Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 wins InfoWorld comparative review of Ruby on Rails IDEs

InfoWorld Test Center recently compared nine IDEs for Ruby on Rails development. The reviewer, Martin Heller, gave NetBeans 6.1 a score of 9.0 out of 10. With the highest score among all the IDEs compared, NetBeans earned the top honors!
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Martin started with a nod to NetBeans' strong Java development pedigree, going on to state, "it gained Ruby and Rails support in the last year. With Version 6.1, NetBeans is a seriously good Rails IDE." He specifically highlighted the NetBeans Ruby source code editor and debugger, commenting, "the NetBeans Ruby source code editor demonstrates all sorts of intelligence about code formatting and syntax."

In closing, the reviewer stated, "NetBeans may well be the overall pick of this review group." Overall, he thought, "If you already use NetBeans for Java and/or C/C++ development, then it should probably be your top choice as a Rails IDE as well. Delivering strong editing and navigation along with good debugging and profiling, it's a very capable and highly integrated Rails IDE. And it's free."

CONGRATULATIONS to the NetBeans Team!!! Well deserved...

Saturday Jun 21, 2008

NetBeans developer reviews

1. Including external JARs in a JAR using NetBeans -- bill lampos on air, 6/17
Bill Lampos commented that task of including external JARs when exporting a Java project into a JAR file should be easy but Eclipse IDE did not provide it automatically. Bill switched to NetBeans for this and other reasons, and he demonstrated how to do it in NetBeans 6.1.
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2. NetBeans 6.1 Javadoc Auto Comments -- Java Evangelist John Yeary's Blog, 6/14
John Yeary discussed how to create Javadoc comments automatically in NetBeans, and highlighted the Javadoc Analyzer plug-in from the NetBeans Development Center for additional functionality.

3. NetBeans -- Bugs Need Fix, 6/14
Fadhli Rahim noted what he liked most about NetBeans was the ability to read docs from a certain method in the code while developing in Rails. His conclusion: "NetBeans is cool."

4. NetBeans 6.1 Install Fun on Ubuntu 8.04 -- Parthian Shot - My Notes on Various Java Tidbits, 6/13
Rob Castellow posted a workaround for an assertion error problem he had faced during a NetBeans 6.1 install to Ubuntu 8.04.

5. Insert Date Time in NetBeans - Module -- Defcon3 by Fredre, 6/12
While working in NetBeans, the blogger wanted to insert the current date time in a source file he was working on, but could not find any menu item explaining how to complete the task and he did not see an answer on the internet. The blogger eventually created his own module for NetBeans to complete the task and posted it on his blog.

6. IDE battle, NetBeans 6 and Eclipse 3.3 -- Technology , Fun and Spirit, 6/12
Madhu compared NetBeans with Eclipse, noting that both Eclipse and NetBeans had issues with their installation processes. In a side-by-side comparison, he gave NetBeans a slightly higher score than Eclipse. Madhu concluded, "NetBeans truly stands on par with Eclipse, and depending on your weightings could finish ahead. NetBeans has definitely arrived and is worthy of careful evaluation."

7. Eclipse vs. NetBeans -- Infintevoid, 6/12
The blogger listed features of NetBeans that he liked and disliked. The blogger noted that although he did not enjoy previous versions of NetBeans, version 6.1 seemed snappier than Eclipse. He also highlighted that NetBeans came with GUI editors for XML, XSLTs and XSDs that were very handy for a project that he'd been working on.

Friday Jun 13, 2008

NetBeans reviews and "tips & tricks"

1. Developing Java ME on Mac OS X -- JustDev, 6/10
A great step by step description of how to set up a mobile development environment with NetBeans, J2ME Mobility Pack, Visual Designer, Mpowerplayer emulator and optional java packages.
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2. Select your IDE NetBeans vs Eclipse -- Java By Example, 6/10
Rajesh compares NetBeans and Eclipse. In his opinion, NetBeans is a clear winner feature-wise but Eclipse has its pockets of strength as well. Overall, he feels NetBeans has a better future than Eclipse.

3. Setting Up Rails Development Environment on Windows Vista/XP -- Every Flavour Beans, 6/9
Iqbal Tabrez demonstrates how to set up Rails on a Windows machine using Ruby, RubyGems, Rails, Mongrel, MySQL, NetBeans and Subversion as part of the development stack.

4. Eclipse weirdness, NetBeans to the rescue -- Full of leaves, 6/9
David Hovemeyer wrote that after doing a hardware upgrade on his home PC, Eclipse stopped working. He decided to try NetBeans instead for Java development, noting that NetBeans had improved greatly since the last time he used it.

