Thursday Jul 16, 2009

French company reduces costs with Sun open-source solution

Symeos, a Web services security startup based in France, provides online identity management and federated authentication services to organizations in Western Europe and the United States. Symeos offers innovative single sign-on technologies for customers across multiple industries, helping to protect organizations against e-commerce online scams and identity thefts.
Sun Customer Symeos
As the demand for increased security and online identity management and authentication solutions continued to increase, Symeos created a new identity management product called EGO. Symeos quickly needed a completely new virtualized platform to support the more than 10 million expected users of EGO. The company turned to Sun to provide a high performance, low energy consumption solution that was open source, fast, scalable, and secure.

Symeos ordered 8 Sun Blade T6340 Server Modules with UltraSPARC T2 Plus processors and 12 Sun Blade X6250 Server Modules with Intel Xeon processors. The company also purchased two Sun Blade 6000 Chassis to house the machines; and to protect the platform’s data, the company chose a Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System together with a Sun Storage J4000 Array. The infrastructure runs on the Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris Operating Systems. The blade servers provide support for Web solutions that include the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3, the Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10, and the open-source offerings of the MySQL Database, the Sun OpenDS directory server, and Sun OpenSSO Enterprise.

Symeos built the finished platform over a period of two months, and after testing, plans to launch the by the end of the year. Because Symeos used open-source and open-standard technology throughout, the business expects to lower future development costs by about 60%. Herve Prot, Chief Executive Officer of Symeos said: “With the support of Sun, we have developed a cost-effective identity management platform that offers customers 99.999% availability and is easily scalable.”

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Tuesday Jan 08, 2008

IDM 7.1 Scores a 5-out-of-5 Star Rating from SC Magazine

SC Magazine posted a round-up of identity management product reviews in its January issue. Sun Identity Manager 7.1 scored an overall rating of five out of five stars and was positioned as a solution that is designed to play at a high level in a large environment. Sun's solution was said to focus on "creating and managing provisioning workflows quickly and easily, as well as auditing and compliance" and was praised for its ease of use and high performance.

The reviewers detailed a number of Identity Manager 7.1 features including the two ways in which users can create workflows, noting that Sun's automated workflow screen is simple and intuitive to use. They also highlighted the fact that Identity Manager integrates well with existing environments and streamlines user identity management.

The review does mention that product installation was a bit tricky due to the many pieces required to install and configure the software, but quickly adds that, once the system is up and running, everything is quite intuitive.

Overall, this is a very positive piece on Sun's Identity Manager 7.1.
Sun Java System Identity Manager

Monday Nov 19, 2007

Sun's Busy Week

This ServerWatch article spotlights Sun’s busy week from new high performance computing offerings to new Netras to unveiling xVM inking deals with Dell. The piece notes, “At Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz officially unveiled Sun xVM, its new virtualization technology. If that weren't big enough news, the even bigger news to come out of the show was the OEM deal Sun inked with Dell to distribute and support Sun's Solaris OS on Dell PowerEdge servers.”

Sunday Aug 05, 2007

How to find anything in LDAP (...from Links Business Group)

This post on Identity Access Management describes the way various vendors, including Sun, rely on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) as a storage mechanism for identity information. The review kicks off by highlighting Sun Java System Directory Server as "one of the most widely deployed, LDAP-based directory servers." It goes on to say that "one of the most useful features that LDAP directory of Sun's IdM system offers is its yellow pages, or search service" which "provides several methods for searching the directory, covering different aspects of searching, including Basic Search, Search Filters and Context Search Methods."

Sunday Mar 04, 2007

"Hot Pick" from Information Security Magazine -- Identity Manager 7.0

Today, Information Security Magazine published a very positive review of the Sun Java System Identity Manager 7.0, ranking it a "Hot Pick." The review evaluates performance of the software from implementation through several configurations that tested role delegation, password synchronization, automated provisioning and compliance auditing.

The reviewer was very impressed the features including the easy installation, reporting functions and integration of SPML. He was particularly impressed with the policy and audit functions which he states is "where Identity Manager really shines."

Review conclusion: "Sun Java System Identity Manager excels with agentless connectors, scalability and amazing auditing."

Note: To access the review, you need to register but registration is free.
Information Security Hot Pick Award
About the "Hot Pick" award: Information Security editors award the “Hot Pick” for an information security product that offers a unique approach to a persistent security problem and addresses the problem with a realistic solution that can be implemented in everyday IT environments.




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