Thursday Mar 26, 2009

Sun News in Review: GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse

We announced the new GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse at the EclipseCon conference this week. This new bundle provides Eclipse developers the same easy-to-use, out-of-the-box Java EE developer experience that NetBeans developers have already been leveraging through the GlassFish Plugin for the NetBeans IDE.

Ludovic Champenois, Principal Engineer in the GlassFish Application Server Team at Sun, joined me live from the EclipseCon conference to talk about the bundle that includes GlassFish v2, GlassFish v3 Prelude, Eclipse 3.4 Web Tools Platform, GlassFish Eclipse Plugin and Java SE 6.
Listen to the short segment below for the details and download your copy today.

Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Calling All Students -- Your Chance to Win $500

We just announced a new student contest today...

Students can develop a web application using MySQL database and GlassFish application server and write a review for a chance to win a grand prize of $500 in Visa debit card, and five chances to win a prize of $250 in Visa debit card.
Student Contest
The details are here.

Saturday Feb 16, 2008

NetBeans blogs of the week

1. Debugging and Profiling with Eclipse -- Salmon Run, 2/9
Sujit Pal writes a very detailed post on profiling web applications on Tomcat using Eclipse. Despite the focus on Eclipse, he also uses the NetBeans Profiler based upon a recommendation from a friend and compares it to the results from Eclipse. He notes that the results from the profiler were excellent and helped him improve the performance of a particular application.
Download NetBeans 6.0

2. Completing the Circle of J2ME, J2SE and J2EE -- Me, Myself and Python, 2/8
Maxin John details in this post how he went about creating an application for his Sony Ericsson phone using NetBeans and the Mobility Pack. It is a GUI application that contains some text labels, a picture of a car and some blinking text. He's looking to build on this experience and help others with their mobile projects.

3. Eclipse vs. NetBeans on Ubuntu (again) -- James Selvakumar's Blog, 2/8
James shares his experiences using both Eclipse and NetBeans (5.5) on Ubuntu. He says that he uses NetBeans more than Eclipse on Windows, but he loves Ubuntu so wanted to see how they compare. Installation of NetBeans was a "piece of cake," but his experience turned when he opened it up, due to problems with font rendering and look-and-feel on Ubuntu. Gregg Sporar commented with a recommendation to use NetBeans 6 and JDK 6, as they both address the issues James experienced.

4. Comparing Rails IDEs for Windows -- Bonanzle, 2/7
This developer decides to do his own analysis of several IDEs for Rails development. He judged each one based upon a list of several features that are essential to him, and annoy him if they are not included. After spending time with six IDEs, he finds Ruby in Steel the best because it "annoyed him the least."

5. The NetBeans 6.0 Story Continued: Using the Profiler -- Weiqi Gao's Observations, 2/7
This IDEA developer does another in a long-running series of posts on NetBeans, as he feels that it deserves his occasional attention. This time he thoroughly evaluates the profiler and says he "is quite pleased with what it can do." He later says, "There is something magical about being able to profile an application."

Sunday May 27, 2007

My favorite ones from last week...

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Implementing Shared Memory Resource Controls On Solaris Hosts - Blog O'Matty, 5/22
Matty discusses how the resource manager in Solaris 10 handles IPC tunables and describes the benefits of merging the management of the IPC facilities into the resource manager.

2. Apache In Solaris 10: 3 Simple Things I Would Change - Solaris Jedi, 5/18
    Who's On First? Identifying Port Utilization In Solaris - Solaris Jedi, 5/21
Christopher Hubbell lists practices to avoid when writing scripts with Apache in Solaris 10, and goes on to describe how to work through transferring a TWiki site from an Apache server running on Solaris 9 to an Apache2 server running on Solaris 10.

3. Rails Conference JRuby Tutorial - Inchoate Curmudgeon, 5/17
Lou Springer recently attended a JRuby tutorial focusing on how Java and J2EE infrastructure and implementations can benefit Ruby applications and deployments and how NetBeans has emerging Ruby support.

4. JavaOne 2007 - Richard's Technical Notes, 5/19
Richard Dalllaway recaps JavaOne, highlighting JavaFX Script details, Ruby and Groovy scripting languages.




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