Tuesday Oct 06, 2009

Spanish Postal Service Reduces TCO for Email Storage Platform by 40% with Sun Solution

Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, S.A., also known as Correos, has been providing postal services across Spain for more than 300 years. However, because of the recent steady decline in traditional postal services usage, Correos realized it needed to create a business proposition that would appeal to citizens and businesses alike. Correos ultimately found a way to add value to Internet-based communications and began working to create a highly secure e-mail service that includes data encryption and time stamps, so users could receive certification that a message had arrived at its destination.
Sun Customer Correos
(Image courtesy: Correos)
Correos needed to provide up to 140,000 mailboxes for citizens and businesses to send e-mail and attachments to government offices. The technology behind the new “Electronic Post Box” service Apartado Postal Electrónico (APE), had to be reliable and scalable enough to handle new offerings in addition to being expertly managed to maximize performance. Correos looked at several IT solution providers but ultimately selected Sun because it was able to guarantee the reliability of the e-mail service.

With the support of Sun Professional Services, Correos developed and implemented a fully redundant data storage and backup platform. A Sun Fire T2000 and a Sun Fire T1000 server, both featuring UltraSPARC T1 processor technology and running the Solaris 10 Operating System, work as load balancers on the front end. Sun Fire V490 and Sun Fire V890 servers, running backup software, sit at the back end of the platform. Two Sun StorageTek 6540 arrays store e-mail data, which is archived onto a Sun StorageTek SL500 modular library system. Finally, to maximize availability, Sun Professional Services deployed Solaris Cluster software to protect the integrity of the application data and services across the cluster's nodes.

Today, APE is delivering a secure and reliable e-mail service to citizens, companies, and government offices throughout Spain. With the Sun-based storage infrastructure, Correos is providing 5 MB worth of storage for its 140,000 mailboxes. Correos also has peace of mind knowing that the infrastructure is protected by a Sun Spectrum Platinum support plan and storage and backup systems are being well maintained by Sun Remote Operations Management. José Marcelino Pérez, e-business manager at Correos says: “APE and Sun technology are helping Correos meet the challenges of a transition from paper correspondence to Internet-based communication.”

Check out the complete details here.

Wednesday May 20, 2009

Open Archive Solution ... and ... Energy Star Ratings for Servers

I recently did two Sun News Radio segments...

In the first one, David Simmons, Director of Sun's mid-market business, discussed the Open Archive Solution that leverages the power of Open Storage and provides a flexible, cost-effective archiving solution for mid-sized businesses.

In the second one, Subodh Bapat, Distinguished Engineer and Vice President of Sustainability Office at Sun, joined me to discuss EPA's announcement of Energy Star ratings for servers.

Check out these short segments below.

Sunday May 17, 2009

Sun News -- The Week in Review

Weekly Sun News recap from me and Maijaliisa is now available. Listen to the short segment below to get all the highlights.

Monday Apr 07, 2008

Customer of the week: Elektrofilm

The digital media company Elektrofilm chose Sun's SL3000 tape library to store its nearly 200 TB of archival data, with the capacity to grow to 750 TB.

According to Electrofilm's Jason Williamson, the amount of data in his environment makes storing it all on disk impractical. "The cost of tape media is about 30 cents per GB, while with a SAN, the total cost can add up to tens of dollars a gigabyte," he said.
Sun Customer -- Elektrofilm
(Image courtesy: ELEKTROFILM)

Sun's SAM-FS software helps Jason improve data access time on tape by keeping track of the data on each cartridge and automatically retrieving it from the tape library when it's needed. The combined solution works perfect for Electrofilm!

Get the full details from this SearchStorage.com article.




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