Monday Jul 20, 2009

eWEEK: NetBeans IDE 6.7 Provides Effective Integration with Project Kenai

eWEEK’s Jeff Cogswell reviewed NetBeans IDE 6.7, concluding that while NetBeans 6.7 is a .7 release in name, it “includes so many new features it could rightfully receive a full version increment.” Jeff spent the majority of his time testing NetBeans’ integration with Project Kenai, a new feature he called “one of the biggest improvements.”
The reviewer, who had in the past experienced frequent difficulties with “getting a new project installed on a new developer’s computer,” wrote, “Now, with the NetBeans IDE, you can easily avoid such problems” by creating a project and uploading it to Kenai.

Jeff also praised the ability for developers to access various Project Kenai features such as full support for source code repositories directly through the NetBeans IDE, “without the need to interact with the site itself.” He also made special mention of NetBeans’ convenient chat software, which he called “pretty handy for communicating with the project members in real time.”

After thoroughly testing Kenai integration and running into very few problems, Jeff offered a final verdict: “All-in-all, I had a good experience with the Kenai integration into NetBeans IDE.

Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

Recent NetBeans Reviews from Developers

1. NetBeans, Subversion and Symlinks --, 3/21
Robert Bolton has started using NetBeans for PHP coding and is generally happy with it. However, some specific behaviors in Subversion plugins and symlinks are bugging him.
2. Ruby on Rails IDE for beginners -- Indu's Ecosystem, 3/20
Indudhar Devanath gives a run down of Ruby on Rails IDE's for beginner, noting good support for RoR in NetBeans. He states that this Java-based IDE comes bundled with Glassfish V3 Prelude and RoR learning trails that make it an ideal choice for beginners.

3. Notepad++ for PHP development --, 3/20
Arjen de Korte has recently discovered NetBeans and finds it an "amazing software that has support for PHP code coloring, completion and step-by-step debugging using xdebug."

4. Or not aptana /o\\ -- Spoonerisms, 3/20
The blogger notes that NetBeans offers a Ruby-only install that integrated extremely well into Rails development. "I'm feeling hopeful about it," he adds.

5. NetBeans 6.7 - I Like Where Things are Going (Initial Impressions) --, 3/19
John Crean is impressed with the latest version of NetBeans as it offers greater platform integration and faster accessibility. "Upon first launch, I noticed the window and all the elements in the interface had a much better look to them, one more consistent with the general OS X look-and-feel (specifically 10.5 Leopard)," he notes.

6. The new NetBeans look on OS X -- There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact!, 3/19
Ranjith Chandran downloads the latest development build of NetBeans and finds that the UI look on OS X is by far the best he has ever seen in any Java IDE. "Look-wise it rocks," says Ranjith.

7. NetBeans ahoy --, 3/18
The blogger uses NetBeans as his primary development tool for PHP coding and his "mind is blown." He is also happy to notice that apart from the PHP editor working well with MAMP tools running on a Mac OS 10.4, NetBeans also features support for XDebug, "a handy application" for debugging.

Friday Mar 13, 2009

Recent NetBeans Reviews from Developers

1. Switched to NetBeans from Eclipse IDE -- Now Talking!, 3/10
Louie Miranda tried NetBeans after hearing positive feedback on the CakePHP mailing list and concluded, "For now, I am saying goodbye to Eclipse and will be switching to NetBeans!"
2. IDE, IDE, IDE, the IDE's of March -- Dante's Journal, 3/9
Dante Daffodil used NetBeans to make tight and portable Java-based web pages and programs. He liked that NetBeans not only supported C++ applications, but it could also make portable codes.

3. NetBeans - Working with XML Schemas -- Java Hair, 3/9
While working with XML schemas, Robert Nocera used NetBeans to generate a Canonical XML Schema and found that because NetBeans provided 3 different views to work with, the conversions were much easier.

4. Creating Scrollable JDesktopPane on NetBeans -- Sidudun, 3/9
Arif N. used NetBeans for creating a Multiple Document Interface application, and found it made Swing GUI development "far easier." Arif also shared the source code of what he developed.

5. NetBeans as a platform for software -- Miscellaneous notes from BM, 3/9
The blogger evaluated NetBeans as a platform for creating plugins and applications, and said, "quite nice stuff, technically way better than Eclipse and overall impression is pleasant."

6. RubyMine, an IDE for Ruby, Rails and so much more -- The dynamic programmer, 3/9
The blogger discussed his RubyMine experience, and said, "NetBeans with Ruby support was the one that provided the best IDE experience so far." He also included a list of the shared features of RubyMine and NetBeans that he liked the most.

