Cheating Part 2: Cheating Hurts The Cheater

The primary goal in becoming certified is to increase one’s credibility (with employer and peers) by increasing his or her knowledge and skills. When someone cheats, they undermine the learning process, which leads to a decrease in their credibility - the exact opposite of their goal! Cheating eventually catches up to them and the damage to their reputation can haunt them for years.

I’m sure that you all know someone who under-performed because they cut corners (like cheating). Cheaters don’t fool people for long.

Do you know someone who you suspect cheated to get certified? How did you know? How did you feel about that person? Would you recommend them to a future employer?

Paul Sorensen,
Director, Oracle Certification


[UPDATE January 8, 2009: survey period ended, URL removed]


Paul, I can write about my opinion. For example: Final student after graduation (+1-2 year experience) can get ~17.000 USD per year. This student found the ‘brain stamp’ of Oracle OCP, studied the answers and has made the OCP exam. As a result: he has the salary ~34-38.000 USD per year. The small companies cannot check up real knowledge of such applicant. Therefore such person can spend half a year or year and to train on production system. HR tests such types of people and demands “fidelity of the company” and ability to smile on interview. I’m checking the professional local forums and see 30-50% questions about “what can I do? where I can find … logs? I need your assistance! help me!”. And all these “gurus” have OCP. To sum up: big companies have to create internal exams and analyse this result only. In my opinion, Oracle Corp has only one real test today - OCM. We can estimate real level of the expert only on laboratory tests. OCP without real-life tests -> is fiction. Oleg Borisov, ex-Oracle Premiums Support Engineer, Oracle Co.

Posted by Oleg Borisov on November 06, 2008 at 03:11 PM PST #

I agree- honesty and integrity are paramount as a database professional. I spent 2 months of hard intense study to pass my Oracle 10g OCA exam with an excellent 88% pass score on the test. I would quite upset if I caught someone cheating! Ben Prusinski

Posted by Ben Prusinski on November 10, 2008 at 12:01 PM PST #

Hej Paul People are informed that the so called practical providers, in fact they are truly braindumpers providers like testsomething, etc... (no commercials for those bandits!). In the other hand that student (mentioned in the previous posts from Oleg, will be unmasked quite rapidly in a profesional situation). I think the issue shall be closed from the source and it is those fakes test providers. Certguard made a quite good lookup tool to find out if the tests providers are honests. Having them closed will be the solution. The best way to umask cheater is in a "real" exam like ocm one and especially the professional situation also. ha' det godt!

Posted by Hub on November 13, 2008 at 06:16 AM PST #

Personally, during a job interview with CTO of a company that provided technical man-power services, he said his company was also a prometric test center... but it's open only for HIS worker that needed to take certification. It didn't sound well for me, thinking how long I studied to get my certification, waking up two hours earlier for about 6-8 months everyday. I already passed three Oracle exams: 88% (OCA 10g, three years ago), 86% (OCP 10G 18 months ago) and 100% (RAC 10g, one month ago) were my scores. I found the latest exam very very easy: only 63 questions to complete into two hours and many answers were so wrong that it'was easy to found the correct one, whereas for the OCA and OCP exams I remember to just have few minutes to review my marked answers (something like 75 questions in 90 minutes. I still remember one hard question about how to use the right syntax for a repeat_interval parameter of DBMS_SCHEDULER.CREATE_JOB function, where all the answers were so similar for me at that time!!! ). Moreover during the last two years I took part of the Oracle RAC course (where I found similar exam question explained) and improved my experience in RAC installation and administration in my current company I currently work for a company that doesn't provide man-power services, but has their own databases to administer and maintain , I didn't get any relevant economic improvement for my certification: I simply continue to study because I know it's useful for my day-to-day job.

Posted by Marco on November 18, 2008 at 07:11 PM PST #

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