Friday Jan 15, 2016

What's New With Oracle Certification - January 2016

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Friday Dec 18, 2015

Are Certifications a Waste of Your Time?

What a headline! 5 Reasons Certifications Aren’t Worth It.  This definitely got my attention.  I had to read more.   The 5 reasons according to the author, David Bolton are:

1. Software Technology Moves Too Fast
2. The Certifiers Are… Who?
3. Employers Don’t Really Care
4. It’s a Rip-Off
5. It Only Proves You Can Pass Tests

We believe certification isn't a waste of your time.  Here's why.

If your business is in IT Services or Support keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date is critical. The fast pace of technology is actually a good reason to stay-up-date with your certification.  There's great personal risk of becoming obsolete by not keeping up with new features and new technology. 

An Oracle Certification is industry recognized, We have 2 million people across the globe who have achieved an Oracle certification credential.  This is a certification that won’t be worthless when the next big thing comes along.  97% of the Fortune 500 companies run Oracle solutions.

Our experience is that employers care very much about certification.  Your personal reputation definitely helps, but what about when you are trying to win business or go for a new job?  We learn in many ways these days but certification is still an industry recognized benchmark of knowledge and technical skill. 

We try hard to keep it fair.  It’s true some people are better at test taking than others.  In all our exams the odds of passing are low without hands on experience.  Oracle Certification exams are developed by a group of Subject Matter Experts who follow the strict industry standard process.  A lot of work goes into building an exam.  Exams are repeatedly reviewed following psychometric guidelines to ensure only the best questions are used. 

According to “Value of IT Certifications,” CompTIA, October 14, 2014, 93% of hiring managers believe an IT certification is worth it too. 

See more recent industry statistics including salary differences on certified vs. non-certified here and here.

Friday Nov 20, 2015

Is Out of Date Really Out of Luck?

Recently, I had an online conversation with a few Java certified members of one of our LinkedIn groups.  The conversation started because Oracle didn’t distribute the new Digital Badges for certifications on retired or expired version releases.  It was playfully suggested that this was a ‘marketing scam’.  I cringed at first; because it could be perceived as a scam.  But the reality is, outdated certifications don’t hold that much value.

Technology is changing.  The world is different than it was in 2005 and our jobs have evolved to adapt to these changes.  Java has changed.  Java 8 was released on 18 March 2014”   according to Wikipedia.  Before we know it, it will be 2 full years since Java 8 was released!  If you're interested in reading more on the version history of Java, you can find it here.

I Google'd Java Skills in Demand 2015 and wasn’t surprised to see what was returned.  We already know the demand is high for java programming skills.  One of the links though stood out for me.  I really liked what Katie Bouwkamp said in The Most In Demand Programming Languages 2015  “…it’s important to be well-versed in a number of programming languages so you can be versatile and adaptable – and then continue to learn/master languages throughout your career.”

You can make certain you continue to learn and master your skill by keeping your certification current.  If you hold an out-of-date certification (Java SE7, SE6 or older)  upgrade now with one exam to SE8.

  • 1Z0-810 Upgrade to Java SE8 OCP from SE7
  • 1Z0-813 Upgrade to Java SE8 OCP from SE6 and Previous

We believe in the importance of continuing to learn and master.  Do you?

Order before December 31st to receive a 20% discount on your exam.  Learn more at Java20

Friday Nov 13, 2015

Is Higher Pay Worth Getting Oracle Certified?

I recently came across an article that caught my eye  After a long slump, IT certification pay bounces back by Robert Gates.  Pay and certification are two topics that are dear to my heart so I read on.  The article looks into the value of non-certified skills vs. certified skills.  “The value of non-certified skills went up nearly 4% in the past year compared to 10% for certified skills, according to a survey of pay rates for about 200,000 jobs across 2,800 employers by Foote Partners, LLC in Vero Beach, Fla.”

Why is IT Certification value going up?  According to David Foote co-founder and analyst, Foote Partners LLC  “It means the certifications are getting a little more respect. Clearly, the market has a much different view of certified skills versus non-certified skills.” 

Why should this topic be important to you?  Here’s a couple of highlights:

  • "IT certification pay has rebounded after slumping for years, as non-certified skills, such as expertise with operating systems and databases, continue to grow.”
  • "The list of 378 certified skills in Foote's survey remains dominated by large vendors, including Cisco, Cloudera Inc., EMC, Oracle, Red Hat Inc. and VMware.”

What does an Oracle certification provide you with in regards to certified skills?  Oracle is an industry leader.  Whether your skills and experience lie in database or java the market demand is high.  We have training and exams that you can build on. 

  1. Our core certification program structure starts with the Oracle Certified Associate credential that shows you have fundamental skills and a strong foundation. 
  2. The next step is Oracle Certified Professional that builds on this foundation to measure a deeper more specific possession of skill. 
  3. Then we have the Oracle Certified Master certification which validates you demonstrate these skills and can do the required tasks.

Are you ready to have your non-certified skills recognized as certified skills? View the Oracle Database 12c Certification Path or Java SE Certification Path for more information. 

Monday Nov 02, 2015

Expand Your Certification To The Cloud

Oracle Open World for 2015 may have come to a close, but our announcement during this years conference is just the beginning. 

We now have Cloud certification exams that align to the new Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions.

Start with training designed to fit your schedule.  Practice in the safe hands-on lab environment.    Learn how to confidently extend your current skills into the Cloud.  Add a new Oracle Certified Professional credential that proves you have the skills to administer and deploy in the cloud. 

We think that's pretty exciting news.

Read the announcement New Oracle Learning Subscriptions & Cloud Certifications! Releasing Now at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

ACTION REQUIRED: Final Reminder to Keep Your Certification Active

Keep your Oracle7.3, Oracle8, Oracle8i and Oracle9i Database credential(s) active by upgrading to a current version of Oracle Database certification by November 1, 2015. 

Oracle Certification announced a new Recertification Policy in November 2014, requiring you to maintain a current version of certification to keep your Oracle Database credentials in an active status. 

This is your final reminder that on November 1, 2015 your current Oracle7 - Oracle9i Database credentials will become inactive. Upgrade to a current version of Oracle Database certification before that date.

Please take action soon if you are in this situation, in order to remain active and maintain access to current Oracle Certification benefits.

We are here to help. Take advantage of discounts on Oracle Database Certification upgrade exams and training packages.

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