Thursday Apr 03, 2008

Project Blackbox strikes again!

Last week, the Sun Modular Datacenter S20, aka Project Blackbox, made a stop in Washington DC (it was housed in the South Parking Lot of the Pentagon!).

This week, the results are in from this year's Government Computer News (GCN) Best of FOSE awards -- the annual competition designating the best new products showcased at the annual FOSE Conference and Exposition, being held this week in Washington.

And our Project Blackbox is a WINNER. YEAY!!! :-)
Project Blackbox wins Best of FOSE Award

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

Customers line up for data center in a shipping container

Today we announced new customers for Sun Modular Datacenter S20, widely known as Project Blackbox. These new implementations for Hansen Transmissions, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (UMCN), Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS) and a second unit at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) highlight the global demand for Project Blackbox -- a virtualized, modular datacenter housed in an enhanced 20-foot shipping container.

"We have found that it has broad applicability," notes Sun VP for Integrated Platforms Darlene Yaplee. "We have seen different examples of customers using the data center in different ways. It's not just one segment. What we are hearing from our customers is that many of them are growing out of their current data center space and they are looking for a high density solution that is eco-efficient."

Need one? Contact Sun. ;-)
Project Blackbox

Wednesday Mar 14, 2007

Project Blackbox visits Boston

Project Blackbox truck made a stop to the Boston area this week. Finally I got to tour the data center in the box. It is really awesome!!!

Some pictures I took while hanging around with Dave Douglas, VP of eco-responsibility, and the press and analysts who came over to see this wonder on the truck.

Blackbox presentation by Dave Douglas
Dave Douglas presenting the Project Blackbox
overview to the press and analysts.

Dave Douglas giving the blackbox tour to press and analysts
Dave, the Project Blackbox tour guide.
The blackbox truck
Project Blackbox -- on the truck.
Press and analysts listening to Doug -- Sun Burlington Campus in the background
Press and analysts listen attentively (Sun
Burlington campus in the background).

Friday Feb 23, 2007

Project Blackbox: A "crackpot" idea

In this week's issue of InfoWorld, there is a feature story on 12 "crackpot" ideas that could potentially transform the enterprise. According to InfoWorld, "These technologies straddle the divide between harebrained and brilliant as they promise to shake the pillars of tomorrow's enterprise."

InfoWorld has found our Project Blackbox as one of these brilliant ideas. Here is what Martin Heller has to say:

Project Blackbox

"A portable datacenter may seem like pie in the sky, but in fact, Sun Microsystems has already constructed it. Whether Project Blackbox, which Sun calls the first virtualized datacenter, catches on remains to be seen, but for some, the concept is compelling.

Take a 20-foot shipping container; provide it with integrated cooling, networking, and power distribution; add external hookups for hot and cold water, 208-volt three-phase AC power, and Ethernet networking; integrate sensors, alarms, and GPS; fill its eight 19-inch shock-tolerant racks with servers -- either 120 Sun Fire T2000 servers or 250 Sun Fire T1000 systems -- and you've got one or two thousand processor cores, 7TB of memory, and more than 2PB of storage. Connect them all as a grid, for simplicity.

According to Sun, this configuration can support 10,000 simultaneous desktops without requiring an administrator, and it can be located almost anywhere: on a rooftop, in a parking garage, in a secure warehouse. It can be delivered rapidly, even to theaters of operation or catastrophe areas. What's more, Sun claims that a Project Blackbox datacenter is a tenth the price of a standard datacenter and that it can be turned on and configured in a day.

So if you find yourself unable to build or power or cool a datacenter fast enough to keep up with your enterprise's growth, or you're in need of a server farm on the go or at a hard-to-reach outpost such as an oil rig, you may find yourself in the market for this deliverable soon."




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