7. NetBeans IDE 5.5 final with all add ons -- Rapid Leech, 3/8
The blogger reviewed NetBeans 5.5, and praised the IDE for its ability to install quickly and run on a plethora of platforms.

8. Simple web project file management -- Delicious robots blog, 3/8
In sharing his file management system for personal files, Stephen A. said he uses NetBeans 6.7 M2 as his personal IDE and was happy to see that it offered excellent PHP / HTML support. Stephen included his source code as well.

9. NetBeans Eclipse Comparison -- Technology, Architecture and loads of fun...., 3/7
Senthilkumar Ravindran had low opinions for non-Eclipse IDE's before using NetBeans 6.5, but found NetBeans was superior in UI, UML modeling, and greater focus on J2EE environments. He concluded his post by saying that he looked forward to seeing a "David vs. Goliath fight" between NetBeans and Eclipse.

10. NetBeans 6.7 M2, PHP and Remote Development -- Kingdom of Roi, 3/5
Roy Buyuksimkesyan liked using NetBeans so much he decided to give up on other tools - Zend Studio and VI. Roy enjoyed the NetBeans UI and useability on his Mac, but disappointed it did not have a remote server explorer and couldn't open files by just browsing the file explorer.

Sunday Feb 22, 2009

NetBeans Tutorials and Reviews from Developers

1. NetBeans = Best Maven IDE? -- Java and more, 2/17
Peter Karich showed what is possible with Maven 2.0.9 in NetBeans 6.5 in a step by step tutorial.
2. I love NetBeans 7! -- Nice Words, 2/16
The blogger tested a build of NetBeans 7 that according to him was stable, beautiful and really helped him to get his work done. After further testing, he commented, "NetBeans 7 is really going to rock!"

3. NetBeans 6.5, JavaFX 1.0, Groovy and arithmetic training -- Kontrawize, 2/15
Anthony Coates strongly suggested the use of NetBeans for JavaFX development since the IDE offered built-in JavaFX support. He also updated developers about the availability of a slim version of NetBeans that offered bits for Java and JavaFX development, though it was much smaller than the "complete" NetBeans version.

4. Enable JSP editor features for Maven webapp project in NetBeans -- Messages from mrhaki, 2/14
Hubert presented a step by step guide to enable JSP editing features for Maven using NetBeans 6.5.

5. NetBeans IDE support for python and JPython and its usage -- Techtalks, 2/14
Prasanna Seshadri thought NetBeans is poised to become "the best open source IDE for Python and JPython in near future," and presented a tutorial on python and jython projects using NetBeans.

6. NetBeans 7.0 hands-on experience -- Juozas devBlog, 2/13
Juozas shared his experiences testing NetBeans 7.0 as well as the differences from NetBeans 6.5.

7. NetBeans, Komodo Edit, and Bespin -- Fuzzy Tolerance, 2/13
Tobin Bradley was looking forward to trying some recent IDE releases. After giving NetBeans a solid review, Tobin concluded that the IDE was impressive, intuitive and responsive.

8. The Big PHP IDE Test: Why Use One And Which To Choose -- Smashing Magazine, 2/11
The blogger James evaluated popular IDEs and suggested each IDE for different reasons. James concluded that "both PDT and NetBeans are good. ... If editing tools and code completion are more important to you, then pick NetBeans. NetBeans is a bit more responsive, too."

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

Developer Reviews of NetBeans 6.5

1. NetBeans is Getting Better -- My Open Source Software Development Blog, 2/10
The blogger was writing an article about how to do formatting with Microlog and discussed his experiences working with Eclipse and NetBeans. He had been using Eclipse as his predominant IDE but said, "It is a real shame that after all these years, Eclipse still have problems when it comes to Java ME development." In the end, he downloaded the current NetBeans and said, "My first impression is that NetBeans has matured since the last time I used it."
2. 'Profile Me Now' Feature in NetBeans 7 Milestone 2 -- Pro NetBeans, 2/10
The New and Noteworthy page for NetBeans 7 Milestone 2 notes a new feature called 'Profile Me Now' that will soon be added to the IDE -- enabling users to activate the diagnostic tool, perform some action or set of actions and then deactivate the diagnostic tool. "This will generate a standard NetBeans Profiler snapshot which can then be submitted to the NB team for analysis," the blogger concluded.

3. NetBeans 6.5 and Python -- Geeky Blog, 2/9
Jett tried using NetBeans 6.5 as his IDE for developing a Python-based Google Talk bot program this weekend. Prior to this project, he always used PyDev plugin for Eclipse. After using NetBeans, Jett found a few features that appealed to him were syntax highlighting, auto indention, auto completion and debugging. He concluded, "NetBeans is almost becoming the default IDE for everything I do in Grails, Python, and the occasional quick Java POCs."

