Thursday Jun 27, 2013

Certify May Updates

We have added some release and platform certifications to MOS Certify

Database: Oracle Database, Oracle Fail Safe Server 4.1.0

Fusion Middleware: Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

E-Business Suite: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.2

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Database Server for In-Memory Applications X9.1.3.0, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business Services Server

JD Edwards World: JD Edwards World Base product A9.3-Single Byte


Thursday May 09, 2013

Learn more about Fusion Middleware Certifications

Review Doc ID 1368736.1 (My Oracle Support Certification Tool for Oracle Fusion Middleware Products).

The Middleware Certification Community is available for Oracle customers seeking answers to their Middleware product certification questions. The Community has answers to many FMW FAQs, and has skilled Oracle Support Engineers who respond to new questions. 

There is also a BI Certification Community and an EPM Certification Community which offer the same service.

Tuesday Apr 09, 2013

Certify March Updates

We have added some release and platform certifications to MOS Certify

Applications: Oracle Demantra Demand Management

CommunicationsGBU: Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control

Database: Oracle Real Application Clusters,, Operating System Dependent Interface for z/OS,, Oracle Database Client,, Oracle Access Manager for CICS,, Oracle Access Manager for IMS/TM,, Oracle Clusterware,,, Oracle Database Client,

Edge Applications: Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process

FSGBU Insurance Group:  Oracle Insurance Direct Transactions for Health

Fusion Middleware: Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, Oracle BI Add-In for Microsoft Office, Oracle BI Administration Tool, Oracle BI Answers,  Oracle BI Catalog Manager, Oracle BI Composer, Oracle BI Delivers, Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards, Oracle BI Presentation Services, Oracle BI Scorecard and Strategy Management, Oracle BI Search, Oracle BI Server, Oracle BI Server and Admin, Oracle BIP Desktop Tools, Oracle BIP Enterprise, Oracle BIP Scheduler,Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, Oracle Data Integrator Agent, Oracle Data Integrator Studio, Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On, Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Navigator, Oracle Real-Time Decision Administration (JMX), Oracle Real-Time Decision Center, Oracle Real-Time Decision Load Generator, Oracle Real-Time Decision Server, Oracle Real-Time Decision Studio, Oracle Real-Time Decisions, Oracle Security Token Service, Oracle Segmentation Server, Oracle WebCenter Content: Imaging, Oracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery Server, Oracle WebCenter Content: Rights, Oracle WebCenter Universal Content Management, Oracle WebLogic Server,

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne:  JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business Services Server, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Client, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne HTML Server, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Transaction Server

Siebel Enterprise: Siebel Application Server,, Siebel CRM Desktop for Lotus Notes 3.1, Siebel CRM Desktop for Microsoft Outlook 3.7, Siebel Database Server,, Siebel HI Client,, Siebel Outlook Add-in,,,,,, Siebel Server Sync for Microsoft Exchange Server,, Siebel Smart Answer,, Siebel Tools,,,,,, Siebel Web Server,


Thursday Apr 04, 2013

Certify February Updates

We have added some releases and platform certifications to MOS Certify 

Communications GBU: Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management

Database: Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Database, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

E-Business Suite: Oracle E-Business Suite, 12.0.6, 12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.1.3

FSGBU Insurance Group: Oracle Insurance Claims Management for Health

Fusion Middleware: EDQP Java Web Start Clients, EDQP Services for Excel, Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Access Manager Web Gates, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, Oracle Entitlements Server, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle GoldenGate Adapters for Java and Flat File, Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Security Token Service

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne : Business Services Server, Client, Client, Database Server, Database Server, Deployment Server, Deployment Server, Enterprise Server, Enterprise Server, HTML Server, HTML Server, Mobile, Mobile, View Reporting, View Reporting, Portal, Portal, RIAF, RIAF9.1.2.0, Server Manager, Server Manager, Tools, Tools, Transaction Server, Transaction Server, Business Services Server

PeopleSoft: PeopleSoft PeopleTools, 8.5, 8.51, 8.52

Siebel: Database Server:, Database Server, Web Server, Application Server, Application Server

Systems – Solaris: Solaris Cluster 4.1.0

Tax and Utilities GBU: Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management,,

Tuesday Jan 29, 2013

Sun System certifications now available in MOS

For many years, information about hardware systems which are certified and supported with the Oracle Solaris OS has been listed on the Hardware Compatibility List.
Information on Oracle's Sun systems is now available to customers who have access to the MOS (My Oracle Support) portal, where it forms part of the complete set of Oracle certifications. Having a single source for all this information will make it much easier for customers to answer their questions about supported hardware and software configurations.

See screenshot below to search for systems certified with Oracle Solaris 11 on My Oracle Support

Search results as displayed on My Oracle Support

Oracle will continue to list both Oracle and non-Oracle systems on the Hardware Compatibility List.

Friday Nov 30, 2012

Certify November Updates

We have added some releases and platform certifications to MOS Certify 

-Health Sciences GBU: Oracle Healthcare Operating Room Analytics 1.0.1

-Oracle Fusion Middleware: Oracle Forms

Thursday Nov 29, 2012

New MOS note regarding Oracle Fusion Middleware certifications

To get started with the My Oracle Support Certification Tool for newer Oracle Fusion Middleware releases, see Doc ID 1368736.1 .