5. A little voodoo magic in NetBeans: hot deployment web application -- Messages from mrhaki, 6/9
Hubert Ikkink blogged that while working on a Maven-based web project in NetBeans, he forgot to run mvn war:exploded before he refreshed the web page. However, to his surprise NetBeans had already copied his changes so Tomcat could pick it up. Ikkink noted: "Wow! This really speeds up my development by factors."

6. ESRI GIS Programming using ArcObjects and NetBeans -- Orama's Blog, 6/7
The blogger is new to NetBeans, but he was able to use NetBeans without much difficulty. He wrote simple applications including desktop applications, web applications running on Tomcat or GlassFish servers, and will soon be able to create mobile applications using Java Mobility.

7. NetBeans IDE for PHP -- Talk Nerdy to Me, 6/6
Gavin Vickery recently came across the PHP plugin for NetBeans, and after using the IDE for only two days he found it "a breeze to use." Gavin highlighted that NetBeans came packed with features, yet is still flexible enough to be a simple PHP editor with syntax highlighting.

8. Using Adobe Flex with NetBeans -- the rasx() context, 6/5
The blogger noted that he can run NetBeans 6.1 and Eclipse Europa side-by-side for PHP projects, but he was attracted to NetBeans because "NetBeans has the most superior JavaScript IDE support on the planet." He commented that he liked the concept of the PHP Project "sources" in NetBeans 6.1, feeling it was "a cleaner separation than the .project, /.cache and /.settings stuff generated by Eclipse among the Web files."

9. NetBeans and default JDK -- Krypt.'s road to hell..., 6/4
The post gives a detailed "tips and tricks" on how to change the default JDK in NetBeans 6.1 for Mac OS X.

10. Notes on NetBeans 6.1 -- Echo One, 6/4
Robert Rees blogged on the pros and cons of NetBeans 6.1. Overall, he stated that he was very happy with the experience, highlighting that NetBeans is fast, managing Modules is easy, JavaScript support is excellent and NetBeans is seamlessly integrated with his existing Tomcat installation.

Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

Awards, awards, and... MORE awards!!!

Recently the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 server was given an eWEEK Excellence Award in the Infrastructure Hardware category.

In this prestigious eighth annual compeition, the judges placed utmost importance on a number of criteria including innovation, cost effectiveness, potential for helping companies create business efficiencies and develop competitive advantage to determine the winner.

On why Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 server beat out the competition, the eWEEK award committee noted, "The T5120 leverages Sun's work in server manageability and reliability to earn our top marks as a server platform that will support computing workloads for years to come, without forcing IT pros to compromise on performance. ... Speaking of future-proofing, Sun equipped the T5120 with 10 Gigabit Ethernet network cards, to ensure that high-capacity workloads don't slow down in the data center infrastructure."
eWEEK Excellence Award Winners

Third Annual ServerWatch Product Excellence Awards
Sun products were all across the board in the Third Annual ServerWatch Product Excellence Awards.

The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 server was the mid-range server category winner.

Sun's Eco Initiative for products/services took the second place (only behind Green Grid, a consortium of which Sun is a key member).

Sun xVM was in a dead-heat second place finish with Citrix behind only VMWare for the virtualization category.

And Sun MySQL was mentioned as a key component in the small biz server category.

To round up the award news, The SD Times 100 awards for 2008 were announced and Sun had a mention in several categories, including Application Servers, Embedded, IDEs and Influencers. In addition, JRuby was mentioned in the Tools section and MySQL was highlighted in the Database category.
SD Times 100, 2008 Award

Friday Jun 06, 2008

NetBeans developer reviews of the week

This week, several developers reported various bugs. In most cases, they found a workaround. If you have better insights into these, please feel free to provide help.
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1. NetBeans 6.1 bug? -- Muzi on BinaryTales.com, 6/3
Vusa Dube wrote that ever since he upgraded to NetBeans 6.1 and GlassFish 9.1, he had problems deploying one of his projects. Vusa noted that the issue he faced is a problem that others have come across, and removing a particular servlet entry appeared to solve the problem allowing the deployment to work.

2. My NetBeans 6.1 Personal Issues -- Planexstrategy Knowledge Base Sharing, 6/1
After working extensively with NetBeans 6.1, Hildeberto Mendonça created a list of personal annoyances he found in the IDE. Hildeberto said that when he added .jar files, which are independent of libraries managed by NetBeans, the IDE tried to share the file, which caused problems for other team members.

3. NetBeans's SVN Problem (Certificate not trusted) -- Find Your Solution Here !, 5/30
The blogger encountered a problem while trying to update a project from a newly installed copy of NetBeans. After connecting with GoogleCode, NetBeans alerted the blogger that GoogleCode's certificate was not trusted and disconnected. The blogger tried to find a solution, and when using the SVN command line to check out the repository, the problem was solved.

