Thursday Jan 07, 2010

InfoWorld on VirtualBox: "Our advice to VMware (and Microsoft): Be afraid. Be very afraid."

VirtualBox 3.1 wins 2010 Technology of the Year Award from InfoWorld. The Test Center reviewers at InfoWorld credited VirtualBox as a "disruptive product" that sneaked up on an established category and shook up the apple cart. The judges were impressed with VirtualBox's unrivaled features like 32-way virtual SMP support and "teleport" -- capability to dynamically move running VMs between VirtualBox host systems. Check out the original review here for details.

InfoWorld concluded, "[VirtualBox] is a huge development for Sun Microsystems, one that places it on a collision course with heavyweights VMware and Microsoft in the virtualized datacenter. But the most remarkable aspect of this story is how quickly the company has brought this virtualization platform along. In a little over a year, Sun has turned this relatively unknown fledgling from an obscure German software developer (Innotek) into a potent threat."
Sun VirtualBox -- InfoWorld's 2010 Technology of the Year
InfoWorld's final take: "Our advice to VMware (and Microsoft): Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Congratulations to the Sun VirtualBox team!

Tuesday Feb 03, 2009

eWEEK Video Review: "Sun Joins the RIA Race with JavaFX"

eWEEK's Chief Technology Analyst Jim Rapoza posted a video review of JavaFX following a recent article and slideshow overview.

Jim notes, "While Java is one of the earliest examples of an RIA, the technology played little part in the recent rise of RIAs, until now. With the release of JavaFX 1.0, Sun is hoping to bring Java into the cutting edge of the Web."

He continues, "Given Java's history on mobile devices, one would expect JavaFX to be a strong mobile RIA player. However, right now it does not support the deployment of mobile device applications. Sun has said that this support will become available in the spring."

Jim concludes his video review by noting, "While JavaFX has a lot of potential, it is still a 1.0 application that has many of the weaknesses one expects from 1.0 apps, and if they can address these weaknesses and mature quickly, Sun JavaFX could become a major player in the future of RIAs."

Friday Jan 23, 2009

Positive JavaFX 1.0 review at eWEEK today

This afternoon eWEEK's Chief Technology Analyst Jim Rapoza posted his JavaFX 1.0 review and noted, "the JavaFX platform shows promise of being a very important player in the burgeoning RIA category, and it compares very well with the 1.0 releases of Adobe's and Microsoft's RIA platforms."

Jim installed NetBeans IDE 6.5 for JavaFX 1.0, the JavaFX 1.0 Production Suite and the JavaFX 1.0 SDK to get a closer look at our new RIA solution.
"I found NetBeans IDE 6.5 for JavaFX 1.0 to be a handy tool for learning how to build and edit JavaFX applications. Working hand in hand with the included sample code and the tutorials available at, I was able to build several simple JavaFX applications," he stated.

Jim noted that he would have liked to have seen more in the area of mobile application development in this release.

He concluded, "Given the potential of the platform, it is worth evaluating for developers interested in additional ways to build and deploy RIAs, especially in areas where the more robust capabilities of Java itself will pay off."

eWEEK Labs has also published a walk-through on JavaFX. You can find this slideshow here.

Tuesday Nov 20, 2007

Sun Advances File-Sharing with Windows

Sun introduces new projects to improve file-sharing between Windows and OpenSolaris. The CIFS Server features software code that implements the common internet file system protocol, enabling Microsoft users to store files on an OpenSolaris system. Conversely, CIFS client enables OpenSolaris systems to act as CIFS clients in a Microsoft environment. The client stores and retrieves files on a Microsoft CIFS system, thus completing file-sharing capabilities between OpenSolaris and Microsoft environments.

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007 beats Microsoft Word


Bruce Byfield of positively positions 2.3 vs. Office 2007 in a word processor shootout evaluation. In his third review over the last 5 years of the two office suites, Sun wins out over Microsoft, again. In his prior two comparisons, emerged as superior for its greater stability. This year, he compares the two programs on tools that intermediate and advanced users are likely to use. Interfaces, Styles, Page layout, Bulleted lists, Headers/Footers, Footnotes/Endnotes, Indexes/TOCs and Master documents are some of the categories that bested Office 2007 in this latest review.

Writer emerges as the winner in the majority of categories with Bruce stating, "As free software, Writer has advantages that Word is unlikely to match -- its philosophy, its price, its easy availability, and its frequent updates."


Friday Dec 01, 2006

Smart Computing declares StarOffice 8 WINNER over Office 2007 in latest office roundup

Jeff Dodd's office productivity suite comparative review posted today, and StarOffice 8 is the WINNER !!! (And yes, Microsoft Office 2007 was in the mix.)

You might need to register with the site to read the review, and the registration is free.

StarOffice 8 received Smart Computing's "Smart Distinction" award beating out Microsoft Office 2007, Corel WordPerfect Office X3 and Ability Office.

Jeff notes that each of the five components of StarOffice 8, "stand out as a competitive program in its own right, loaded with features and intuitive interfaces.

He also states that, "Users can purchase Sun’s productivity suite for less than half the price of the cheapest edition of Microsoft Office. And users can run the product on as many as five individual computers at the same time. Better yet, customers can place up to three free phone calls to technical support in the first 60 days of usage. No other productivity suite featured in this roundup can say as much."

He concludes his review with the following endorsement of StarOffice 8, "...most users will continue to invest in Microsoft (and, to a lesser extent, Corel) software simply out of habit. We encourage users to consider alternatives such as Sun’s StarOffice 8, which earns our Smart Choice designation once again. Why spend $150 or $300 when you can get top-of-the-line capabilities for less than $75?"  

StarOffice 8 is the RIGHT choice, OF COURSE !!!

Try it out for free...




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