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  • June 26, 2018

Shang Shibo Achieves Amazing Results With OCM After First Doubting Its Value

Brandye Barrington
Sr. Program Manager

My Journey with OCM

By Shang Shibo

Why OCM?

I used to think that OCM is useless.

As a practitioner who's been working in core technology for years, I have very rich experience in system design and development. With my own network and contacts, I’m never worried about not being able to find a good job. Especially when people with the certificate failed at my interview.

I further believed that the certificate was just a piece of paper and what really counted was the experience and technical ability. I thought it was a complete waste of money to get the certificate.

Later on, I went to a social event on technology and joined a Wei Chat group of Oracle professional education training forum. That was when I started to come across some excellent articles by Oracle specialists, such as Pirates’ Wealth Division (海盗分金术) and SQL Analysis (SQL解析). I felt like I was entering a world that I never knew about and you can’t imagine the shock I had. I admired the breadth and depth of the knowledge these people have and determined to further my knowledge on Oracle.

OCM provides a very great channel for my further learning.

Why Oracle training center?

I checked lots of information on-line while choosing a training center. I learned that with Oracle certified training center, students can enjoy authentic training resources from Oracle and the quality of the teaching is ensured. Also, students have to obtain the attendance record from an Oracle certified training center before they can attend the Oracle certification exam.

Why face to face training?

I knew very little about Linux at the time and I was concerned about this as I registered for the exam. I was worried that I might fail the exam due to this weakness. Even with the instructions, I couldn’t complete scenario 1 – I found the questions very peculiar and this frustrated me a lot. However, I was very fortunate that all the teachers were very encouraging and helpful, otherwise I would have quit back then.

At the same time, I also believe that anything with value requires effort to acquire.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. Each day, I pressed on with my practice - identify the problem, research the problem, analyze the problem and accumulate knowledge points. I put all the problems I came across in a mental map and completed a diagram after my exam, called OCM Pass Skill Diagram by a Linux Newbie (Linux小白OCM通关技能图谱).

During my face to face training, I completed all the scenarios for the 1st time with help from people. Now thinking about it, if I hadn’t attended the face to face training, all by myself, I don’t know when I would ever be able to do it as you wouldn’t have anyone to turn to for help. I made much progress during that time and I received lots of precious friendship. Here I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Hou and all my friends at the course!

Another good thing about the training is that you get to meet the teachers face to face. Every day, we studied together, and that kind of atmosphere was incomparable to studying at home by yourself.

I would like to strongly advise people to take the face to face training if your situation allows, to get the best results!

Why the exam crash course?

The exam crash course is an intensive training program. It’s the quickest way to get you into the exam mode and complete the exam. 

Each morning, we had a Wei Chat reminder to get us started with the training and to remind us that we are not alone in this. Meanwhile, all the coursemates can help each other, learn from each other and improve ourselves. It’s very common to feel down during the time but when you can see all the good friends who succeeded and friends who stood side by side with you, plus all the encouraging teachers, your energy would return!

My memory of the exam crash course has its pain but also happiness and I remember it fondly. I still have a long journey ahead and I will continue with the highest spirit!

Suggestions for exam preparation

Here I’d like to take the opportunity to offer some suggestions:

  • Whichever level you are with Oracle and Linux, don’t worry about it and be confident about what you can achieve. As long as you are following the instructions from the teachers, you will be fine.
  • Don’t think too much about the speed – maintain your own pace. Everyone has his own way of solving problems. Being fast doesn’t necessarily mean a definite pass.
    • Try to read the questions carefully such as the table name, schema, which machine to deploy, which machine you are currently operating and what the SID is, etc.
    • Each time you press “Enter”, you need to know clearly about what will happen next, what might happen next and what you would do if there’s an error.
    • In other words, be calm in the exam and don’t rush through the questions. This probably has something to do with my job in development. I have a very strong urge to control the execution of orders and programs. If there’s anything that’s out of my control, I get very anxious and have to run lots of risk assessment to ensure the risk is under control.
    • The target of the operation is to ensure the smooth running of the system, whereas the development is to ensure that the system can be operated continuously without problem. I worked 6 years in the integration of development and operation and I very much believe that problems are not to worry but what you should worry about is problems that are not controllable. It doesn’t matter when you are faced with a problem, but you have to make sure that you have the solution for it and can control its risk.  
  • There’s also no need to worry when you come across challenges in learning.
    • Keep your head cool and eyes on the big picture. After all, it’s outcome that matters, not the mistakes along the way.
    • It’s easier to think of solutions when you keep calm and remember these qualities:
      • Thorough understanding of the theory,
      • Clear logic and proficient operation.
      • Look at the problem from the basis of the theory to get a clear idea of how to solve the problem.
      • Think twice before you apply any solution to the issue.
  • I would also recommend you to attend the exam crash course to know the latest development in the exam.


I have learned a lot in nearly two months’ study and training. This hasn’t been an easy journey. There have been lots of challenges and hardships, but I also gained a lot from it. With the help of teachers, I have improved myself a lot and also got to know a group of wonderful friends. I truly cherish all of this.

Here I would like to thank all the teachers for their guidance and help, thank all my coursemates for their help and friendship, and especially thank my family for their devotion and support during my training.

Success comes from relentless effort and hard work, just like happiness comes from perseverance and determination.

All the best, my dear friends!

* This article was provided and authorized by Oracle Certified Master Union. For reprint please contact Oracle University and indicate the source.

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