was especially intrigued by its ability to import graphic images from a theme library.

Overall, great coverage for StarOffice 8.




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