4. NetBeans 6.5 as a Cute and free IDE for PHP -- Mike Borozdin's Blog, 2/8
Mike Borozdin believed that NetBeans was mostly known for Java developers as a good and free IDE. He also noted that recently, NetBeans started supporting other languages, such as C/C++, Ruby and finally PHP. Mike concluded, "NetBeans has it all. Furthermore, it works greatly with JavaScript that was a quite a surprise for me after a while working with Eclipse."

5. NetBeans 6.5 - my number one PHP IDE -- Juozas devBlog, 2/8
The blogger was inspired to try NetBeans after reading several articles about it. He liked how NetBeans offered integrated SVN support, projects, debugging Windows/Linux support, and more. He said he disliked the lack of integrated project synchronization over FTP and slow processing with large projects, but concluded, "Overall it's just a wonderful tool - stable, helpful and being actively developed. Give it a try!"

Sunday Feb 08, 2009

Developer Experiences on NetBeans

1. NetBeans's new Python type inferencing -- Andreas Jacobsen's Distraction, 1/31
Andreas Jacobsen has some interesting thoughts on what an IDE should and should not do for him. He picked NetBeans' auto-completion feature that added a type of annotation to function/method parameters in Python to illustrate his thought process.
2. NetBeans vs. Eclipse -- 1500 Hours, 1/28
Chiun Lin was initially disappointed to see that the GUI tutorial he found used the NetBeans IDE instead of Eclipse, since he had already downloaded Eclipse. However, after further investigation, Chiun discovered that NetBeans was actually a better IDE for implementing GUI in Java. After trying it out, he concluded, "NetBeans' GUI builder is so good I wish I had such a good builder when I was coding my MEng project. The drag and drop visual builder would have made my life easier and made my project look prettier."

3. Why I Switched from Eclipse PDT to NetBeans IDE -- 2 Tablespoons, 1/28
Chad Kieffer had started a post highlighting the recent Eclipse PDT 2.0 release, but very soon found himself dropping the post and the Eclipse IDE altogether. He cited various reasons for this change; the most important one being the inability of Eclipse's JSDT plugins to support today's popular JavaScript frameworks, including dojo, jQuery, and YUI. Chad praised NetBeans, noting, "I'm impressed, particularly since this is the first NetBeans release to support PHP editing. NetBeans came with everything I needed out of the box."

Monday Feb 02, 2009

NetBeans 6.5 Reviews from Developers

1. NetBeans IDE Delivers For C/C++ Development -- All In A Day's Work, 1/25
After a search and test of various compilers, debuggers, make utilities and editors, blogger Jubz N'Djamena believed that NetBeans 6.5 IDE delivered best in a centralized integrated environment. He noted that Sun had built a separate NetBeans IDE for C/C++ development that quite nicely integrated with Cygwin tools. Jubz commented,"It can't be easier than this," and called NetBeans "quick, intuitive and straightforward."
2. My latest addiction -- Joseph Sniderman, 1/25
Joseph Sniderman begins by declaring, "NetBeans. I'm hooked. I admit it." Following the recommendations of a recently purchased book on Java development, Joseph installed NetBeans and fell in love. He is using the IDE to develop a web application that could be used by a diner or small restaurant to track sales.

3. NetBeans for C++? -- Susheel's Blog, 1/24
Blogger Susheel is using NetBeans primarily for C++ development. He found the IDE "solidly built" and easy to navigate with "clean and sweet" interface. He added that not only did NetBeans run smoothly, but also boasted "excellent fast code completion features." He enjoyed the intellisense feature, and noted that the real-time syntax checker also deserved praise. In the end, Susheel was extremely impressed.

4. NetBeans revisited: Code Completion for Code-igniter -- My Beloved PHP, 1/23
The blogger found NetBeans a different kind of software. "Netbeans 6.5 is good software, out of the box it offers code completion and validation for PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript including JQuery and Mootools," he noted. He added that NetBeans also let users easily implement CodeIgniter powers, which offers code completion for native Active record classes, libraries and helper functions.

5. Extremely Useful NetBeans Shortcuts -- PHP Magazine, 1/23
Victor Farazdagi had been solely relying on NetBeans for PHP and Java coding, and was absolutely delighted with its performance. He exclaimed, "So far, it's beyond my wildest expectations. I am totally satisfied with that great IDE." Victor was pleased to discover several time-saving keyboard shortcuts, and was inspired to share several of his own shortcuts.