4. NetBeans Maven support 3.1.2 has a problem with long version numbers -- Messages from mrhaki, 5/29
Hubert Ikkink wrote that after he updated the NetBeans Maven support with version 3.1.2, some old projects could not be read correctly by NetBeans. Hubert commented that the cause was a Number Format Exception for an input string saying that the exception appeared to come from the embedded Maven. When he excluded the dependency from the pom.xml, NetBeans worked with his projects again.

5. MAC OSX with NetBeans 6.0 and Java 1.6 -- Java Blog, 5/28
Jonathan Baney wrote that when he installed the new 1.6 jdk, NetBeans ran fine but would not allow him to create anything. To fix the problem, Jonathan provided an alternate workaround to the bug.

6. NetBeans 6.1 EA for PHP -- All In A Day's Work, 5/28
Jubz previously complained about missing support for a PHP plug-in for NetBeans 6.1, but said that a reader alerted him to the early availability release. Jubz pointed out that although NetBeans did not come with application/web servers, installing WAMP will provide the database, web services and PHP engine needed. He highlighted that he liked that NetBeans maintained the simplicity of developing PHP, calling it "lightweight and poised to become a great development environment for all PHP scripting."

7. NetBeans observations/complaints -- Regen MY Toolkit, 5/28
Benjamin Lee listed his thoughts on NetBeans in comparison with Eclipse, Intellij and Visual Studio .Net 2005. He highlighted the NetBeans community's accomplishments, how the overall user experience is cleaner than Eclipse and Intellij and how NetBeans comes with Ruby support built in. Benjamin concluded: "Overall its a very nice IDE with growing support for different languages. It's free, which is nicer than IntelliJ's not free, and cleaner than Eclipse, which is less and less an IDE and more a platform (for better or worse)."

Thursday May 29, 2008

NetBeans Developer Reviews

1. Version Control : NetBeans beats 'em all -- Java and Nigerian Developers, 5/26
Akintayo Olusegun was very impressed with version control in NetBeans. He said that with NetBeans, as he wrote code he could visually see what had changed, what had been deleted and what had been added since his last commit. Akintayo also highlighted that NetBeans supports three of the most popular versioning systems: Mercurial, CVS and Subversion. Concluding his post, Olusegun recommended that other users try out the versioning system built into NetBeans.
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2. NetBeans IDE 6.1 .... -- Ritwik's blog, 5/26
Ritwik Ghoshal shared his observations of the NetBeans installation process. He noted that the new release is much faster in comparison to previous releases. Ritwik noticed that just after installation, the IDE evolved a quick indexing service, all projects from the "NetBeansProject" folder were automatically added in the IDE and a popup message showed how many updates were currently available.

3. NetBeans 6.1 Support For Ant File Editing - One Thing What I Miss -- Adam Bien's Weblog, 5/25
Adam Bien said that while support for working with Ant-Files in NetBeans 6.1 is good, he feels that Eclipse provides a better editing experience. Adam noted that the resolution of variables in the build.xml in Eclipse is a useful feature and concluded that if this feature was included in NetBeans support then Ant-Files would be outstanding.

4. Embedded GlassFish -- The Next Evolution, 5/25
Tom Rose wrote that as an Eclipse user, he only looked into NetBeans casually in the past. However, Tom said that the noticeable performance improvements in NetBeans 6.1 motivated him to take a closer look at the IDE. During his inspection, Tom noticed that GlassFish v3 had embedded capabilities in NetBeans. He said that with NetBeans he was able to take a JavaSE 1.6 app, spin-up full GlassFish within that application's JVM and deploy a WAR. He commented that the performance was impressive and that now building single-purpose services seems very appealing.

5. NetBeans IDE 6.1 Early Access for PHP: Where's Visual Studio Express Edition for PHP and Ruby? -- O'Reilly ONLamp.com, 5/23
Todd Ogasawara wrote that though Microsoft provides free developer tools with Visual Studio they do not support the languages he tends to use: PHP and Ruby. Since Eclipse never appealed to him, he tried NetBeans 6.1 along with the Early Access for PHP plug-in. Todd noted that he was impressed by how fast and easy the IDE was compared to Eclipse.

6. JavaScript IDEs -- Jonas Maurus' maurus.net, 5/23
Jonas commented that he was very impressed after watching a presentation about JavaScript support in NetBeans. He noted that although Eclipse does offer similar capabilities, it is not at the same level as NetBeans. Jonas mentioned that the only problem left is that NetBeans is missing a widely advertised Python plug-in, and if good Python support is available, it would provide a reason to leave Eclipse+Pydev behind.

