Tuesday Mar 08, 2016

Be First with a New Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate Badge!

Beta testing is happening now for Oracle Database 12c SQL (1Z1-071) at a discount rate of $50US.

Get ready to make this your best year ever. Become an Oracle Certified Associate in Oracle Database 12c SQL with only one exam. See exam topics and more details at Oracle Database 12c SQL.

Take the next step. Register for the (1Z1-071) exam before the beta ends.

Need more persuasion? Certification gets you noticed in any job market. Display your solid understanding of fundamental SQL concepts to employers with a new Digital Badge.

In the 2015 Annual Certification Magazine Salary Survey published last month, Oracle Certified Associate is in the top 75 certifications.

Get Oracle Certified and start building your career today.

Tuesday Feb 16, 2016

Oracle Linux Administration Certification with One Exam

Recent reports such as the “Linux Career IT Skills Watch Update January 2016” are showing how the demand for Linux professionals continues.

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Monday Feb 08, 2016

Java SE 8 Certification: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

We are sharing the most asked questions and answers about Java SE 8 certification.

Q: I’ve been a Java Developer for years. Why should I get Java Certified?

You’re a perfect candidate to get Java certified. Your experience together with certification is a valuable combination. You’re demonstrating commitment and motivation to keeping your skills current which leads to more opportunities in your professional career. You’re recognized and verify to management that you're effectively validating your skills. Find out how to become Java SE certified.

Q: How different are the Java SE 8 certifications compared to the Java SE 7 certifications?

Java SE 8 contains several long-awaited new features such as 'Lambda expressions' and 'Date and Time API'. Since Java Language Specification has been updated for these new features, the experienced Java developers also need to learn the new style of coding. Learn more about Java SE 8 new features and enhancements. Oracle University supports the Java Developer’s further success by this Certification Program that will prove the skill of Java SE 8.

Q: For the Java SE 8 Certifications, why is Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) now a prerequisite for Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)?

Skills learned while preparing for an Oracle Certified Associate are critical fundamental skills, providing a strong foundation. The Oracle Certified Associate is a prerequisite certification for those pursuing a more advanced level, Oracle Certified Professional. This level measures a deeper more specific possession of skill, proving enhanced abilities and knowledge in the industry.

Q: Do I need to buy training classes from Oracle University in order to earn my Java certification?

Training is not requirement for the Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional or Oracle Certified Expert level of Java certifications. The Oracle Certified Master level certification Java SE 6 Developer and Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect certifications require training. Master certifications are the most advanced credentials and training is required to prepare candidates for the hands on nature of the exam and to ensure candidates have an in-depth expertise of the technology area.

What other questions do you have? Let us know in the comments section below.

Friday Jan 15, 2016

What's New With Oracle Certification - January 2016

See what’s in beta now, view exams released into production, get information on current promotions or learn about new certifications below.

Beta Exams Still Available Now
Beta Exam close January 31, 2016 for:

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Database Upgrade packages and exam promotions expire March 1, 2016.

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Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Exam Retirement: Sun Storage 6000 Arrays Essentials | 1Z0-563

Are you preparing for the Sun Storage 6000 Arrays Essentials | 1Z0-563 exam? If so, register now. Take the exam by April 15, 2016.

Passing this exam earns you the Sun Storage 6000 Arrays Certified Implementation Specialist certification.

Schedule your exam well before the retirement date of April 15, 2016 to allow for an exam retake if one is needed. The 14-day retake policy will be enforced.

This is your last chance to earn this certification.

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

Are You Enjoying the Benefits of Your Digital Badge?

Whether you were unsure of the source or the process, or concerned about your privacy, it's time to stop delaying and start enjoying the benefits of your Oracle Certification digital badge. 

Display your new badge on popular social media sites. It’s free to you as a benefit of being Oracle Certified. Easy to claim and begin using, the badge eliminates the possibility of fraudulent certification claims. You are only able to use it if you are Oracle Certified. 

According to LinkedIn, those with certification receive 6x more LinkedIn profile views.

Simply click the 'Claim' button in CertView to claim any available badges. You will set up your Acclaim account the first time you access your badge, but claiming future badges is a breeze!

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