Monday Jan 26, 2009

Recent NetBeans 6.5 Reviews from Developers

1. PHP and NetBeans! -- Thinking Me!, 1/18
Muhammad Usman had tried using various IDEs to get PHP driven web applications germinated. After using Eclipse for about 2 months, Muhammad stumbled across NetBeans and realized that it was far better than Eclipse. His favorite feature are intelliSense, project and task management, remote project development, function help, smarty syntax support and integrated database query editor.
2. NetBeans IDE feature I would like to see inside Visual Studio -- A Developer On A Few Platforms, 1/17
Andrew Rea opened his post declaring "NetBeans is my IDE of choice at the moment for my Java development." He stated that there were two features that he wished would be included in Visual Studio out of the box; namely the ability to encapsulate a selection of fields or the ability to select the fields users would like to encapsulate inside a GUI Dialog.

3. Developing with NetBeans IDE -- Useful Ubuntu, 1/15
The blogger, an avid developer, had tried out many IDEs. He likes NetBeans the most because he can continue working on his program edits in NetBeans regardless of the OS he was using. He used NetBeans on Windows, Mac and Linux, and cross-platform support of NetBeans got a big plus in his book.

4. NetBeans 6.5 review from a PHP hack -- Unix Admin Corner, 1/14
NetBeans 6.5 made a big appeal to James with its excellent PHP support. Though James asserted that NetBeans needed some nips and tucks here and there, he really enjoyed the CSS module and the PHP editor since they both helped him find bugs that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. James liked quite a lot of other features in NetBeans including integration of the database explorer, jMaki, the variable/function auto completion option in PHP mode, and the HTML preview mode among others. He wrote, "I do highly recommend that all PHP coders give it a try."

5. A new PHP IDE rolls into town - NetBeans -- Mad PPC, 1/13
Brad was pleasantly surprised to see that NetBeans now not only supported PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Groovy and Python, but also boasted great HTML support. He wrote, "This IDE has the makings of something great, it's free, and it supports the syntax of many languages." He went on to compare NetBeans with Zend IDE 5.5, and concluded that NetBeans "won hands down."

6. Kudos To The NetBeans Team -- Simon's Blog, 1/12
Simon Brocklehurst congratulated the NetBeans team for the fabulous work they had done on the NetBeans IDE. He loved NetBeans for its ability to provide a fantastic integrated environment for writing all programming and mark-up code, and for rapid deployment of services to the test environment. He noted that NetBeans handles multiple programming languages and system services easily, which is the highest test of efficiency for any IDE. Praising NetBeans Simon exclaimed, "It's seriously impressive. I recommend it highly."

Thursday Dec 18, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 reviews from developers

1. PHP Support in NetBeans 6.5 -- SitePoint, 12/16
Kevin Yank was impressed with NetBeans 6.5. He highlighted that NetBeans not only supported Java but also Ruby and PHP out of the box, which should appeal to all web developers. He wrote, "Surprisingly, that support is so good that it now compares favorably to more established competitors like Eclipse, Komodo IDE, and Zend Studio." He concluded his post with high praise for the IDE. "NetBeans isn't a toy for learning Java anymore. These days, it's a powerful, multi-language development environment that's free for the taking. If you work on sizable PHP projects and you're not using an IDE like NetBeans, you might be surprised at how much time a tool like this can save you!"
2. NetBeans 6.5 (now with Python support) --, 12/16
Radim Marek noted that the flexibility of NetBeans was becoming more and more important for many of his personal projects. He was impressed with the much improved Java support and C/C++ integration features, which helped him create the same environment on all the different platforms he was using. He was also pleased that Python support was now available as standard plugin or as a standalone platform. According to Radim, NetBeans is turning into a perfect replacement for any solution currently available. As a developer, it is difficult is to even consider switching to different IDE, but he urged his readers to give it a try: "After a first couple of hours, it's clear winner."

3. NetBeans review -- GS Design, 12/15
Gabi Solomon, a long-time fan and user of Zend Studio, had been hearing a lot of buzz about NetBeans 6.5 and decided to give it a try. Gabi noted that the NetBeans interface was very intuitive and easy to use. He added that support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and all the major JavaScript frameworks was a major plus for the IDE (and something he missed in Zend Studio). He further noted that the autocomplete templates were another useful feature, adding that these features were crucial when working on large projects. Among the other features that Gabi found appealing were the Refactoring and To-do List options.

