Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

Industry Accolades for JavaFX,

Our JavaFX was included at number 5 in the Top 10 Application Development Products for 2008 by eWEEK. The slideshow notes, "JavaFX is Sun Microsystems' entry into the RIA (rich Internet application) platform space. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz called JavaFX "one of the most important technologies to come out of Sun.""
In other news, our 3.0 topped CRN's list of "The 10 Coolest Open Source Products Of 2008."  The editor noted that it is "more clear than ever that 3.0's functionality and compatibility with Microsoft Office (including OpenOffice Impress, which is PowerPoint compatible) make it a force to be reckoned with."
Congratulations to the teams!!! Great way to start a new year!!! :-)

Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

Awards, awards, and... MORE awards!!!

Recently the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 server was given an eWEEK Excellence Award in the Infrastructure Hardware category.

In this prestigious eighth annual compeition, the judges placed utmost importance on a number of criteria including innovation, cost effectiveness, potential for helping companies create business efficiencies and develop competitive advantage to determine the winner.

On why Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 server beat out the competition, the eWEEK award committee noted, "The T5120 leverages Sun's work in server manageability and reliability to earn our top marks as a server platform that will support computing workloads for years to come, without forcing IT pros to compromise on performance. ... Speaking of future-proofing, Sun equipped the T5120 with 10 Gigabit Ethernet network cards, to ensure that high-capacity workloads don't slow down in the data center infrastructure."
eWEEK Excellence Award Winners

Third Annual ServerWatch Product Excellence Awards
Sun products were all across the board in the Third Annual ServerWatch Product Excellence Awards.

The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 server was the mid-range server category winner.

Sun's Eco Initiative for products/services took the second place (only behind Green Grid, a consortium of which Sun is a key member).

Sun xVM was in a dead-heat second place finish with Citrix behind only VMWare for the virtualization category.

And Sun MySQL was mentioned as a key component in the small biz server category.

To round up the award news, The SD Times 100 awards for 2008 were announced and Sun had a mention in several categories, including Application Servers, Embedded, IDEs and Influencers. In addition, JRuby was mentioned in the Tools section and MySQL was highlighted in the Database category.
SD Times 100, 2008 Award

Wednesday Jan 23, 2008

Sun ODF Plugin 1.1 for Microsoft Office Released

This is old news, but I was on vacation and didn't notice it till today...

Sun ODF Plugin 1.1 for Microsoft Office is now available. And it is working fine with Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 1. (That's a highlight, huh?)

Well, it was not working with Microsoft Office 2007 before, and folks were complaining. As Microsoft's Brian Jones explains, there was a bug in the Microsoft Office 2007 that prevented the translator from Sun to work. It has been fixed in the Office 2007 Service Pack 1, and Malte is vouching that everything in the Sun ODF Plugin land is running fine without a glitch.
Open Document Format

Thursday Jun 21, 2007

very positive review in eWEEK

In a positive eWEEK review of 2.2 titled, "OpenOffice Sports All-Around Improvements," Tiffany Maleshefski says the latest version has across-the-board improvements for all the productivity applications, and comments that the brightest aspects of 2.2 is the free price and the impressive broad platform support that it can run on. Download

In particular, she notes the improvements in Calc's matching of Microsoft's Excel pivot table feature and Writer's better overall appearance of fonts as well as PDF export functions. Lab testing was conducted on various systems, including Windows XP, Mac OS X Tiger, and Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, and performed similarly on all systems.

She says, "IT managers looking for alternatives to Microsoft Office — particularly those unwilling to make the leap to Office 2007 — will find 2.2 well worth evaluating because, as the suite offers a good solution for cutting software costs while expanding platform options and minimizing compatibility issues." She also notes that it is not realistic to expect 100 percent compatibility between and Microsoft Office if you must deal back and forth with complex documents.

Overall, this is a very positive review for! :-)

Tuesday Jun 12, 2007

ZFS wins eWEEK Excellence Award

Good news continue to roll for ZFS. After the great InfoWorld review last week, this week ZFS has won the eWEEK Excellence Award in the E-Business Foundations category.


Wednesday May 16, 2007

ZFS and Sun Ray 2 are finalists for eWEEK Excellence Awards

eWeek names Sun’s Solaris ZFS and Sun Ray 2 finalists in its annual Excellence Awards program.  Solaris ZFS is a finalist in the e-Business Foundations category while the Sun Ray 2 is currently a finalist in the Mobile & Desktop Hardware category.  The winners are set to be announced June 11.




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