Tuesday Jan 27, 2009

Recent reviews from VirtualBox users

1. VirtualBox on Linux: my new workstation virtualization setup -- Dan Newcome's Weblog, 1/14
Dan Newcome had been a longtime user of VMware but recently switched to VirtualBox. He noted that after installing the software, VirtualBox did experience occasional crashes. However, Dan admitted that irrespective of sacrificing some CPU efficiency, his user experience had definitely improved compared to his VMware VMs.

2. Developer Toolbox: VirtualBox -- Thecrumb.com, 1/14
Jim Priest found VirtualBox while looking for an alternative to VMware. He highlighted some particularly novel features including simple installations, the availability of a host of easily downloadable images at the VirtualBox VDI Index, ease in sharing folders between the guest and host, and seamlessly running Windows inside the host OS. He concluded by saying, "If you haven't yet checked out VirtualBox I'd certainly recommend giving it a try."
Sun xVM VirtualBox
3. Virtualization: VirtualBox -- JJinuxLand, 1/14
Shannon Behrens had been using VMware Fusion for quite some time, but decided to give Sun's VirtualBox a try. He was surprised to notice that though the software seemed a bit rougher around the edges, it worked faster than VMware Fusion, and was free and mostly open source. After playing around with VirtualBox for a while, Shannon stated that it was "good stuff" and the fact that it was available for free made it all the more appealing.

4. Windows 7 on the Mac Under VirtualBox -- Hawkinsdale.com, 1/13
Hawkins Dale discussed VirtualBox - Sun's free, open-source virtualization tool, noting, "I had some adventures, mostly stupid, getting it installed. But now it's working and mostly correctly with some issues." On installing VirtualBox, Hawkins noted that the playback was smooth, even when Windows was performing other things in the background. However, he had difficulties with the sound card but later he found two solutions which enabled him to fix these issues.

Another Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) / Sun Ray Review in TechTarget

Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software

In a follow up to last month's virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) review, Rick Vanover of TechTarget further examined planning a VDI implementation.

Rick outlined the main components in a VDI solution and stated, "the Sun Ray series of devices are among the more refined products in the space." Further, he noted, "for administrators who prefer to use an ESX hypervisor for their VDI, the Sun Ray server software can fill this void."

Rick explains the VDI architecture and planning involved, also noting a Sun blog that walks through the setup.

Overall he is quite pleased with Sun's solution, concluding, "setting up a Sun Ray server software installation is not overwhelming. In fact, Sun makes it quite easy by working to simplify the process and break down the steps for administrators considering Sun Ray software."




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