4. NetBeans UML Plugin Just Got Better -- Another aL, 12/11
Joni Farizal downloaded and installed NetBeans 6.5, and used it to make UML diagrams for documenting his system. He demonstrated a few key features in NetBeans that are useful when using diagrams, including the floating toolbar and snapping object location function. He added that he hoped NetBeans would continue to improve.

Tuesday Dec 09, 2008

More NetBeans 6.5 Developer Reviews...

1. NetBeans 6.5 Released With PHP And Grails Support -- The Untangled Web, 12/2
James is happy with the "bushel basket of enhancements and improvements" in NetBeans 6.5. Highlighting the inclusion of PHP and Grails as the most noteworthy of the new features, he felt that developers will save hours of frustration by speeding up coding practices with code-completion and debugging features.
2. My New IDE: NetBeans -- Kevin van Zonneveld, 12/2
Kevin tested out NetBeans 6.5 as an alternative to his usual IDE, Eclipse. He immediately found NetBeans easier to use. Kevin was surprised to see how SVN, CVS, CSS, SQL and even support for jQuery were already included, whereas in Eclipse it all had to be added manually. He also mentioned that adding features was simple, and the plug-in system always "just works."

3. Best IDE IN JAVA - NetBeans 6.5 OpenSource IDE -- Fall in to Java, 12/2
Mahasarathi described NetBeans as a free, open-source IDE for software developers that offers all the tools users needed to create professional desktop, enterprise, web and mobile applications in Java, C/C++ and a variety of dynamic languages. He found it extremely easy to install and could use straight out of the box.

4. NetBeans 6.5 review -- CodeUtopia, 12/1
Jani Hartikainen tried out NetBeans 6.5 and its new PHP related functionality. He cited examples of NetBeans being better than Zend Studio with code-assist for built-ins that displays more information and links to PHP manual. He was elated with "free" NetBeans offering more features than the commercial big names. He concluded, "NetBeans 6.5 is officially my new favorite PHP/web-dev IDE."

5. And now NetBeans 6.5 is there in my Ubuntu-8.10 -- James Selvakumar's Blog, 11/30
James Selvakumar, who had been using NetBeans since version 4.1, found the recent 6.5 release simply "fantastic!" He loved NetBeans because it was fast, responsive and sported amazingly new cool features. James also noticed that installing NetBeans in Ubuntu was very easy, and hence decided to give it a go on his Ubuntu-8.10.

6. The Elegance of NetBeans -- Drawing a Blank, 11/30
Jason Whaley had used Eclipse for approximately 90% of his work on Java applications. He decided to give NetBeans 6.5 a quick try and was pleasantly surprised to notice that its maven integration was as simplistic and direct as one could have imagined. Jason remarked upon the elegance of the IDE and how seamlessly it integrated with his Mac OS X UI.

7. NetBeans Rich Client Platform: A Seven-Part Video Series --, 11/29
Charles Ditzel noted that even in a world filled with Flex, JavaFX and SilverLight, Rich Client Platform (RCP) and plugin (or module)-based systems like NetBeans and Eclipse could flourish because RCP platforms offered the best ways to create large, coherent, distribute and modular applications. He informed users that there were many examples of NetBeans RCP applications, out of which the most compelling one was BlueMarine.

8. NetBeans, your IDE, and your community -- John O'Conner's Blog, 11/25
John O'Conner submitted a bug against NetBeans 6.1. When a NetBeans engineer was able to evaluate the problem, John received an email loaded with comments and questions just for him. He exclaimed, "What an amazing experience! I was impressed by the team's commitment to engage with its community, to interact directly with an individual." He was even more surprised to get another follow-up email letting him know that the bug fix had been integrated into NetBeans 6.5.

9. NetBeans 6.5 + Glassfish v3 Prelude + Jersey 1.0 -- Simon's Blog, 11/24
Simon was excited to witness the release of some great software coming out of Sun Microsystems, and commented, "I recommend giving a new combination of Sun software a try: the just-released NetBeans 6.5 IDE; the just-released Glassfish v3 Prelude app server; and Jersey 1.0." With this combination, developers can design, implement and deploy web services in a very timely and productive manner.

Monday Dec 01, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 reviews

1. NetBeans 6.5 - What's New? -- Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk, 11/19
Eric Bruno noted that NetBeans 6.5 is an improved platform that focused on different languages and technologies. Eric observed that apart from including a wide range of new features that include enhanced support for PHP code editing and debugging, language enhancements, and a new debugger with support for multi-threaded debugging, the major addition from Sun in this release was of tools and support for JavaFX projects. He advised developers to take a look at the official NetBeans IDE to learn more about the full set of changes, additions, and enhancements.
2. NetBeans 6.5 -- Javamancy, 11/19
The blogger discussed the release of NetBeans 6.5, saying, "I've been itching to have a plethora of development capabilities integrated into a single unified interface that does not require me to constantly scour the Internet." He went on to predict that the convergence between NetBeans and Eclipse would undoubtedly continue well into the future, but asserted that one of the 'big things' that NetBeans 6.5 brought on a platter, was the long-awaited official support for more dynamic languages. He advocates NetBeans as "part of the primary development rig at DevPal and Javamancy."

