Thursday Jan 07, 2010

InfoWorld on VirtualBox: "Our advice to VMware (and Microsoft): Be afraid. Be very afraid."

VirtualBox 3.1 wins 2010 Technology of the Year Award from InfoWorld. The Test Center reviewers at InfoWorld credited VirtualBox as a "disruptive product" that sneaked up on an established category and shook up the apple cart. The judges were impressed with VirtualBox's unrivaled features like 32-way virtual SMP support and "teleport" -- capability to dynamically move running VMs between VirtualBox host systems. Check out the original review here for details.

InfoWorld concluded, "[VirtualBox] is a huge development for Sun Microsystems, one that places it on a collision course with heavyweights VMware and Microsoft in the virtualized datacenter. But the most remarkable aspect of this story is how quickly the company has brought this virtualization platform along. In a little over a year, Sun has turned this relatively unknown fledgling from an obscure German software developer (Innotek) into a potent threat."
Sun VirtualBox -- InfoWorld's 2010 Technology of the Year
InfoWorld's final take: "Our advice to VMware (and Microsoft): Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Congratulations to the Sun VirtualBox team!

Sunday May 03, 2009

OpenOffice wins Linux Magazine's 2009 Readers' Choice Award

Linux Journal has announced that has won their 2009 Readers' Choice Award for "Favorite Office Program."

Over 6,000 readers voted in this year's competition and OpenOffice won its category by more than a landslide. ;-)
The editors noted, ", bolstered no doubt by its recent 3.0 release, retains its crown as your Favorite Office Program with the same share of your vote as last year, 85%."

Congratulations, well deserved!!!

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

Sun -- A Global Green 100 Company

Today we are named to the Uptime Institute's Global Green 100 list.
From the Uptime Institute:

"Sun's effective leadership in 'greening' its own enterprise demonstrated an outstanding commitment to energy efficiency for the betterment of its own business performance and the eco-sustainability of our planet," said Ken Brill, executive director of the Uptime Institute. "The Uptime Institute is proud to recognize Sun with this distinguished achievement."

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

Sun Ranks High in Fortune's List of World's Most Admired Companies

Yesterday Fortune posted its listing of "World's Most Admired" companies. And the great news is that Sun moved up a notch from #6 to #5 in the Computers category. 

We saw progress in key areas, most notably:

- Two position jumps in both global competitiveness (#4) and use of corporate assets (#4)

- Three position jump in long term investment (#5)

- One position jump in quality of products/services (#5) and social responsibility (#3)

Fortune's World's Most Admired Companies

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

MySQL wins Database of the Year 2008 award!!!

MySQL has been selected as the Database of the Year in the 2008 Members Choice Awards. MySQL got 58.10% of the total votes cast!!!

Congratulations, MySQL team!

MySQL Wins Award

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

Sun Storage 6580 and 6780 Arrays named Network World's best products of the week

Sun Microsystems' Sun Storage 6580 and 6780 Arrays are highlighted as Network World's "Products of the Week" for the current week.

The slideshow notes, "Two new high-performance disk storage arrays from Sun are designed to help customers consolidate workloads and provide storage for a range of server architectures. The 6580 scales up to 256TB and the 6780 scales up to 448TB."

Sun's Nancy Hart said customers are taking advantage of Sun's upgrade and trade-in programs to maximize their investments in legacy hardware. "The trying economic times are weighing on our customers and they're thinking about alternative buying options," said Hart, who indicated the newly launched Sun Storage 6780 disk array is capable of reusing capacity already on the data center floor. "Given the budget pressures, doing more with less is imperative," she said. "Customers can use the 6780 to repurpose their existing investments for an administrative fee of a couple hundred dollars."
Network World's "Products of the Week"

(Image Courtesy: Network World)

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Sun SMB Virtualization Offering named one of Network World's best products of the week

Sun's new virtualization products aimed at small and mid-sized businesses are one of the Network World's "Products of the Week" for the current week.

On Slide 5, Network World notes that these new offerings combine Sun's storage and servers with hypervisor software from either VMware or Microsoft embedded in the systems. The VMware ESX configurations include Sun Fire X4150, X4250 or X4450 servers with the Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage system. The Microsoft Hyper-V configuration includes the Sun Fire X4250 server and Sun Storage J4200 system.
Network World's "Products of the Week"

(Image Courtesy: Network World)

Thursday Jan 22, 2009

Sun receives recognition from and The VAR Guy

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server received SearchDataCenter's Bronze award for 2008 server product of the year. The article notes that the T5440 server packs enough memory and CPU power to deliver up to four times higher performance per watt at about one-fifth of competitive servers, which is part of the reason the judges gave it the Bronze award for 2008 server product of the year.

One T5440 user, a massive, European-based Web hosting company called Strato, reported, "After testing the new quad-socket Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server, we discovered that only one T5440 is sufficient to handle the whole load and can replace 10 of our existing Sun Fire T2000 servers."

