Tuesday Jun 24, 2008

Bunny in the Cloud

BBC World News prepared a list of best cloud computing applications available today, and it featured Sun's Network.com and Blender 3D. The article noted how Sun's data centers are available for hire by the hour to power on-demand cloud services. The author mentioned that Network.com is used mainly for processing scientific data but the servers can also be used for rendering animations via the open source Blender software.

Check out this BBC video clip featuring Sun's cloud computing efforts as well as snippets from the "Big Buck Bunny" movie rendered on Network.com.

In other news, InformationWeek highlighted Sun's Network.com and Project Caroline in their cloud computing feature story.
Movie rendering on the cloud

Sunday Jun 01, 2008

Movie Review: Big Buck Bunny (rendered on Sun's Network.com!)

For a change, let's move from product reviews to... movie reviews!!!

Big Buck Bunny is a comedy about a well-tempered rabbit "Big Buck," who finds his day spoiled by the rude actions of the forest bullies, three rodents. In the typical 1950s cartoon tradition, Big Buck then prepares for the rodents in a comical revenge.

What is great about the movie is that it is "open." What is an "open movie?" Well, "open movie" promotes open content creation in a community setting.

For "Big Buck Bunny," it is not only developed by an animator community using open source software Blender but also distributed under an open license that gives artists free access to the entire studio database of assets and files used to make the movie.

"The primary intent of the movie was to stimulate the development of open source 3D software, but the quality of Big Buck Bunny on an artistic level as well as on technical ingenuity is what you would expect from large animation studios," said Ton Roosendaal, producer and Blender Institute director.

The Blender team didn't have support of a big studio, yet they succeeded with the community support, an open source rendering software and an on-demand computing platform.

And the last part is where we came in. Blender team needed over fifty thousand CPU-hours of compute time, and our Network.com grid services provided them a very powerful platform where they could use hundreds of CPUs simultaneously to significantly speed up the movie rendering process without needing to own the compute infrastructure.

For all the geeks out there, here is how it happened -- technically speaking -- over the Network.com grid platform.

Shining example of... the power of community (and lowering barriers to entry for producing a computer-animated movie), if you ask me.

Enjoy the movie. :-)
"Big Buck Bunny" movie -- rendered on Network.com

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008

Sun expands grid offerings

Last week, we announced addition of 14 new applications in the Network.com Catalog, a collection of online grid-enabled applications that are available from Network.com's Sun Grid compute utility service on a pay-per-use basis. In addition, we announced a new partner program, "Sun Network.com Connection," for ISV to create and expand on-demand service offerings and also expanded Network.com's international availability.

With overviews of the Network.com history since it was first announced, IT Jungle commented, "... utility computing is still something that the company believes in as a long-term prospect for the IT industry." HPCWire highlighted the ISV support, and BetaNews liked Network.com's support of open source technology with applications like Blender, Zeus and GAP.

My favorite one came from InsideHPC, who wrote that Sun "sent a Valentine to potential Network.com customers" with the expanded catalog.

Yes, indeed! :-)

Saturday Sep 15, 2007

Links of the week...

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during last week:

1. Can New Solaris Beat Linux in Server Market? -- ZDNet, 9/11
Dana Blankenhorn and Paula Rooney talks about announcement of Solaris 10 8/07 and how its new features will help enterprise managers in open source.

2. Solaris 10 Update 4 on ESX Server -- blog.scottlowe.org, 9/6
Scott Lowe discusses his experience with Solaris 10 8/07 (Update 4).

3. The BrandZ Framework Enhancements -- Blog'o thnet, 9/12
Julien Gabel talks about Linux support on OpenSolaris (Brand Z) and the upcoming availability on Solaris kernel.

4. Open Source Software For Your Biz -- The Things I Do....., 9/13
This blogger talks about OpenOffice and GooglePack. He explains that they are his favorite alternatives to MS Word.

5. Sun's Network.com is the Way Forward for Grid -- Blade Watch, 9/10
Martin MacLeod touches on the recently developed partnership between Sun and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Both organizations have come together to take advantage of utility computing for StarSim application that involves accumulation and analyzing images of ion collisions.

Saturday Jun 09, 2007

My favorite ones from last week...