Thursday Apr 24, 2008

This Week's NetBeans Developer Reviews

1. Netbeans - Stairway To Maven -- Adam Bien's Weblog, 4/18
Adam Bien found that his experience giving Maven support in Eclipse a try was not so bad, but he preferred NetBeans by far. He found that the native support for Maven in NetBeans gives it a huge edge over Eclipse, as NetBeans just uses Maven to build the artifact instead of the internal build system.
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2. Experimenting With JavaScript Support in NetBeans 6.1 -- Pro NetBeans, 4/18
Adam Myatt tested some of the new features of NetBeans, saying that all in all he had an "excellent experience" with the JavaScript support and recommends it to users. Adam provided a step-by-step analysis along with the relevant codes. However, he encountered a potential bug with the NetBeans code completion function -- one of his declared variables appears twice in the system generated list.

3. Netbeans: Why It Matters -- Programming, 4/18
The blogger wrote that the fact that NetBeans is a full fledged IDE and runs on multiple platforms is reason enough for users to adopt it. The blogger also noted: "The fact that it has support for every language you could ever want (or need) to write code in is nearly unprecedented."

4. NetBeans Mobility 6.1 - my NetBeans RoadShow story -- Jacek Wojciechowski's Forum Nokia Blog, 4/17
Jacek Wojciechowski concluded that the future of Java ME and NetBeans Mobility looks bright. He wrote that NetBeans 6.1 RC has a quicker startup and smarter code completion. He also was pleased that future versions of NetBeans Mobility will support MIDP 3.0, JavaFX Mobile, more device platforms, more components and visual data binding.

5. Facing Software Configuration Management on NetBeans IDE -- Vando B, 4/17
Vando Batista wrote that he had to use the tkSVN (tkCVS) tool due to the limitations of the NetBeans SVN client. Vando explained that using the NetBeans 6.1 Beta, it is not possible to put a UML (model) project into Subversion. The solution is to use an auxiliary SVN GUI client (tkSVN in his case) to maintain all the UML diagrams files synchronously related to the code project.

6. Flex and OpenLaszlo in NetBeans 6.1 Beta -- Dustin's Software Development Cogitations and Speculations, 4/17
Dustin Marx noted that the NetBeans 6.1 beta IDE has added tremendous support for JavaScript and the Spring Framework, but would like to see support added for Flex and OpenLaszlo. Dustin also demonstrates how to associate OpenLaszlo's LZX files and Flex's MXML files with XML in the NetBeans 6.1 beta.

7. Ajax Autocomplete not yet supported in NetBeans Visual Web -- David Heffelfinger's Notes, 4/16
David Heffelfinger ran into problems installing Ajax autocomplete, even though the version of Woodstock included with NetBeans 6.1 RC1 supported autocomplete. He discovered that NetBeans does not have the required versions of some libraries to support autocomplete. He expressed hope that this will be resolved in the final release of NetBeans 6.1.

Thursday Apr 17, 2008

This Week's NetBeans Developer Reviews...

1. 10 Things NetBeans must do to survive -- NetBeans IDE 6.1, 4/16
Tushar Joshi reflects on a post by Matt Stephens who reviewed NetBeans version 3.0 on October 27, 2003. Intrigued, Tushar decided to compare each point to the current NetBeans IDE 6.1 version to check whether or not Stephens list was still accurate. He concluded that all points mentioned by Stephens are now covered by NetBeans IDE 6.1 and feels that if Stephens was to write about NetBeans current version then he would offer nothing but praise.
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2. NetBeans IDE 6.1 - AJAX Programing -- NetBeans Blog, 4/15
This blogger writes about the new features and enhancements in NetBeans IDE 6.1 beta. He specifically calls out AJAX programming, mobile application programming and customizable code generation. The blogger explains that AJAX programming has become much simpler with JavaScript editor and jMaki support that provides a lightweight model when creating JavaScript centric Ajax-enabled web applications.

3. Tracing using NetBeans debugger. -- SkadLog, 4/15
This Java developer writes about a great feature in NetBeans that saved him from having to case trace in runtime with System.out.printIn. He shares that breakpoints can be customized to act just like a trace in NetBeans preventing programs from stopping in the middle of a project.

4. Netbeans 6.1 Beta - Subtle Issues -- The JJ Blogger, 4/14
In this blog, Josh Juneau shares the process of migrating Seam applications from 1.x to 2.0.1. In doing so, Josh himself ran into a few issues when he attempted to deploy an application to his test environment running on Glassfish V2. He explained that if repackaging and changing libraries for existing applications within NetBeans you must Right click on the project, and choose properties. He noted that this was not a huge issue, but one he was not aware of when he started migrating.

5. Working with Java Free-Form Projects in NetBeans IDE -- NetBeans Zone, 4/14
Amit Saha gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the "Java Free-Form Project" feature in NetBeans 6.1 beta to take care of project build as project sizes increase. Amit uses a small scale Java project using Ant for building purposes as an example for when to use this helpful feature.