3. Simplify Development | NetBeans 6.5 -- N, Varun, 11/20
Varun called NetBeans 6.5 "Only IDE You Still Need," and discussed some of the new features, including a robust IDE for PHP, JavaScript, Debugging for Firefox and IE, and support for Groovy and Grails. Varun wrote, "Combining excellent out of the box experience, compelling features, and a great plugin ecosystem, NetBeans IDE 6.5 is a must-download for developers."

4. NetBeans 6.5 final released, now with PHP support -- JavaMidlet, 11/19
The blogger said that the NetBeans 6.5 release was "the moment a lot of us have been waiting for." He called NetBeans IDE 6.5 a "significant update to NetBeans IDE 6.1," and gave a quick summary of the various features that were added to NetBeans including the new IDE-wide QuickSearch shortcut, a more user-friendly interface, and automatic Compile on Save. The blogger also noted that the availability of enhanced support for web frameworks, the GlassFish application server, and databases enabled smoother functioning.

5. Development Simplified - NetBeans 6.5 Released -- NetBeans Adventures, Java and more, 11/19
The blogger, Sven, informed readers that NetBeans IDE 6.5 was the "latest release of Sun's award-winning open-source IDE that enabled developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications with Java, C/C++, and JavaScript" and more. He said NetBeans is a "must-download for developers." He further added highlights for Java developers, and said that the IDE also offered an Early Access preview for Python.

6. Congratulations NetBeans (updated) -- Bearfruit, 11/19
Matthew Nuzum had "been using the pre-release versions but as expected experienced some problems that prevented me from using it seriously." Matthew was excited with NetBeans 6.5 because of the simple debugging feature option and the first class status that was given to PHP. He observed that the PHP feature had improved dramatically since the last release, and further requested the NetBeans team to add a Django support built in feature in their next release by saying, "I noticed some of the milestone builds had Django support so hopefully this isn't a far-fetched request."

Sunday Sep 14, 2008

NetBeans Reviews

1. Current winner for JSF development: NetBeans -- Musings by Seref Arikan, 9/8
Seref Arikan was porting a Google Web Toolkit project and said, "I have to admit it that none of the choices I've tested on Eclipse is a match for NetBeans 6.1." According to Seref, the solutions on the Eclipse platform for JSF development aren't very intuitive.
Download NetBeans
2. Getting back into java using NetBeans -- Development and Stuff, 9/8
Marius van Zundert said that when he had first worked with NetBeans, it had been buggy and slow, and he had been forced to do his Java work on Eclipse in spite of the many incompatibility issues that cropped up. Now however, Marius wrote, "things have changed, because I've been working with NetBeans for the last couple of weeks (both Mac and Fedora versions) and I rather like using it. It's quick, easy to setup and doesn't have some of the buggy things we take for granted with the Eclipse IDE."

3. Diffing Files In NetBeans 6.5 - In Favourites, Without projects -- Adam Bien's Weblog, 9/7
Adam Bien wrote a small comment on how easy it was to diff two files, without even having or creating a project in NetBeans. "NetBeans opens a nice diff view, which allows even moving different blocks back and forth between the two files," wrote Adam.

4. Mavenized projects in NetBeans 6.1 -- Java and more ..., 9/6
Peter Karich had Mavenized timefinder to allow developer coding in IDE's other than NetBeans. Peter admitted that he was new to Maven but still thought that NetBeans 6.1's support was good and better than Eclipse's. "A really great feature within NetBeans: you can resolve dependencies very easy," wrote Peter.

5. NetBeans IDE for Ruby on Rails -- Paul's Jabber, 9/6
Paul Kolozsvari wrote about getting started with Ruby on Rails. Paul had been searching for an IDE to make his work easier, and with NetBeans 6.1, he had "finally found something that I am happy with."

6. A Look At Free/OpenSource Cross-Platform Installers -- Sunny Talks Tech, 9/3
Saptarshi Purkayastha looked at the different Open Source Cross-Platform Installers available, saying, "we, as software programmers forget the importance of easy distribution and easy installation of software that we develop." After some research, Saptarshi decided to work with the NetBeans installer, saying that NetBeans provided a completely customizable and powerful installer framework.