In other news, The VAR Guy looked at the top open source companies disrupting and redefining the IT channel. Their "Open Source 50" list was released recently, with Sun being ranked #2 overall. We received many recognitions from The VAR Guy: Best of the Best (Sun ranked #2 of 25), Percentage of Revenue From Partners (Sun ranked #8 of 24), Company Size Based On Employees (Sun ranked #1 of 24), Partner Ecosystem (Sun noted in comments as not providing exact figures).
SearchDataCenter Award

Monday Jan 19, 2009

Sun sweeps 2009 Product of the Year awards

This year Sun has won 6 out of the 12 categories in's 2009 Product of the Year awards.

MySQL workbench won the Database Tool categoty, rest was NetBeans all the way!!!

NetBeans Platform is the best Development Tool, NetBeans Profiler is the best Development Utility, NetBeans IDE is the best Java Tool, NetBeans Mobility Pack for Connected Device Configuration (CDC) 5.5 is the winner in Wireless/Mobile category and NetBeans is the best Open Source software for developers. 2009 Product of the Year
The award article noted, "It is worth noting that in the past Sun has been able to dominate many categories, but it took multiple products to achieve that distinction. This year one product, NetBeans, dominated the categories by winning five out of twelve."


Saturday Jan 17, 2009

Sun Named as Leader in Burton Provisioning Market RoundUp

The Burton group has just released their latest report on the enterprise user provisioning market, and Sun is named as a leading vendor in this segment.

You can find the research paper online and Paul Walker's take on this from here.

Friday Jan 16, 2009

Sun wins TWO InfoWorld 2009 Technology of the Year Awards

InfoWorld has posted their annual Technology of The Year awards. We have been declared winners in TWO categories.

Sun Fire X4150 server has been selected as the "Best 1U Server." Author Doug Dineley noted that the server provided great performance for its price, "stuffing 2U of capabilities into the thinner form factor."

Sun StorageTek 5800 (aka Honeycomb) took home the honors of "Best Fixed Content Storage Archiving Solution." It earned the honor because it's "a storage solution that's harder to kill than Steven Seagal."
InfoWorld 2009 Technology of the Year Award
The original InfoWorld review of X4150 is here and that of Honeycomb is here.

CONGRATULATIONS to the teams!!!

Thursday Jan 15, 2009

PC Magazine's Best Free Software of 2009 -- 3.0 was included in PC Magazine's Best of Free Software 2009 report issued recently. It is also one of the 13 software applications to be listed among this year's Hall of Fame applications.

The article also links to a positive review of from the October 08 issue of PC Magazine, where it scored a 3.5/5 from editors and a 4/5 from readers.
The entry from PC Magazine is below.

140. OpenOffice [HALL OF FAME]
Windows | Mac OS | Linux | Solaris

Version 3 of the freebie office suite ups the ante against Microsoft's hegemony, becoming fast and polished enough to warrant serious consideration by all, especially small businesses. It looks like MS Office 2003 (for those not in love with the Ribbon interface in Office 2007) and has all the tools -- except e-mail -- you'll ever need.

Read our Review of 3.0.

Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

Industry Accolades for JavaFX,

Our JavaFX was included at number 5 in the Top 10 Application Development Products for 2008 by eWEEK. The slideshow notes, "JavaFX is Sun Microsystems' entry into the RIA (rich Internet application) platform space. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz called JavaFX "one of the most important technologies to come out of Sun.""
In other news, our 3.0 topped CRN's list of "The 10 Coolest Open Source Products Of 2008."  The editor noted that it is "more clear than ever that 3.0's functionality and compatibility with Microsoft Office (including OpenOffice Impress, which is PowerPoint compatible) make it a force to be reckoned with."
Congratulations to the teams!!! Great way to start a new year!!! :-)

Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

M3000 server named one of Network World's 10 best products of the week

Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 was named one of Network World's 10 best products of the week.

Network World said of the M3000, "A new addition to the SPARC processor-based product line, this server offers "mainframe-class reliability" in a single CPU 2RU form factor, according to Sun. With an efficient design that saves space and energy, the server is "ideal for single-threaded back-office applications."
Network World Products of the Week
(Image Courtesy: Network World)

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008 wins three SourceForge.Net Community Choice Awards
2008 Community Choice Awards takes home awards in the categories of Best Project, Best Project for the Enterprise and Best Project for Educators in this year's Community Choice Awards.

Finalists for these awards were chosen by the community, based on the top ten nominated projects in each of 12 categories. 

The Best Project award is the granddaddy of all awards, awarded to the to the project with the best technical design, most helpful community, and most powerful product.

The Best Project for the Enterprise award recognized that product which solves the problems that keep you from providing superior value to your customers or users. 

Lastly, the Best Project for Educators award is presented to the project that makes it easier to educate and share knowledge together.





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