Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

Sun Fire X2270 Server Review in IT Pro

Sun Fire X2270 Server

IT Pro's Dave Mitchell reviewed the Sun Fire X2270, the new Intel Xeon 5500 processor based server, giving it a four out of six star rating and noting Sun's support for the processor ahead of HP and IBM. Dave said, "Sun's new 1U rack server delivers a good specification for the price, which includes Intel's latest Xeon 5500 processors and a good helping of DDR3 memory."

Dave noted that the "X2270 targets a wide range of applications and projects such as HPC and web services," as well as "some other interesting storage possibilities for this server as the embedded ICH10R controller provides six SATA channels."

The secure web interface and remote server management were highlighted as positive features in the review, with Dave saying the interface was "easy to use and opens with a status report on all critical components and their status," and the remote management was called "up with the best as the X2270 comes with Sun's embedded ILOM (integrated lights out management)."

In conclusion, Dave's review was positive for overall value and it highlighted X2270 as a strong product offering ahead of HP and IBM.

Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Now Available: Sun's Open Network Systems Powered by Nehalem

Today we announced the latest Open Network Systems from Sun.

John's perspective:

"Today's IT customer is looking for three things - speed, simplicity and savings. With Sun's Open Network Systems approach, we're integrating our networking advancements, our system expertise, and our core IP and innovative designs to transform commodity components into entirely new platforms with breakthrough application performance, efficiency and scale," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems. "Our new x64 systems with breakthrough networking technologies, advanced thermal management, open software stacks and Open Storage enhancements will give the datacenter an extreme makeover, revealing new efficiencies and maximizing IT investment."

Dimitrios Dovas, Director of Product Management, x64 Volume Systems, joined me to talk about Sun's latest Open Network Systems products powered by Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series (aka Nehalem). Listen to the short segment below for the highlights.

Sun Fire X4170 Server

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

InformationWeek ReviewCam: Sun Cloud's Drag, Drop & Deploy Virtual Datacenter Designer

David Berlind of InformationWeek sat down with Sun's Cloud Computing CTO Lew Tucker at our CommunityOne East Developer Conference for a demonstration of Sun Cloud, specifically the Virtual Data Center (VDC) design and deployment tool.

David was impressed. He notes, "... You start picking up servers, switches, firewalls, etc., and you just drop them into the cloud... Perhaps Sun should call it 4D; Drag, Drop, Deploy, and (voila!) Datacenter (in Sun's Cloud that is)."

Check out David's 7 minute video of the Sun Cloud VDC for a full glimpse to the tool.
Sun Cloud

Friday Oct 03, 2008

Computerworld praises Sun Fire X4150 server's flexibility for data center buyers

In a second review of the Sun Fire X4150 Server, MC Brown discusses its "sweet spot" for current buyers.

MC traces how purchases evolved from small add-on servers, to massive server infrastructure, and now to efficient uses of hardware through consolidation. With this in mind, MC said, "Whether the X4150 hits the sweet spot depends on your point of view, but I'm finding it really hard not to justify a machine with this flexibility to anybody who wants a decent machine."

Regarding specific features, MC complimented the X4150 by saying, "At 1U high you could fit a lot of computing power into a cabinet. With two quad-core Xeons there's plenty of CPU power, and 64GB of RAM gives you plenty of memory to play with. The 8 SAS drives are also enough for you to have a system disk, and a 5 or 6 disk RAID configuration of your choice with one or two hot spares."

MC noted that with this "wealth of potential" in options, he tried several different configurations, but his favorite was using the X4150 as a consolidation box.

Overall, MC concluded that the X4150 provides a high level of flexibility, specifically noting, "flexibility like that in the modern datacenter is a must." Using the server's variety of options, "you can choose a variety of configurations to suit your needs, and if you decide to change your mind, you can do so without changing your hardware, just redeploy it."
Sun Fire X4150 Server

Wednesday Apr 23, 2008

Sun win's InfoWorld's “Green 15” award

Sun is named one of InfoWorld's top "Green 15" companies in the publication's first annual competition. The article praises Sun for its dedication to innovation with respect to power capacity and energy efficiency. 

According to the article, "Thanks to a massive datacenter consolidation, hardware refresh, and creative, energy-efficient facility design, Sun has reduced power capacity demand by 75 percent at its Santa Clara, Calif., datacenter alone, saving $1.1 million per year in energy costs, while increasing its datacenter processing power more than four times.  Overall, Sun estimates that its consolidation efforts will save 4,100 tons of CO2 per year and cut 1 percent from its total carbon footprint."
InfoWorld 2008 Green 15 Award

Thursday Apr 03, 2008

Project Blackbox strikes again!

Last week, the Sun Modular Datacenter S20, aka Project Blackbox, made a stop in Washington DC (it was housed in the South Parking Lot of the Pentagon!).

This week, the results are in from this year's Government Computer News (GCN) Best of FOSE awards -- the annual competition designating the best new products showcased at the annual FOSE Conference and Exposition, being held this week in Washington.

And our Project Blackbox is a WINNER. YEAY!!! :-)
Project Blackbox wins Best of FOSE Award

Monday Mar 24, 2008

Great Honeycomb Review in InfoWorld Today

Mario Apicella's InfoWorld review of the Sun StorageTek 5800 posted today, and we did extremely well, scoring a 9.3 out of 10, or "Excellent" rating.

Mario highlighted many of the ST5800's features, including its ability to quickly and automatically replace a failed master node with another node; its simplified administrative interface; and its storage management software commands that "are both intuitive and very powerful."

Mario goes on to say, "How Honeycomb stores objects is one of the secrets to its reliability and persistence ... Having objects spread across multiple nodes and spindles also favors fast performance and quick rebuilds after failure."

He included all performance tests he ran on the ST5800, including one where he abruptly pulled drives, shut down two nodes and killed one of the switches to trigger fail-over to the standby unit -- "In every case, the ST5800 kept on ticking and returned quickly to normal status when the failure was removed."

In an attempt to "stir the honeypot" and push the ST5800 to its limits, Mario also powered down two nodes and then pulled out another drive (understanding that, if the ST5800 lost 8 of its 64 drives, the system would go into quiescent mode). He was very much impressed that the machine came back online almost immediately after he restored the drive.

In conclusion, Mario states that the ST5800's "good performance, easy management and incredibly resilient architecture make it a very attractive archiving solution at a price that, although significant, will challenge many competitors."




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