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    April 7, 2017

The Value of IT Certification

Sheryl Domingue
Senior Program Manager, Oracle Certification

Taking an IT certification has become a common practice in recent years for those who want to remain up-to-date with the constantly evolving IT industry. Whether it’s getting hired, a promotion, re-skilling for a new line of work, or staying current to the latest technology, many more IT professionals are seeking the value of certification.

According to the latest Pearson VUE survey, 88% of IT professionals recommend certification to a colleague when discussing a career or advancement in IT. Given the fact that IT is a fast-paced industry, there is no surprise to see that more than half of respondents work in IT – 63.3%. The survey yielded nearly 28,000 completed responses from employees of 26 of the world’s leading IT organizations.

There is a balanced regional response rate – 26.7% North America, 22.2% Asia and 20.9% Europe. This means we can consider taking certifications; a global habit among IT professionals.

Oracle tech skills remain in-demand in the coming years in every industry. According to the Pearson VUE survey, Oracle is situated in the top 5 certification programs. One way that IT professionals can ensure they have the necessary skills and experience on existing and new technologies is through certification and training. Some of the best certifications available are those that focus on a very specific technology or subset of technologies. 

  • 74% of respondents would like to earn more specialized certifications. 

This gives IT professionals the opportunity to find a niche and become skilled at one or two specific technologies, setting them apart from those who are seen as IT generalists. The most popular task areas are Networking, Servers, and Security.

In preparing for an exam, many IT professionals choose to invest in their own study materials. Over half of respondents purchased their own study materials and only 26% noted that materials were funded by their employer. The metric for self-paid exams is up 3% over the prior year summing up 37.1% opposed to 49.6% paid by employers, indicating the increase in value IT professionals are gaining with certifications.

One thing is for certain: 74% said that using self-study materials increased their confidence, making them feel more prepared and relevant in such a competitive job-market, with nearly 4 out of 10 IT professionals saying certification helped them perform complex tasks more confidently. Positive
impact on professional image and moving to a career in IT continue to be the predominant benefits of obtaining certification.

There is a commitment to ongoing professional development among candidates. 

  • 93% likely or very likely to take a certification exam in the next 12 months.

  • 60% likely to undertake further instructor-led training.

  • 72% intend to take an online course.

Among the motivations for pursuing a certification:Oracle is ranked #4 in both training categories.

  • Re-certify (42.4%)

  • Required by the employer (41.1%)

  • Increase knowledge in a specific area (38.2%)

  • Improve professional profile (35.6%) 

Oracle has more than 420,000 customers with distribution across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries. Developing the most in-demand Oracle skills offers exciting prospects for your future. Earning certification on the most in-demand skills can make a huge difference in staying relevant in the IT industry. Following trends and backing up skills with certifications can be a great career strategy for many technology professionals.The IT industry is looking for well trained professionals, and with the right certification they will be looking for you.

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Source: 2016 Pearson VUE Value of IT Certification Survey. The 2016 Pearson VUE survey Value of IT Certification. "Copyright © 2016 Pearson. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission."

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