Friday Aug 22, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 Beta Reviews

1. NetBeans 6.5 beta - Useful Productivity Enhancements for Java EE, Missing Some Features As Well -- Adam Bien's Weblog, 8/20
Adam Bien posted some feedback on 6.5 Beta after working with NetBeans for some time. He pointed out that Field Level Access is generated now for Entities, but that they are still marked as serializable, which he felt was unnecessary. Adam also listed some features that he thought would be nice additions, such as a design query function, code completion in XML for Java Code and support for orm.xml.
Download NetBeans
2. So you can't afford DreamWeaver -- Symbioxys, 8/18
Xander Erkamp said that when NetBeans 6.5 releases, you could just download the full installer and PHP would be integrated. Xander noted, "NetBeans is a one stop shop for a developer on the road to open source freedom."

3. NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta for PHP Developers -- More Than Scratch The Surface, 8/18
Stephen Cronin said that the NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta had just been released and that it now catered to PHP developers. He noted that NetBeans is small to download, has built in debugger, and further added, "There's no doubt that NetBeans is the one to seriously consider."

4. Maven-like Dependency Management for NetBeans Projects -- David Heffelfinger's Notes on Software Development, Technology, and Life, 8/17
David Heffelfinger became a NetBeans fan because of its outstanding support for Maven. He noted that as he worked with NetBeans he came to appreciate many of its features, such as Visual Web JSF development, JSF CRUD generation, automatic generation of JPA entities from an existing schema, etc.

5. NetBeans 6.5 Beta -- Narnio, 8/16
The blogger said that NetBeans 6.5 Beta fixed a bug in recognizing the names of function parameters that he'd been experiencing from version 5.5. The blogger also liked the new style for debugging and code editing. The blogger added that with larger web applications NetBeans 6.5 hung and stopped responding.

6. NetBeans 6.5 PHP edition -- ActiveCodeline, 8/15
Branko Ajzele said that good code completion is one of the features he expects in a good IDE and he found that in NetBeans 6.5 it looks awesome. Branko said that there are still some issues with NetBeans; but he felt more comfortable now, using NetBeans than using Zend or NuSpere.

7. NetBeans 6.5 impressive ~! -- My Brain Served !, 8/15
Chandra Garre said that the C++ development features in NetBeans 6.5 Beta were very impressive and that it had excellent code completion. He noted that he preferred NetBeans 6.5 Beta to VC 2008, but added VC uses less RAM.

8. NetBeans development process rocks! -- Van Couvering Is Not a Verb, 8/14
After more than 17 years of working on large software projects, David Van Couvering felt that NetBeans had one of the best development processes he'd ever seen, and commented, "NetBeans follows a beautiful middle path - not too much process, but not too little."

9. NetBeans 6.5 beta is out -- Not Geekly Correct, 8/13
The blogger said that he used NetBeans 6.1 to develop on Ruby on Rails and found its editor to be, "fantastic and powerful." The blogger noted that 6.5 was faster than 6.1, and that its PHP/JS support worked very well.

10. NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta - Auto Download for Subversion Client 1.5 in Windows -- NetBeans, 8/13
Tushar Joshi pointed out that the NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta no longer needed a Subversion client installed on a Windows XP machine. Tushar commented that the NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta took a good step by providing the bundled Subversion client, making the installation and use of Subversion even easier.

11. NetBeans 6.5 Beta Is Available...Grab It and Test! -- The JJ Blogger - Java, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and More..., 8/13
Josh Juneau had been testing NetBeans 6.5 Beta and felt that users would be pleased with the latest release. Josh liked the Groovy/Grails support, and added that users would appreciate the automatic deploy on save feature.

12. NetBeans 6.5 Beta Released -- Sunny Talks Tech, 8/13
According to Saptarshi Purkayastha, NetBeans is "the only IDE that you need." He noted that new features were quickly implemented and each development team coordinated with all the quality managers and community to get the best features out in this version. Saptarshi commented, "The new database tools for designing queries, and viewing connections, tables, views, procedures is great. It's still a work in progress, but I must say it's a pretty good job for a first-time release."

Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

This week's NetBeans developer reviews

1. Show Maven build plan in NetBeans -- Messages from mrhaki, 8/5
In this how-to post, Hubert Ikkink shows how easy it is to run Maven within NetBeans.
Download NetBeans
2. What I uncovered in my first JavaFX Script practice -- GeekyCoder, 8/4
A detailed journey by a blogger in his quest to learn JavaFX Script. He found NetBeans to be every effective in this process with its complete JavaFX Script Preview SDK support.