6. NetBeans 6.1rc1 - nice, indirect support for Eclipse / NetBeans RCP DataBinding (for the model layer) -- Adam Bien's Weblog, 4/14
Adam Bien discovered that NetBeans 6.1rc1 automatically generates the Java Code, including the properties and accessors necessary to bind the Java Persistence API (JPA) layer to the user interface objects.

7. New Platform Application development support in 6.1 RC1 -- NetBeans - Thru a novice perspective, 4/13
    Embedded development Support in NetBeans? -- NetBeans - Thru a novice perspective, 4/9
Jay Mahadeokar blogged about stumbling upon the module support for NetBeans Platform Application development, what he considered "the most striking feature" of the NetBeans 6.1 RC1 pack. He also suggested support for embedded development in NetBeans.

8. NetBeans 6.1beta and dev-src -- Xykon's Weblog, 4/11
The blogger wrote that after downloading the 6.1 beta, he started building NetBeans for the first time, and was "positively amazed" at many of the changes. As a developer under both Windows and Linux, he said he can't live without the "superb" shared library functionality and was eager to explore the many new modules. He was so optimistic about NetBeans' future that he removed Eclipse from his computers.

9. NetBeans IDE 6.1 Release Candidate 1 Now Available -- Jinath Sanjitha's Blog, 4/11
Jinath Sanjitha hailed NetBeans 6.1 as "the best Java IDE," citing faster startup speed, improved code completion, the Spring Framework 2.5 library and the JSF CRUD Generator. After providing some links to NetBeans 6.1 tutorials, he stated, "at last I have to say is that it's the best Java IDE I've ever used and it rocks now."

10. Create reverse Ajax Web-Applications with DWR and NetBeans -- Another Random Developer Blog, 4/9
In this blog, Siegfried Bolz details how to create a reverse Ajax Web-Application using NetBeans 6.1 beta while running on GlassFish V2. Siegfried included screen shots throughout the tutorial and mentioned that he encountered one minor problem with Internet Explorer -- the "Get Stocks" button does not work. He noted that it works correctly in Firefox, Opera and Konqueror and believes Internet Explorer must be experiencing a JavaScript error somewhere.

11. Java IDEs - NetBeans vs Eclipse vs JDeveloper -- Indic Threads, 4/7
Harshad Oak, a veteran NetBeans and JDeveloper user, compares Eclipse to NetBeans 6.1 beta and JDeveloper. He was very impressed with NetBeans 6.1 beta and decided to make a list of comparisons between all three IDEs.

Thursday Apr 10, 2008

NetBeans reviews of the week

1. Netbeans 6.1 beta review -- Heli's Code, 4/9
Heli's Code posted a review of the NetBeans 6.1 Beta from the perspective of a long time Eclipse user who has been trying to switch to NetBeans, frustrated with Eclipse's lack of vision since 3.1. He wrote that "another reason for my pro-NetBeans motivation was the whole community creating and the more open approach." He was impressed by Matisse, calling it the "best UI designer for Swing."
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2. My top 10 reasons to use NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta -- Netbeans, 4/8
    Eclipse Project using GUI designed from NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta -- Netbeans, 4/8
Tushar Joshi continues his blogging for the 6.1 contest by thinking through and posting on his personal top 10 reasons he loves NetBeans. Topping the list is the fact that NetBeans makes available everything he needs, followed by the modular structure and "curiosity for the unknown."

In the second post, he details how his team uses NetBeans 6.1 for GUI work, despite the fact that his office mainly uses Eclipse. In his opinion, NetBeans has done a great job in providing the Eclipse Project Importer to allow seamless use of both IDEs. He then states that his team may opt for NetBeans in the future.

3. NetBeans 6.1 Beta: So good I don't mind the minor bugs -- GMJ Designs, 4/8
Mike Jennings blogged that due to a client request, he had the "exciting" opportunity to use the new NetBeans IDE. He wrote: "To my surprise, since I hated the old versions of NetBeans, the IDE blew me away. I am now so impressed with it that even some of the minor bugs that I encountered are not enough to stop me from using it." He pointed out the "great Tomcat and Glassfish integration" and noted that if OC4J application server integration was incorporated, he "could use it for everything that I currently do."

4. NetBeans 6.1 IDE Beta: WoW!!! -- Tech Guru, 4/7
Shubham Gupta posted an enthusiastic blog detailing all the new features he likes in NetBeans 6.1. He appreciated that the beta supports hints of programming languages since he considers hints to be the most important feature of professional IDEs. He also welcomed the faster startup speed, smarter parsing and less memory consumption.

