Thursday Apr 24, 2014

Oracle Database 12c Upgrade: Answering Your Questions

Oracle Certification recently sponsored a free webinar with master instructor Gwen Lazenby on upgrading your Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional certification to Oracle Database 12c. A number of very good questions came up during this webinar that we'd like to address.


How can Oracle justify allowing people to upgrade to the 12c certification from versions prior to 11g via the same path, with a single exam? And doesn't this upgrade path diminish the value of the certification or discriminate against candidates who have worked hard to maintain certification through all prior versions?

We are always striving to not only design our certifications for technical accuracy and focus on real-world skills and knowledge, but we also continue seeking ways to make earning them as easy as possible for you. We now have a new way for candidates to 'jump' versions to 12c with a single exam. If you have upgraded in the past, you were also earning those prior version certifications (i.e. DBA OCP 10g, DBA OCP 11g, DBA OCP 12c), whereas the single exam upgrade option only awards the 12c credential (i.e. does NOT also earn the previous-version credentials).

What is the process to upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional from a version earlier than 11g? Do I have to upgrade to 10g or 11g first and then upgrade to 12c?

This is a single exam upgrade path. If you hold an Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional certification on any version (Oracle7.3, Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle Database 10g or Oracle Database 11g), you can upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional by passing a single exam - Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (1Z0-060).

Is training required to upgrade?

If you hold an Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional certification, training is not required to upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional. Simply pass the exam Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (1Z0-060). You have already met the prior certification requirement with your current Oracle Database Admin Certified Professional credential.

Can you still upgrade to versions other than 12c? For example, can we upgrade from 9i to 10g, or from 8i to 9i?

For now, you can still upgrade to any version for which there is still an upgrade path. For example, 7.3, 8 and 8i certified professionals can still upgrade to Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Professional. Oracle 9i Database and Oracle Database 10g Certified Professionals can still upgrade to Oracle Database 11g. The 12c upgrade path simply streamlines the upgrade process for candidates certified on very old versions of the Oracle Database.


I missed the Oracle Database 12c Upgrade webinar, or missed parts of it. Will it be made available for replay?

The Oracle Database 12c Upgrade webinar with Gwen Lanzenby that was originally held on March 17, 2014 is now available for replay.


When I did 11g OCP, if I remember correctly I didn't encounter RealApplicationTesting and VLDB...There is a whole guide for VLDB. Do I need to revisit all of those?

You can see the list of exam topics on the Oracle Certification website. This is the best source for what is covered on the exam.

If I fail one section of the exam, will I need to take the whole exam again, or can I just retake the failed section?

Though there are 2 sections to pass, the exam is a single entity. You will either pass the exam or not. If you fail the exam, you will need to retake the entire exam.

Will I need to pay full price for my 2nd exam attempt should I fail the first attempt?

Each exam attempt costs the same.

If I fail the exam, how soon can I retake it?

Candidates must wait 14 days to retake a failed exam. You can view the full retake policy on the Oracle Certification website.

Are the questions multiple choice?

Exam questions on this exam are multiple choice.

Are there questions with multiple answers?

Answers to the multiple choice questions may take the form of 'choose one,' 'choose two,' 'choose all that apply,' or some other form of single or multiple answers.

Are there unscored questions on the Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c exam 1Z0-060?

It is a typical practice to include unscored items in a production exam. Including unscored items allows us to test new items without sending an exam back through a beta process. With this process we can seamlessly revise and update our exams without an inconvenience to candidates.

Are the Key DBA Skills version-specific, or would they be the same across versions?

The goal is to test skills that are relevant regardless of database version but we can't guarantee that all questions/answers in that section are version-agnostic; candidates should be prepared to demonstrate their key DBA skills in the context of the 12c product.

Are the Key DBA Skills topics on the 1Z0-060 exam covered in the New Features training?

Key DBA Skills are not covered in the New Features training, but they are covered in the Certification Exam Prep Seminar: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c for exam 1Z0-060.


Will there be a practice test available for this upgrade exam?

Kaplan SelfTest has released an Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Administrator 1Z0-060 practice test

What other preparation materials are available?

There is a very good blog post that has been released by the Oracle Certification team on upgrading to Oracle Database 12c.

What is the difference between SelfTest Software and Transcender?

The Oracle Authorized practice exams from Kaplan IT Learning (Kaplan SelfTest and Transcender) are variants of the same product and exam candidates should purchase only one. The products share some of the same content but are targeted toward different segments of Oracle certification candidates.

Transcender practice exams are meant to cover all the information a candidate needs to know to become certified. There are more practice questions and the Transcender test engine offers multiple preset exams that prepare the candidate for the live exam.

Kaplan SelfTest practice exams have the same quality content, but contain fewer practice questions and offer one certification-mode practice test. This is because not everyone who aspires to Oracle certification is new to the technology and experienced technologists may wish to review only specific topics in preparation for the exam.

What books are available to prepare?

Oracle Press does have an OCP Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-060).  You can also get book recommendations on our Oracle Certification Forum


Are there any free training courses?

There are no free Oracle University training courses to prepare for this exam.

Do you have to pay for an Oracle class or can you just study on your own?

Since training is not required for this certification upgrade, you can study on your own without attending a class. However, the Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators course would be very beneficial in helping to prepare for this exam.

How can I search existing courses by location?

You can find training locations on the Oracle University website.

Does self study material cover both exam sections?

There are self-study resources that will cover both exam sections. The Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators course is available as Training On Demand (TOD) or as a Self-Study Course (SSC). This New Features course covers only the new features section of the exam. The Certification Exam Prep Seminar: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (1Z0-060) covers the key database topics for this exam.


How much is the upgrade exam?

You can find the cost of the exam in your region by accessing the exam page.

Do you have any discounts available for exam fee only?

There are several ways that candidates can get discounts on exams:

Certification Value Packages - If you are planning to take an Oracle University course as part of a certification path that contains a training requirement, a Certification Value Package may be a good option. The value package includes the course fee, a certification exam voucher and exam preparation material such as practice test or exam prep seminar where these items are available. When purchased in a package, candidates can receive up to 20% off these items.

Exam Prep Value Packages - A valuable asset to helping you prepare for your certification exam, exam prep value packages include the exam prep seminar, a certification exam voucher and exam preparation material such as practice test or exam prep seminar where these items are available. When purchased in a package, candidates can receive up to 20% off these items. 

Workforce Development Program (WDP) - which allows education institutions to deliver Oracle training as part of certificate and non-degree programs offered via Continuing Education. 

Oracle Academy Program - is a program specifically for students seeking a career in Oracle technologies. This program is designed to be offered through high schools, as well as technical and vocational schools.

Are there any discounts for OPN members for the 12c upgrade exam?

Please check with your program coordinator in your company. 

What's the reason for the price increase for the testing?  Earlier it's $150 and now it shows $245?

Earlier in 2013, Oracle went through a process to align all Oracle Certifcation exam prices at $245. Some exam prices went up a litte and some came down. Oracle exam prices are competitive with industry standards.


Where can I take the Oracle Certification exams?

You can register for and take Oracle Certification exams at


Where can I get more Oracle Certification-related information?


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