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Solaris: My Development Environment - Notes From A Messy Desk, 6/4
    Thumper: Getting Hardware Sensor Readings - Notes From A Messy Desk, 6/3
Graeme discusses configuration of Solaris for testing and all posted a discussion describing hardware sensor readings on Thumper.

2. Will Leopard Use Sun's ZFS File System? - Meandering Passage, 6/6
Earl discusses whether or not Apple will use Sun's ZFS file system, which he calls "a high capacity modern file system that is built on top of virtual storage pools."

3. Solaris Zones And Routing Behaviour - /dev/random, 5/31
Xavier comments on how zones is "one of the greatest features of Solaris 10 introduced," and goes on to discuss an issue with configuring a load-balancer in triangulation mode.

4. My First Bug In OpenSolaris - My.Tech.Page, 5/31
Durga mentions a recent bug found in OpenSolaris and comments on the Sun Security Coordination Team's response that the bug had been found internally.

5. Sun Studio 12 Released - Cypro's Telephony, 6/4
Commenting on the recent release of Sun Studio 12, Cypro says, "Finally we have a great IDE with all the required tools for Solaris and Linux than can compete with every other IDE hat is there."

6. NetBeans 6.0 Preview: I Tried It... - Semantic Metadata, 5/31
Mathias writes his impression of the latest NetBeans 6.0 preview and highlights how the interface is friendly and the editor is fast and easy to use.

7. I've Got Two Free Sun SPOT Java Development Kits (value $550) For the ZDNet Readers Who... - ZDNet, David Berlind, 6/4
As part of ZDNet's Deputy Tester of the Week program, David offers up two Sun SPOT kits and discusses the unique features of the "tiny, wireless Java Virtual Machine-based computers."

8. Managing Business Need With The Datacenter Power Issues - Blade Watch, 6/5
    200 Hours Free Grid @ Network.com - Blade Watch, 6/5
    What's ILO In Sun Server - BladeWatch, 5/31
Martin comments on a recent Sun customer's question about the Sun equivalent to HP ILOs and links to information on several Sun Web sites. He/she also highlights Sun grid site, where you can pay $1 per cpu hour to use the Sun grid, and encourages blog readers to check out the site. In another post, this blogger discusses how low energy servers, like Sun's T1000 and T2000 servers, can provide lower costs for businesses.

Thursday May 24, 2007

Recent Sun Grid Compute Utility Coverage

We recently made couple of important announcements regarding the Sun Grid Compute Utility available from Network.com. Here are a few selected coverage around the world:

- Sun takes Grid international -- VNUNet (also appeared in IT Week, iT News , and Computing UK), 5/3

- Sun's Grid Goes International -- CXOToday (India), 5/3

- Sun's grid computing service goes global -- IDG News Service (also appeared in InfoWorld, Computerworld, Computerworld Malaysia, ComputerworldUK, Computer Partner/Netherlands, InfoWorld Netherlands, TechWorld.com UK, CIO India, ARNnet and Computerworld Australia), 5/3

- Suppliers Gird Grids -- Byte and Switch, 5/3

- Sun's Grid Utility Expands Beyond the United States -- IT Jungle, 5/3

- Sun extends grid computing service to Australia -- Computerworld Australia (also appeared in InfoWorld Netherlands, Webwereld Netherlands), 5/3

- Sun grid computing comes to Europe -- IT Week (also appeared in VNUNet and Computing UK), 5/3

- Solaris served on the Rocks; While Sun exports its network -- The Register, 5/4

- Sun's grid computing service goes global – NetworkWorld Asia, 5/4

- Additional press release pick-ups: HPCwire, GRIDtoday, Linux Magazine, Web Services Journal, SMBedge Singapore and Media Newswire

Saturday Apr 07, 2007

My favorite ones from last week...

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. 10 Minute Guide to Getting Started With Zones - Unix Admin Corner, 3/29
Jamesd links to Sun documents on creating zones and provides administrative guidelines for setting up zones.

2. Sun's Grid Online - Blade Watch, 3/29
Martin considers Sun's "click and run" support for its Network.com service a positive move by Sun to remove initial start up costs and other developer challenges with Grid.

3. Being A Sun Studio Fan... - Cypro's Telephony, 4/1
A long time user of Sun products, Cypro praises the quality of tools and service coming from the Sun Studio team.




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