5. NetBeans 6.1 Beta Review -- Nule.org, 4/4
Mike Litherland posted an exhaustive, very technical review of the NetBeans 6.1 Beta. In a list of improvements, he included the improved startup speed, the dedicated MySQL support and that the JSF bean property completion works. He was concerned that the IDE uses 20% of his processor even when not in use. He concluded that "anytime the happy list is bigger than the unhappy list" to such an extent he is going to upgrade and encourage others to do so.

6. NetBeans on Swing under Linux -- Ramon.Ramos, 4/3
Ramon Ramos states that it is time to stop complaining about the look and feel of Swing and NetBeans on Linux. He feels this way because of the availability of JDK 1.6 and NetBeans 6.0, which address the issues that have lead to the complaints historically. He then provides detailed guidance on how to configure NetBeans to address these issues.

7. How to continue working with Eclipse C project in NetBeans -- NetBeans Zone, 3/30
Amit Saha walks his readers through the step-by-step process of how to work in NetBeans with C projects created in Eclipse. He demonstrates using NetBeans 6.1 beta and Eclipse Europa.

Friday Apr 04, 2008

This week's NetBeans reviews

1. NetBeans 6.1 spanks Eclipse and challenges Visual Studio -- Bearfruit, 4/1
This developer writes his review of NetBeans 6.1 by stating that NetBeans 6.1 will challenge Visual Studio because it is better for new users and those without computer science backgrounds. He later states several reasons why NetBeans is better, which include the fact that it is an "IDE first and a platform second" and because of its pace of development and improvement.
Download NetBeans

2. Subversion with NetBeans 6.1 IDE beta -- Source in Control -- NetBeans IDE 6.1, 4/1
Tushar Joshi writes a lengthy tutorial on NetBeans support for subversion in 6.1. It is filled with screenshots and illustrations. He wraps up the post stating how easy NetBeans makes managing a project in a local source control repository.

3. NetBeans 6, Ruby, and Rails: A Surprisingly Effective Combination -- Depth-First, 3/28
Rich Apodaca writes that using NetBeans as a Ruby IDE "should be at the top of the list for anyone interested in the subject." He then highlights the two areas most relevant to him -- code completion and re-factoring, and concludes that NetBeans is well worth a developer's time both for getting started with Ruby as well as becoming more efficient.

4. NetBeans 6.1: Working with Google's Android SDK, Groovy and Grails -- synergy of loxal, 3/27
Alexander Orlov comments what a pleasant surprise it is that 6.1 is so stable for a beta release, but not quite stable enough to start a new project from scratch. He then describes NetBeans as a better alternative to Eclipse because of the Swing widget. He further touches upon the Groovy, Grails and Android plugins.

5. Exploring Ant Build File Changes for Java Web Projects in NetBeans 6.1 -- Pro NetBeans, 3/26
Adam Myatt explores the changes in an Ant build file for one of his projects when making the change from 6.0 to 6.1, and how they caused some problems for the benefit of others. He pinpointed his problems to when he committed his entire project, including the build-related files in the nbproject directory. He proposed a fix to this problem at the end of the post.

6. First Experience with Groovy and Grails support in NetBeans 6.1 -- Marcel Overdijk's Blog, 3/26
Marcel Overdijk decides to try out the Groovy and Grails plugins after reading about them on other blogs. He states that "creating a Grails project has never been easier." He includes several screen shots noting how strong usability, but later states that the code completion features still need to improve to compete with IntelliJ.

Monday Mar 31, 2008

Last week's NetBeans reviews

1. Porting BeamTrons to J2ME -- Sbeamdk, 3/24
Peter Boné, blogging from Denmark, took NetBeans 6 for a spin, porting his old BeamTrons game to J2ME. He was very impressed finding this version "really ground shaking and innovative." As a self-described "UI Nazi," he remarked, "The thing that struck me the most was that everything in the UI is SO polished!" He also wrote that the new deployment options are "so cool!"
Download NetBeans

2. Developing on the cheap -- Chris A. Guiney's LiveSpace, 3/24
Chris Guiney looked at some of the best development tools in the market, writing that "NetBeans is the best IDE in the Java based world, period!"

3. Eclipse 3.3 or NetBeans 6.0 - With Surprising Result -- Adam Bien's Weblog, 3/22
Adam Bien comments on the recent JavaWorld review by expressing surprise that the NetBeans editor was more highly rated. While he says that his own opinion about the NetBeans editor is similar, his perception is that many developers he knows prefer Eclipse. He also discusses how NetBeans should be rated higher for Enterprise Support because of its support of Java EE 5.

4. Eclipse vs. Netbeans -- Some Of My Thoughts, 3/21
Frustrated with Eclipse's rapidly degrading performance, James Kimble recently begun using NetBeans for basic editing with code completion. He found NetBeans' plugin model to be "much better," however he felt it lacked some of the features and stability of Eclipse. He plans to use both tools for now, and will wait to "see what wins out."

