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Cheating Incident

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Hi Everyone -

I just wanted to give you a heads-up on some recent actions that we had to take regarding someone who tried to cheat on a test.

Just last week, we had a candidate who was bold enough to try to take screen-shots during the exam using his cell phone. Of course this is completely against Oracle Certification Program policy. This candidate's exam was immediately stopped, and the candidate was ejected from the testing center.

Of course it doesn't end there. This candidate was also suspended permanently from the Oracle Certification Program, and all of his previous certifications were revoked. He is no longer eligible to participate in the program. Unfortunately - if this candidate works for an Oracle partner company, then his company will also likely become aware of his indiscretion - particularly when they request validation of his certification.

Although this particular candidate was blatantly involved in content theft, any type of cheating incident is very unfortunate. It erodes the value of the certification credentials, and hurts everyone involved. The actions described above represent our efforts to curb cheating and maintain the value of Oracle certification credentials.

I encourage anyone seeking Oracle certification to carefully read and adhere to the Oracle Certification Program Fraudulent Activity Policy.



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Comments ( 9 )
  • bigdelboy Tuesday, April 27, 2010
    In some ways it god to hear of a cheat being caught ... but I suppose a number of questions are raised.
    1) This was a fairly blatant cheat and perhaps fairly amateurish and obvious.
    2) The fact that only catches blatant cheating is being publicised on this blog means the more clever cheat may feel he has little to fear.
    3) What really was the reason for the person to cheat, was he intending to sell to a braindump provider, or was this an amateur attempt by himself and friends to provide a braindump themselves to sell, or was he intending it to help himself with a retake or share with a small group of friends?
    4) Has Pearson forwarded this to other exam providers, and possibly even shared with Prometric?
    5) I would now imagine that every exam session is rated for the probability of braindumps being used by the candidate ... and also for other unusual behavior. But there is no signs of this information being utilized.
    I realize the more one says about security the more one helps the cheats. However a blog like this may be indicating that only a fairly blatant cheat will be caught.
    Thanx - bigdelboy.
  • Ben Prusinski Tuesday, April 27, 2010
    Wow that is terrible! I am glad that you caught the person who tried to cheat. Anyways, I work hard too honestly study and pass the Oracle certification exams. I just passed the R12 EBS OCP exam to validate my Oracle E-Business Suite expertise and currently I am working on my Oracle Fusion Middleware certifications for SOA, 10gAS, Weblogic, Hyperion and OBIEE.
    Ben Prusinski, Oracle ACE
  • jiri Thursday, April 29, 2010
    I 100% agree, most of us worked pretty hard to get OCP. It's not easy exam.
    If you cheat, you are out from the club forever !
  • Jim Czuprynski Sunday, May 2, 2010
    This activity wouldn't be tolerated in any other profession; can you imagine the outcry if a pilot or doctor attempted to cheat on a crucial exam? If this person was taking this test at a site in the US and was here on a work visa, I believe this activity should be prosecuted under the fullest extent of US law, his visa revoked, and he should immediately be firmly but kindly asked to return to his country of origin. This is clearly fraud under any legal sense - a blatant attempt to profit from knowledge obtained against specific, well-stated rules - and should be prosecuted and punished as such. Only then will others who are considering this certification understand that the only way to obtain an OCA, OCP, or OCM designation is through arduous study and hard work.
  • RS Sunday, May 2, 2010
    I don't see how anyone could deduce that only the "blatantly" obvious cheaters are going to get caught just because this one particular incident chose to be publicized. I think common sense would stand to reason that Oracle doesn't have to publicize each time someone is caught cheating on a test.
  • bigdelboy Monday, May 3, 2010
    In response to RS: (who I think was refering to my earlier comment) ... this blog previously published information on another set of cheaters caught at blogs.oracle.com/certification/2010/01/0177.html which again showed cheaters caught at test centers and penalties given. In most cases these related to notes access or potential notes access at test centers; which one would hope is picked up under normal monitoring methods of the test center proctor/video.
    However what these notes have not refered to is identification of cheats by data forensics, and while the details of this may be obviously not be broadcast indications of successes in this area might be a deterent.
  • guest Thursday, March 7, 2013

    Response to comment above, this happended to someone I know who was wrongly accused of cheating and was reported to their employer. They were fired on the spot. I think too much power is given to Oracle and strongly disagree with there full approach. Whilst punishment is needed, I strongly believe that this type of Bullying and Behaviour is not required, as Certifications are NOT required by individuals in there place of work.

  • DC Thursday, March 7, 2013

    Jim - you can bet it was a work visa guy.....just too stupid from a

    cultural perspective for someone else to think you could actually

    Pull something like that off. Oh no, I said something true but not

    Politically correct, revoke my liberal membership card

  • guest Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    Regarding the comment about someone wrongfully accused of cheating and reported to their company, I'd like to clarify that Oracle does not do that. We are bound by our privacy policy to not release personal information about candidates to a 3rd party. We cannot report them to their companies - unless it is an Oracle employee.

    I'd also like to clarify that we do not take this lightly. We do not take away certifications, or invalidate exam results without hard evidence that cheating has happened. It would be a legal minefield for us to indiscriminately rip away certifications and notify employers. I'd like to assure everyone that when we take drastic steps like decertifying people and banning them from testing, we have documented proof of cheating.


    Brandye Barrington

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