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Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Oracle Exams To Be Offered Through New Testing Vendor

Starting September 25, 2009, Oracle Certification Exams will no longer be offered through Prometric. Oracle University is currently in discussion with a new testing vendor to finalize a new partnership. We therefore expect to make an announcement in early September that will include new registration steps for candidates after September 25, 2009.

In preview of our planned announcement, here are several helpful aspects to note:

  • We plan on allowing candidates to continue using their existing testing ID; no change is necessary.
  • We expect vouchers issued by Prometric to be fully functional in the new testing vendor system. Candidates will be able to use their unexpired vouchers in the new system just as they were able to use them in the Prometric system.

What effect will this have on Oracle Certification candidates?

  • Oracle Certification candidates will register for exams on a new website.
  • Oracle Certification candidates will need to create a web account with the new testing vendor when first registering for an exam.
  • Just like today, Oracle Certification exams will continue to be available worldwide with great coverage in many testing centers - in many cases the same testing locations will still be available.
  • Oracle Certification's current "Hands On Course Requirement Forms" system will be taken offline on September 14, 2009. On September 28, 2009 an all-new "Course Submission" system will be launched on the new testing vendor's website. Between these dates. Oracle University will continue to clear and validate forms that have already been submitted, but no "new" submissions will be accepted through the old system.
    Note: If you currently have an outstanding form that needs our attention, please email with your requested information as soon as possible to avoid a delay in receiving your success kit.
  • Oracle Certification candidates could possibly experience a 2-3 week delay in shipment of printed certificates while maintenance is performed on Oracle's certification database during the transition period.

We are very excited about this change, and what it means for our program as well as our customers.  Below are some anticipated questions around this transition. If you have additional questions, please contact


  1. I have already taken exams with Prometric. Do my exams remain valid? Can I finish my certification with a new testing vendor?
    Yes, if you do not complete your certification exams with Prometric before the cutover date (September 25, 2009), you will simply contact the new testing vendor to schedule your next exam. Because all previous and future exam results are the property of Oracle, this will not affect existing certifications or certification paths.

  2. What if I already have an Oracle exam scheduled with Prometric?
    If you have a test scheduled to take place before the cutover date (September 25, 2009), then no action is required.

    If you have a test scheduled to take place on or after the cutover date (September 25, 2009), you will simply cancel it with Prometric and reschedule it with the new testing vendor.

    A refund will be issued as long as the exam is cancelled in accordance with Prometric's cancellation policy (outlined in your confirmation email). We expect that candidates may begin scheduling exams with the new testing vendor on September 14, 2009.

  3. What will happen to my records and testing history with Prometric?
    Because all records and testing history are the property of Oracle, this information will remain with Oracle. Likewise, all new records created through the new testing vendor will be forwarded to Oracle for processing and storage. All historical testing data will be available to candidates through a new candidate tool that Oracle expects to release later this year.

  4. What will happen to a candidate's exam records at Prometric?
    Because all data pertaining to Oracle exams is the property of Oracle, Prometric will not keep any data about Oracle candidates in its system once it is no longer delivering Oracle exams.

  5. I discovered that I have duplicate Prometric records. How can I get these merged so that all my exams are under one record?
    Please contact Oracle customer service at before September 14, 2009.

  6. Will this transition change existing certifications?
    No, existing certifications will remain the same.

  7. Will I be able to use my Prometric Testing ID to register for exams with the new testing vendor?
    Yes. Your Prometric Testing ID will become your "Oracle Testing ID". Before you are able to register for exams with the new vendor, you will need to create a web account with them (we'll provide the instructions in our upcoming announcement).

  8. If I failed my exam at Prometric before the cutover date, will I still need to wait 14 days before retaking the exam at a new testing vendor?
    Yes. Oracle Certification's retake policy remains in place. If you failed a proctored exam at Prometric, you will need to wait a minimum of 14 days before retaking the exam at the new testing vendor.

    All other aspects of Oracle Certification's retake policy will remain in effect as well:
    1. You may not retake (1) passed exams or (2) beta exams.
    2. There is no retake wait period for non-proctored exams.

  9. Will the new testing vendor offer all Oracle certification exams?
    All tests that were available at Prometric are planned to be available at the new vendor's test centers. Please stay tuned here to the Oracle Certification Blog as well as the Oracle Certification website for more information as it becomes available.

  10. Will the Oracle exams be different on the the new testing vendor's system?
    No, the exams are exactly the same--they look the same, and are scored exactly the same.

  11. Will the test fees change?
    No, test fees are set by Oracle and will remain the same with the new testing vendor as they are at Prometric.

  12. How can candidates get a copy of their Prometric score reports?
    Copies of your score reports at Prometric will no longer be available after September 25, 2009, so if you need a copy of your score report, you should request it from Prometric before that date. After September 25, 2009, you can request your exam score (not a full detailed score report) from

  13. Will Prometric vouchers be valid after the cutover date (September 25, 2009)? Will candidates still be able to use these existing vouchers?
    • Through September 13, 2009 - Unused and unexpired exam vouchers may be used at Prometric for exam registrations. The Prometric exam must be taken by September 25, 2009.
    • Starting September 14, 2009 - Unused and unexpired exam vouchers may be used at the new testing vendor for exam registrations.

  14. How can I receive up-to-date information from Oracle on this and other major changes in the Oracle Certification Program?
    To receive regular communications from the Oracle Certification team as well as important announcements that may affect your certification or your certification path, opt-in to receive updates by creating a profile and selecting the checkbox for "Opt-In to Oracle Communications" > "Oracle Certification Program".


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