Tuesday Nov 26, 2013

Last Chance: Java EE 7 Job Task Analysis Survey – Participants Needed

[Editor's Note: This survey has closed.]

If you have been waiting to take this survey, now is the time. Saturday, November 30 is the last day that you can take part in shaping the future of the Java EE 7 exams. We have received overwhelming feedback on this topic. Let your voice be heard as well.

We'll soon begin certifying front-end and/or server-side enterprise developers who use Java. We're therefore interested in those of you who:
  • are currently working with Java EE 7 technology or have plans to develop with Java EE 7 in the near future.
  • have 2-4 years experience with the previous Java EE technology versions.
  • are recruiting and/or hiring candidates to develop Java EE 7 applications.
  • are technically savvy and able to articulate the skills and knowledge required to successfully staff Java Enterprise Edition front-end and server-side projects.
Respond on or before November 30, 2013.

Monday Aug 19, 2013

Oracle Certification Merchandise: Vote Now

As an added benefit to achieving your certification, we are preparing to make Oracle Certification merchandise - branded with "Oracle Certified" - available to certified individuals.

We want to hear from you! What items would you be interested in if we made them available?

Friday Jul 06, 2012

Tell Us What YOU Need To Know

We're continuing to develop new Exam Preparation Seminars, and we want to know -- what is a technical question you would like an instructor to address in the video? What is a weak point you need help with? What is a specific topic you would really like us to focus on in the video seminar?

Visit our web survey (BELOW) to pose your questions to our instructors. We'll address as many questions as we can, focusing on the most relevant and most popular questions.


Tuesday Jan 24, 2012

Your Input Needed: Oracle Certification 2012 Salary Survey Continues

Just a quick reminder that the Oracle Certification Salary Survey is still available. In this short (5 min) survey, we want to learn about how your certification impacts you, your career, and your earning potential.

21 simple questions - Take Now:

Monday Dec 19, 2011

2012 Oracle Certification Salary and Satisfaction Survey

Our new Oracle Certification Salary Survey is now live!

In this short (5 min) survey, we want to learn about how your certification impacts you, your career, and your earning potential. We know you're busy and we respect your time, so we've kept it short — 21 simple questions:

Monday Sep 12, 2011

Help Plan the Future of Oracle Database Training and Certification

Take Our Online Job Task Survey

Are you an Oracle Database Administrator? Would you like to help define the depth and scope of future Oracle Database training and certification?

Oracle is conducting this online Job Task survey prior to the next major Oracle Database product release to ensure that the tasks Oracle Database Administrators consider important are prominent in the design of future Database Administrator curriculum and certification offerings.

Join with other Oracle experts to take this online survey and tell us what tasks are important to you. Please click on the link below to get started:

Oracle DBA Job-Task Analysis Survey

After completing the survey, get your FREE Oracle Database 11g Interactive Reference Guide. This free interactive reference guide can help you write custom data dictionary scripts, locate views pertinent to a specific database component, and more.

If you have problems accessing the survey, please contact the survey team at DBA-Survey-help.

Tuesday Sep 06, 2011

Mini-Sessions: What Do YOU Think?

At this year's Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne conferences, we will be trying a new thing. Oracle Certification will be hosting a series of mini-sessions covering topics such as:
  • New Java SE 7 Certification: Raising The Bar
  • New Oracle Solaris 11 Certification: Raising The Bar
  • How to Study and Prepare for Your Certification
  • Oracle Certification Buzzwords
  • Taking Advantage of CertView

What do YOU want to know or learn more about while you're at the conference? What could we create a short session for that would help you? (We may even create an online video)

Tell us here in our short single-question survey!


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