3. NetBeans 6.5 M1 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -- Test Early, 8/4
The blogger, who is currently writing a complex Java EE and a relatively simple Groovy and Grails applications, found great NetBeans features including database support within the IDE, convenience in creating, updating and querying tables directly, wizard enabled IDE for working with Java Persistence API, and web service development assistance.

4. First Night With JavaFX and NetBeans - First Impression, Some Smoke -- Adam Bien's Weblog, 8/3
Adam Bien found JavaFX preview download and installation to be very smooth and quick. Adam mentioned that Java FX Tooling came with a lot of examples, and he liked faster code completion, consistent preview works functionality, well-integrated compilation processes, availability of non-visual drag and drop support and tooling similar to the NetBeans 6.0 based.

5. Faster Builds with Maven in Netbeans -- I Like Spam, 8/2
Roger Keays provided a few tips to help Java developers improve the speed of compile/deploy round-tripping in NetBeans. Specifically, Roger examined changing maven build actions, skipping test cases and using debug instead of run when compiling.

6. NetBeans JSF CRUD Generator Gets Ajax Support -- David Heffelfinger's Notes on Software Development, Technology, and Life, 8/2
David Heffelfinger liked NetBeans' JSF CRUD generator. He explained that with the CRUD generator utility, NetBeans could create a complete JSF application from existing JPA entities. David added that the recent improvements in the CRUD generator have made it more appealing.

7. Why NetBeans? -- Java and more ... 8/2
Peter Karich had been using NetBeans from version 3 and is still a happy camper. He liked that the IDE is free, easy to use, and offers great support.

8. NetBeans Database Explorer gets a facelift -- Manish Bharani, 7/31
Manish Bharani commented that the database explorer had predominantly been a database query tool with minimal graphically supported SQL, but the new DataView NetBeans module provided many new features for existing NetBeans database explorers, as well as a contemporary look and feel to the existing explorer.

9. A novice Scala programmer: Eclipse vs. IntelliJ IDEA vs. Netbeans. -- Programmer`s thoughts, 7/31
This post concludes a 5 part series on using Scala on different IDE's where Vladimir Kelman looked at the pros and cons of 3 IDE's: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans. Vladimir commented that NetBeans was free, worked well, and was easy to use. Although there was little Scala documentation for Scala development, it was so easy to use that it didn't worry him.

10. NetBeans scripting IDE #1? Grails try-out... -- Blogging about Software Development, 7/31
Arjen van Schie had used NetBeans in the past and said that support for Ruby, Ruby on Rails and JavaFX was much better in NetBeans compared to Eclipse. "After working with the new NetBeans editor I must say I'm impressed with how easy it was to create this Grails app, without any experience with Grails or Groovy," wrote Arjen.

Thursday Jul 31, 2008

NetBeans Developer Reviews

1. Kudos for NetBeans exception reporting -- Van Couvering Is Not a Verb, 7/28
David Van Couvering is impressed by the way NetBeans handled reporting an exception, adding that it improves the quality of the product. David cited a post by another blogger, who held the same opinion.
Download NetBeans

2. Netbeans 6.5m1 - accidentally in production for two and half weeks... -- Adam Bien's Weblog, 7/28
Adam Bien accidentally used the 6.5m1 for all his projects for two and a half weeks, and noted that it worked surprisingly well. When Adam switched back to 6.1, he felt it was a little slower than 6.5 and so in the end, he switched back to 6.5m1.

3. Scala, NetBeans, Maven, and yes, Lift now -- Caoyuan's Blog, 7/28
Caoyuan Deng reports that Maven for NetBeans had done excellent work for Maven's project integration with proper class path supporting and indexing, and that the Scala editor is well aware of auto-completion.

4. Understanding Qhull: Part #1 -- Adam V's Blog, 7/27
Adam Verslyap was trying to understand enough of the qhull suite of programs to code higher dimensional computational geometry package, and decided to overcome issues he was facing by using a debugger. He heard that NetBeans had added C/C++ support. Adam gave it a try and concluded that NetBeans was very useful for qhull.

5. NetBeans plugin for BlackBerry JDE 4.5.0 -- Andrea's Mobile Portfolio, 7/24
Andrea discovered a NetBeans plug-in for JDE that automatically created right files in right directories without any manual "correction," which made her work much easier.

6. 5 Things I Like Better about Visual Studio then NetBeans -- Elegant Code, 7/22
Jim Hoffman listed five features of Visual Studio that he preferred to NetBeans. Suggestions for improvements...




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