This includes Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.4+, and many popular certifications for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Beginning with FMW and other FMW 11g R2 (11.1.2) releases (e.g., Forms & Reports, Identity Access Management) there is a concerted effort to load all FMW certifications into the MOS Certification tool.

To help you find certification information for older Oracle Fusion Middleware releases, see Doc ID 431578.1 .



Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

Certify October Updates

We have added some releases and platform certifications to MOS Certify 

-Database: Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters

-Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3

-FMW: Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System (Hyperion)

-Health Sciences GBU: Adverse Event Reporting System 4.7.0 and Oracle Clinical 4.6.6


Monday Dec 19, 2011

WLS (Web Logic Server) 12c now included in Certify

Most common WLS 12c ( certifications are now (as of 12/16/11) integrated in MOS Certify based on  WLS 12c Certification matrix . MOS Certify is a self-service certification application which provides a structured display of the certification data.  OTN Certification Central Hub includes complete and maintained FMW certification matrices, whereas MOS Certify now includes most common FMW and WLS 12 certification as highlighted in the scope below. 

As a reminder, for FMW MOS Certify and OTN Certification Central Hub will co-exist and both can be used to look up FMW certification; full FMW certifications in OTN and most common certification in MOS.  We are in the process of integrating more FMW certifications into Certify.

What is included?

Systems, Clients, IPv6 and SSO-based ID and Access are all in Certify. Id & Access for LDAP, additional DB support and other items are planed for later. One exception: 32-bit system support is being reviewed. See the WLS 12c Certification matrix for more details.

Showing how certify will return results for a WLS search

Thursday Jul 21, 2011

Enterprise Manager now live in Certify!

Yeah. ;-> Not only can you search the last few releases of EM for it's certifications (and yes they are working on the older releases as well), the training video for certify even shows you demos of finding certs for EM. We think it is pretty easy to find now, but we wanted to show off some of the content we added to make it easier with complex certifications like EM.

Introduction Video for Certify

Try these searches to get started:   EM or EM

Certification Search in My Oracle Support is Changing...

We have heard a lot of complaints concerning Certifications in My Oracle Support. Maybe they were from you? And sure enough it wasn't going to be a simple fix. If you are someone who relies on the certify search engine, we want to hear from you!  We would like to get your feedback on improvements we are making and incorporate that feedback into our process. Drop us your name and comment!

These are videos for the current release! Check it out.
We will provide more details in this Blog concerning what products are available in the new Certify search. Let us know how you use the current search and check out the videos to see if it works better for you!

We presented this at OpenWorld, if you didn't make it check out the videos below.

Learning Videos
These are short videos to make sure you get the most out of the new certify search!

Introduction to the new Certify Search
This 4 minute video is of a live demo - no PowerPoint slides! We are rebuilding Certify to make it MUCH easier to find and understand certifications. This video is available PRIOR to shipping this feature, to encourage some discourse and feedback. Let us know your comments!
(Version Subtitled in Japanese - 日本語の字幕付きバージョン)

Certifications Searching - Advanced Training
This 6 minute video is a live demo - no PowerPoint slides! Although there is not much to talk about in advanced training, we think some tips and tricks might be helpful, so here they are. Again this feature is not yet available, but we want to get customers some time to provide feedback to help in the process.

Here is the where you can see more of the short learning videos

Tips and Tricks

We keep a page for advanced tips and tricks. Just in case you don't like to watch short videos.
Check out the tips and tricks.

Thursday Feb 10, 2011

Certifications in the new Certify

The most up-to-date certifications are now available in Certify - New Additions Oct 2011! What's not yet available can still be found in Classic Certify. We think that the new search will save you a ton of time and energy, so try it out and let us know. NOTE: Not all cert information is in the new system. If you type in a product name and do not find it, send us feedback so we can find the team to add it!.
Also, we have been listening to every feedback message coming in. We have plans to make some improvements based on your feedback AND add the missing data. Thanks for your help!
Japanese 日本語
Note: The most common Oracle Fusion Middleware certifications are available via Certify! The old link on is still available: Fusion Middleware Certifications.
Certifications viewable in the new Certify Search

  • Fusion Middleware
    • SOA Suite, WebCenter Suite, Web Tier, WLS,  Forms, Reports, Portal, Discoverer, ADF Runtime, IdM (OID, OVD, OIF, ODSM. OAS4OS
      • FMW Releases:,
      • Platforms, Oracle DBs, JDK-Oracle with Hotspot and JRockit, HP JDK,  and IBM JDK, Interoperability with OAM, WLS, JDEV and Browsers
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database Options
  • Oracle Database Clients (they apply to both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Beehive
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite
  • Oracle E-Business Suite, Now with Release 11i & 12!
  • Oracle Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Oracle Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management
  • Oracle Financial Services
  • Oracle Healthcare
  • Oracle Life Sciences
  • Oracle Enterprise Taxation Management
  • Oracle Retail
  • Oracle Utilities
  • Oracle Cross Applications
  • Oracle Primavera
  • Oracle Agile
  • Oracle Transportation Management (G-L)
  • Oracle Value Chain Planning
  • Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (NEW! Jan 2011) 8.9+ and SP23+
  • Oracle JD Edwards World (A7.3, A8.1, A9.1, and A9.2)




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