5. Some Things I Like About NetBeans -- Dave Briccetti's Blog, 3/21
Dave Briccetti detailed what he likes about the NetBeans 6.1 beta including good Unified Modeling Language (UML) support and excellent documentation. Dave concludes, "With version 6.1, NetBeans has taken big steps forward in giving me what I want in an IDE. Where before I used Eclipse for everything except Swing GUI development, now I find myself using NetBeans exclusively for many projects, especially Web applications, for both the front and back ends."

6. What IDE do you use - Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, or NetBeans -- Sky is not the limit, 3/21
Tushar Joshi writes about how his use of Java programming tools evolved from notepad to Eclipse, but that he always has been open to exploring other IDEs. He first decided to use IDEA because of the strong user community, but more recently has been paying more attention to NetBeans because of the many articles and blog posts about it. He points about Matisse as a unique feature.

Friday Mar 21, 2008

NetBeans reviews of this week...

1. Netbeans 6.1 Beta -- JJ Blogger, 3/19
Josh Juneau reviews NetBeans 6.1, having recently downloaded it on his Mac. He finds the following to be nice: "No need to manually set up libraries or import projects, ALL of my settings from 6.0.1 have been imported successfully, Javascript support is nice and Startup time has been greatly reduced." He does call attention to finding one negative point so far and that being that facelets support is completely gone from what he can tell with this release.
Get big bucks blogging on NetBeans 6.1 beta

2. Java IDE's, Cadred.NET -- 3/19
Microsoft developer Michael Cook states that he is "new to the Java scene," so he recently evaluated NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA to determine which IDE to use. He states that he is leaning towards NetBeans because of the better out-of-the-box experience, it is more Visual Studio-like and it has visual designer tools for JSF. He further states that the barrier to entry for Eclipse is very high because of the need to install so many plugins.

3. Shared libraries finally made it to NetBeans -- Big Al's Blog, 3/19
NetBeans developer Allan Christensen shares with his readers his first impressions after installing NetBeans 6.1 beta. He notes that the first thing that caught his attention is the shared library functionality. He discusses what he needed to do previously as a workaround to do what the feature now provides, then walks through how the use the new functionality.

4. NetBeans 6.1 and Why I'm a Banana -- NetBeans for the Coffee Drinker, 3/19
NetBeans developer Paul Clevett comments on NetBeans 6.1 and details his efforts to move 6.0.1 project to the new version. He describes some problems he had seen in his application, but mentions how a post from Roman Strobl helped him work through the problem. He notes how excited he is to use 6.1 and also how he has noticed a big performance improvement.

5. Scala on NetBeans v6.1 -- Mike Slinn's Blog, 3/18
Developer Mike Slinn expresses his excitement over the full support for Scala in NetBeans 6.1. He points his readers to where the plugin can be downloaded and notes that while it is "unfinished," he looks forward to using it. He also offers the opinion that someone should add support for the Lift framework to give Ruby and Rails and Groovy "a run for their money."

6. NetBeans 6.1 Beta -- Javablog, 3/18
Sam calls his recent switch to NetBeans 6.0 from Eclipse a "very nice experience," noting that "profiling is completely integrated (on all platforms), J2ME and webapp support is awesome and NetBeans uses ant for building projects... so we got a headless builder for free."

7. New Netbeans - 6.1 -- Citizen Kane Blog, 3/17
Kane writes about the impressive speed of the NetBeans 6.1 beta, and mentions, "NetBeans is one step closer to becoming the ultimate IDE for me." In his experience, the speed boost was even higher than the "up to 40% faster startup" boasted by NetBeans. He also notes improved features such as improved JavaDoc writing, support for JavaScript and new hints for Ruby and Rails.

8. NetBeans: Beta, once again? -- Digital:Meditation, 3/17
Kawazu reviews the NetBeans 6.1 beta, noting that 6.1 is "definitely worth dealing with, as quite a lot of work obviously has been put into what's likely to be 6.1 rather soon." He predicts Issue 44035 is likely to be fixed, making it easier to share NetBeans projects around. He also applauds the return of Support for Java Bean Patterns in the IDE, and "massive improvements" in the tooling for working with the Spring framework.

9. Rails IDE: NetBeans vs. Aptana RadRails, Take 2 -- The reality of my fantasy life, 3/12
Rails developer Arron Washington decides to compare Aptana RadRails 1.0, based upon its recent release, to NetBeans 6.0. He states that he had switched to NetBeans after Aptana "went closed source" but decided to give it another look. He feels that RadRails "is OK" but "needs more polish." He then states that he has gotten so comfortable to NetBeans that it would hard to get him to switch back.

