Friday Jan 15, 2016

What's New With Oracle Certification - January 2016

See what’s in beta now, view exams released into production, get information on current promotions or learn about new certifications below.

Beta Exams Still Available Now
Beta Exam close January 31, 2016 for:

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Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Exam Retirement: Sun Storage 6000 Arrays Essentials | 1Z0-563

Are you preparing for the Sun Storage 6000 Arrays Essentials | 1Z0-563 exam? If so, register now. Take the exam by April 15, 2016.

Passing this exam earns you the Sun Storage 6000 Arrays Certified Implementation Specialist certification.

Schedule your exam well before the retirement date of April 15, 2016 to allow for an exam retake if one is needed. The 14-day retake policy will be enforced.

This is your last chance to earn this certification.

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

Are You Enjoying the Benefits of Your Digital Badge?

Whether you were unsure of the source or the process, or concerned about your privacy, it's time to stop delaying and start enjoying the benefits of your Oracle Certification digital badge. 

Display your new badge on popular social media sites. It’s free to you as a benefit of being Oracle Certified. Easy to claim and begin using, the badge eliminates the possibility of fraudulent certification claims. You are only able to use it if you are Oracle Certified. 

According to LinkedIn, those with certification receive 6x more LinkedIn profile views.

Simply click the 'Claim' button in CertView to claim any available badges. You will set up your Acclaim account the first time you access your badge, but claiming future badges is a breeze!

Visit CertVew to claim your pending badges now.

Friday Dec 18, 2015

Are Certifications a Waste of Your Time?

What a headline! 5 Reasons Certifications Aren’t Worth It.  This definitely got my attention.  I had to read more.   The 5 reasons according to the author, David Bolton are:

1. Software Technology Moves Too Fast
2. The Certifiers Are… Who?
3. Employers Don’t Really Care
4. It’s a Rip-Off
5. It Only Proves You Can Pass Tests

We believe certification isn't a waste of your time.  Here's why.

If your business is in IT Services or Support keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date is critical. The fast pace of technology is actually a good reason to stay-up-date with your certification.  There's great personal risk of becoming obsolete by not keeping up with new features and new technology. 

An Oracle Certification is industry recognized, We have 2 million people across the globe who have achieved an Oracle certification credential.  This is a certification that won’t be worthless when the next big thing comes along.  97% of the Fortune 500 companies run Oracle solutions.

Our experience is that employers care very much about certification.  Your personal reputation definitely helps, but what about when you are trying to win business or go for a new job?  We learn in many ways these days but certification is still an industry recognized benchmark of knowledge and technical skill. 

We try hard to keep it fair.  It’s true some people are better at test taking than others.  In all our exams the odds of passing are low without hands on experience.  Oracle Certification exams are developed by a group of Subject Matter Experts who follow the strict industry standard process.  A lot of work goes into building an exam.  Exams are repeatedly reviewed following psychometric guidelines to ensure only the best questions are used. 

According to “Value of IT Certifications,” CompTIA, October 14, 2014, 93% of hiring managers believe an IT certification is worth it too. 

See more recent industry statistics including salary differences on certified vs. non-certified here and here.

Monday Dec 14, 2015

Prepare for Success – Ace Your Next Oracle Certification Exam

You’ve decided to invest in your future and become Oracle Certified. This is the first step of your certification journey.

The next part of the journey is preparation and feeling confident you’re ready to become Oracle Certified. We are here to help you succeed every step of the way. 'Prepare for Success' a new blog segment will feature an exam and insight to resources to better prepare you in taking your next exam.

Featured Exam: Java SE 8 Programmer I 1Z0-808, Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

Preparing for this certification cultivates in-demand Java programming skills that are crucial in a competitive job market.

Exam Topics: Java SE 8 Programmer I

Recommended Training: Java SE 8 Fundamentals

Practice Exam: 1Z0-808 Practice Test Java SE 8 Programmer I

  • 180 questions simulating vendor test questions
  • 210 complimentary flash cards
  • Detailed explanations for correct/incorrect answers help you grasp underlying concepts
  • Comprehensive score report helps you focus your study efforts

Connect with Peers on Oracle Communities: 
Oracle Certification Program Java Certification

Special Offers: 20% all Java exams. Offer ends December 31 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

Candidates who earn the OCA are in a great position to earn, Java SE 8 Programmer II 1Z0-809, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification. This level measures a deeper more specific possession of skill, proving enhanced abilities and knowledge in the industry. The OCA is a prerequisite certification for those pursuing a more advanced level.

Start your path to success today!

Wednesday Dec 02, 2015

Are You Ready For the Next Level?

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Advanced Administrator II (1Z0-134)

If technology doesn’t stand still, then you shouldn’t either.

You're an Oracle Certified Associate in Oracle WebLogic Server Administration; you’ve proven your fundamental skills and knowledge on the administrative tasks needed to do the job. Take your certified skills to the next level.

Become an Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Administrator.

According to InfoWorld, ‘In 2015, IT job growth is expected to outpace the overall economy, benefiting those with proven skills.’ Advance your foundational knowledge to the next level of system administration tasks in a complex environment. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is cloud-ready, more than ever before, new features like Dynamic Clusters and Elastic JMS make it easier to deploy WebLogic Server in a private and public cloud.

Stand out from the rest! Demonstrate that you continue to build on and improve your skills; keeping pace with technology.

Candidates must hold one of the following prior certifications to take this exam:

Recommended Exam Preparation

Give yourself a chance. We bet you’re more ready than you think!

Review the exam topics here.

Register for exam 1Z0-134 at


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