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  • October 25, 2017

7 Reasons OCM Deiby Gomez Thinks Oracle Certifications Are Worth The Effort

Brandye Barrington
Sr. Program Manager

Earning the Oracle Certified Master credential is no small accomplishment. A minimum 5-7 years of experience as a DBA is recommended before a candidate considers pursuing this pinnacle of Oracle Certification. According to Deiby Gomez, holding the title is only a small percentage of the benefits a candidate will receive from earning certification. From the experience gained through exam preparation, to the added prestige of the certification title, Oracle Certification has opened doors for this candidate. Let's hear his story in his own words.

I started working with Oracle Technology when I was 18 years old, for a Company in Guatemala, I read several books about different fields of Oracle like Administration, Upgrades, Backup and Recovery, Tuning, etc. For me it was really difficult to start working with Oracle technology because at that time I didn't know English. However, after some months I was reading all books easily.

First, I got the Oracle Certified Professional 11g (OCP 11g) Certification, then I upgraded to Oracle Certified Professional 12c. In 2014 I decided to travel to the US and pass the Oracle Certified Master 11g exam, and at the age of 24 years old I became an Oracle Certified Master 11g (OCM 11g). At the age of 25 years old I was designated an Oracle ACE Director. I became a speaker at events like Oracle Open World (USA and Brasil) and Collaborate in Las Vegas, NV, USA.  I started to prepare all the topics and scenarios to pass the Oracle Certified Master 12c and at the beginning of 2016 I became Oracle Certified Master 12c (OCM 12c). The hardest certifications I've earned were OCM 11g and OCM 12c. I remember well because it took me several months to prepare for those exams. I practiced each day after work, going to sleep around 3:00am every night. It was hard but now I can say "it's worth it!" 

During this time, I also was involved in two other important projects. I was a Technical Reviewer of the book "Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Multitenant (Oracle Press)" and I was co-author of the book "Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Testing Tools and Techniques for Performance and Scalability." I also founded Nuvola Consulting Group, a company that provides Oracle Consulting Services around the world. 

With that said, I can say that certifications are really worth the effort and I will tell you why:

  • When you are preparing for a certification you have to read and to practice, a lot. When you finally pass a certification you feel good, but when you think about all the knowledge you gained while preparing every topic and every scenario, you will find that you have a lot of new concepts and you cleared some incorrect conceptions. You are now faster at implementing solutions and you've expanded the syntax you knew before starting to prepare.
  • You have less stress. Stress is a feeling that makes you get sick and impacts your performance at work. One of the causes of this stress is not knowing. If you don't know how to implement a solution or install a product or to fix a problem you experience stress because you are competing against time. The customer is calling you every 5 minutes, and you have to provide the solution as quickly as possible. The process that all DBAs pass through to get a certification expands the DBA's knowledge which reduces the stress of racing against the clock and not having the answer.
  • You inspire others. Once I became an Oracle Certified Master 11g in Central America, I noticed other young professionals starting to prepare to become an OCM 11g. This is really good because you are forcing more people to move to the "next level" and you are improving the competitiveness of your peers.
  • You become a known person in the community. When you are at conferences, you meet people that tell you "Hey, I read your articles!" or "Hey, Congratulations for your OCM 11g!"
  • Of course you get more projects and you can apply for better jobs! When you are applying for a job, the companies see your professional history, they schedule a technical interview, but also they see certifications. Certifications don't guarantee you are an expert, but it helps. HR likes certifications, because certifications help companies get new projects.
  • You can include the certification logos in your email, your CV, your website, your blog, etc. It gives prestige to your marketing material.
  • You enforce the commitment that you have with your customers. Customers trust you. They trust that you will fix the issues or that you will provide solutions. With all the huge knowledge you get while preparing for every certification you are enforcing that commitment.

Are you feeling inspired? If Deiby's story has inspired you, begin your own journey to certification today. If you're already certified, tell us your certification success story!


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  • Mo Thursday, November 9, 2017
    Hi there,
    why do you close center to pass OCM ?
    No more centers for France ...
    We have to move to UK.
    Before there was Paris (Colombes), it was perfect.
    But now it's a pain to go to Reading Oracle offices.
  • Brandye Barrington Wednesday, November 22, 2017
    Yes, centers have been consolidated regionally. Thanks for your feedback on this change. We will certainly pass it along to the delivery team.

    Brandye Barrington
    Oracle Certification Program
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