10. Improved Spring Framework Support in NetBeans 6.1 -- Ramon.Ramos, 3/6
Developer Ramon Ramos highlights support for the Spring Framework as a noteworthy enhancement to NetBeans 6.1. He states that the significance of this is that it makes it easier to work with XML configuration files. He then shows screen shots to illustrate the functionality.

Wednesday Mar 19, 2008

NetBeans edges Eclipse in JavaWorld review

Yesterday JavaWorld published Andrew Binstock's comparative review of NetBeans 6.0 and Eclipse 3.3. This is a review in which Andrew rated each platform in various categories, and NetBeans beats Eclipse!!!
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In this comprehensive feature-by-feature review, Andrew states, "NetBeans 6.0 ... has really elevated itself into the same tier as Eclipse. For the first time, serious Java developers have a true choice when it comes to free, open source IDEs."

In conclusion, Andrew comments that NetBeans' higher score signifies "the arrival of NetBeans," and notes that this is the first review he has conducted where "NetBeans truly stands on par with Eclipse."

PS: What a great timing!!! NetBeans 6.1 Beta has just been announced, and you can win real money by trying it out. ;-) Details here.

Thursday Mar 13, 2008

NetBeans developer reviews of this week...

1. Sharable Libraries Feature in NetBeans 6.1 Beta -- Pro NetBeans, 3/6
    Consuming Zillow Web Services in NetBeans 6.1 Beta -- Pro NetBeans, 3/10
    Reviewing the NetBeans Unit Tests Code Coverage Plugin -- Pro NetBeans, 3/11

In the first, Myatt discusses how he has been excited about the new Sharable Libraries feature to come in NetBeans 6.1. He feels the big benefit is better portability of projects to continuous integration servers. He then documents his experience in using the feature. He concludes that the feature makes JAR files more portable, making development much more efficient.
Download NetBeans 6.0

In the next post, he calls out the new web services included with NetBeans 6.1, and how the Zillow web service caught his eye. He walks his readers through how to secure the Zillow API and use it with NetBeans to consume Zillow services.

Finally, Myatt writes a focused review of the Unit Tests Code Coverage Plugin. As part of this, he highlights the newest feature -- the ability to view coverage statistics. He states that they are very convenient in providing more visibility to know where to write more tests to test code.

2. NetBeans 6.1 stands up to its Promise -- James Selvakumar's Blog, 3/8
NetBeans developer James Selvakumar writes about his initial experience with NetBeans 6.1. He provides some background that he converted from IDEA in the NetBeans 5.0 timeframe, but still hasn't been happy with NetBeans performance and code completion, especially compared to Eclipse. He was excited to try 6.1 because of the promise of improved performance, and based upon his usage so far, feels it stands up to this promise, both in terms of pure performance and code completion performance.

3. NetBeans 5.1 JSF Crud Generation -- David Heffelfinger's Notes on Software Development, Technology, and Life, 3/8
Heffelfinger marks the release of NetBeans 6.1 beta by discussing an important new feature for him -- the JSF Crud generation. He describes how this was the first feature he tried after downloading 6.1, reports how the JPA entity generation from a database schema worked flawlessly. Along the way he sees a few minor problems, he was able to work through them and attributes them to the beta status of 6.1.

Saturday Mar 08, 2008

NetBeans developer reviews of the week

1. Looking Forward to NetBeans 6.1 -- ZenLinuxNH Blog, 3/4
Linux developer Scott Garman writes how he has been using NetBeans 6.0 more and more because it has been "a boon to my productivity." Despite this, he has been frustrated with bugs in the HTML/RHTML indentation engine, which he has reported and is hopeful will be fixed in NetBeans 6.1.
Download NetBeans 6.0

2. Undroid - Android Plugin for NetBeans -- Android Experience, 3/4
This Android developer highlights the availability of a new plug-in for NetBeans that enables Android application development. He states how these applications can be tested using the Android Emulator. He says that despite the fact that he is not a fan of NetBeans, he decided to try it and found that it does not seem to be compatible with the latest release of the Andoid SDK.

3. Installing NetBeans 6.0 on Ubuntu-7.10 -- James Selvakumar's Blog, 2/24
James Selvakumar discusses how based upon his experience installing NetBeans on Ubuntu, there is some additional information that needs to be added to the NetBeans wiki. The problem stems from the fact that "the package sun-java6-jdk is available in the ubuntu "multiverse" repository which is disabled by default." He then presents his readers with the steps to take to work around this issue.

4. Creating SOAP Web Services with NetBeans 6 -- Another Random Developer Blog, 2/27
Developer Siegfried Boltz posts a detailed tutorial creating web services with NetBeans 6. The post is filled with screen captures and code examples.




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