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  • February 4, 2019

An In-Depth Look at The Kaplan Way for Learning

Brandye Barrington
Sr. Program Manager

contributed by Kaplan IT Training


To understand how Kaplan IT Training’s exam preparation product fits into your study schedule, you should first understand the Kaplan Way. The Kaplan Way is a comprehensive learning strategy that combines scientific, evidence-based design philosophy with a straightforward educational approach to learning. Learning science is grounded in research that provides evidence on how people learn. So to help candidates reach their outcomes efficiently and effectively, we employ a three-phase learning strategy: Prepare • Practice • Perform®.


When thinking of certification, the Prepare phase introduces the knowledge and skills needed through real-world work experience and/or classroom environment (whether traditional or virtual). This could also include projects, readings, video recordings, or labs.


The Perform phase is the actual certification exam, where you are tested to verify that you are qualified for that technology and/or job role. The certification exam is composed of objectives, subobjectives, and tasks on which you must demonstrate competence by meeting or exceeding the passing score published by Oracle.


But our focus is on the in-between Practice stage, which bridges the gap between the education in the Prepare phase and the high-stakes testing of the Perform phase. In Kaplan IT Training’s exam preparation, you apply knowledge and skills through reinforcing what you've learned well and identifying gaps in what you haven't mastered yet. And throughout this process, you are given constant feedback to help you refine your study plan and build brain muscle for exam day.


In a nutshell, Kaplan IT Training provides an unflinching and honest assessment of where you're at, so that you know how to prepare and gain the confidence you need to be successful on exam day.


More than Questions


At the core of our product is the question bank, which we call the QBank. Depending on which certification exam you study for, you may see anything from standard multiple-choice questions to advanced items with hotspot and list/reorder options. But at the core, there is a question stem, usually couched in some kind of real-world scenario, a set of choices or fill-in-the-blank, and a correct answer. The QBank is weighted the same way as the certification objectives, so the number of questions you'll see is an accurate representation of what you'll see on the live exam.


If you use the Quick Quiz mode, then you can go through the QBank as a simulated exam. It will be timed like the live exam, and you won't be able to see which answers you got correct or incorrect until you go through the whole exam or run out of time. Although drilling through the QBank in this way helps you gain experience on how to take an exam, it does not delve below the surface of the questions.


For learning retention, the preferred mode is Custom Quiz. In this mode, you can choose the objectives and/or subobjectives you would like to pull questions from, and whether you would like to grade and see explanations as you go. At this you point, you'll come to realize that there is a lot more going on than just question and answer. Our detailed explanations include not only the rationale behind the right and wrong choices, but also in which situations those wrong choices could become correct answers. This technique allows us to cover multiple concepts that you'll see on the exam through only a single question! And of course, you will also find our official Oracle references for further information and study, if needed (see below).


Custom Quiz Screen from the 1Z0-808 Exam Preparation product.


But there's more than simply a QBank in our exam preparation product. It also includes the following tools.

  • Performance Tracker: Track your personal progress and timings, and compare them to others using the same product.
  • Flashcards: Memorize critical concepts, commands, and configurations that you will need to know for exam day.
  • Study Calendar: Organize and optimize your study time.
  • DIscussion Board: Share study tips with other candidates and set up informal study groups to keep you motivated.  

And of course, you can download and print the QBank if you want to study offline. Think of our exam prep product as the Swiss Army knife—it fits any type of learner and any study schedule.


If you have a question on any of our content, we have dedicated subject matter experts that are only an email away. Don't go into an Oracle certification exam cold. Go in prepared and confident with Kaplan IT Training!


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