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  • July 1, 2020

Certify June 2020 Updates

David Bussey
Senior Development Manager
Certification entries were added to MOS Certifications in June for the following products.


Oracle Application Express 19.2


Edge Applications
Oracle Demantra


Enterprise Manager
Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Agent
Enterprise Manager Base Platform - OMS,
Enterprise Manager for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database


FSGBU Insurance Group
Oracle Health Insurance Authorizations
Oracle Health Insurance Back Office
Oracle Health Insurance Claims Adjudication and Pricing
Oracle Health Insurance Enterprise Policy Administration and Commissions
Oracle Health Insurance Value-Based Payments


Fusion Middleware
Discoverer Administrator,
Discoverer Desktop,
EDQP Java Web Start Clients
Forms Builder,
Oracle Access Management
Oracle Access Management Access Portal Service,
Oracle Access Management Adaptive Authentication
Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social,,
Oracle Access Manager,,,,
Oracle Adaptive Access Manager,,,,
Oracle Application Development Framework,,,
Oracle Application Development Runtime,,
Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack,,
Oracle Authentication Services For OS,,
Oracle B2B,,,
Oracle BI Add-In for Microsoft Office,
Oracle BI Administration Tool,,,
Oracle BI Answers,
Oracle BI Catalog Manager,,,
Oracle BI Composer,
Oracle BI Delivers,
Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards,
Oracle BI Presentation Services,
Oracle BI Scorecard and Strategy Management,
Oracle BI Search,
Oracle BI Server,
Oracle BI Server and Admin,
Oracle BIP Desktop Tools,,,
Oracle BIP Enterprise,
Oracle BIP Scheduler,
Oracle BPEL Process Manager,,
Oracle Business Activity Monitoring,,
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition,,,
Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher,,
Oracle Business Process Analysis,
Oracle Business Process Management,,
Oracle Coherence,
Oracle Complex Event Processing
Oracle Data Integrator Agent,,,,,
Oracle Data Integrator Studio,
Oracle Data Service Integrator IDE
Oracle Data Service Integrator Server
Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition
Oracle Directory Services Manager,,
Oracle Discoverer
Oracle EDQP Oracle DataLens Server
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality,,,,,,,
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality - Java Web Start Apps
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Siebel Connector
Oracle Enterprise Repository,
Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite Plus,,,
Oracle Entitlements Server,,,
Oracle Event Processing
Oracle Forms,,,,,,,,
Oracle Fusion Middleware,,,
Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Infrastructure
Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Java Agent
Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Server
Oracle GoldenGate Studio
Oracle GoldenGate Veridata Java Agent
Oracle GoldenGate Veridata Server
Oracle HTTP Server,,,,,
Oracle Identity Connect
Oracle Identity Federation,,,,,,
Oracle Identity Manager,,,,
Oracle Identity Navigator,,,
Oracle Identity and Access Management,,,,
Oracle Internet Directory,,
Oracle Mediator,,
Oracle Mobile Security Suite
Oracle Portal
Oracle Privileged Account Manager,,,
Oracle Real-Time Decision Administration (JMX),
Oracle Real-Time Decision Center,
Oracle Real-Time Decision Load Generator,
Oracle Real-Time Decision Server,
Oracle Real-Time Decision Studio,
Oracle Real-Time Decisions,,
Oracle Reports,,,
Oracle SOA Suite,,
Oracle Security Token Service,,,,
Oracle Segmentation Server,,
Oracle Service Bus,,
Oracle Service Registry
Oracle Stream Analytics
Oracle TopLink
Oracle Traffic Director
Oracle Unified Directory,,,
Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
Oracle Virtual Directory,,
Oracle Web Cache,,
Oracle Web Tier,,
Oracle WebCenter Content,,
Oracle WebCenter Content Imaging,,
Oracle WebCenter Content Inbound Refinery Server,,
Oracle WebCenter Content Records,,
Oracle WebCenter Content Rights,,,
Oracle WebCenter Content UI,
Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture,,,
Oracle WebCenter Imaging,,
Oracle WebCenter Portal,,,
Oracle WebCenter Sites,,
Oracle WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform for EMC Documentum
Oracle WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform for File System & Microsoft SharePoint
Oracle WebCenter Sites: Community-Gadgets
Oracle WebCenter Sites: Satellite Server
Oracle WebCenter Sites: Site Capture
Oracle WebCenter Sites: Visitor Services
Oracle WebCenter Universal Content Management,,,,,
Oracle WebLogic Server,,,,,,
Oracle WebLogic Server Console
Reports Builder,


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Application Interface Services Server