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Using the @CURRMBR Function

Using the @CURRMBR Function

Essbase provides a suite of calculation functions to
facilitate the definition and development of complex member formula
calculations. The @CURRMBR calculation function is especially useful with
scoping and managing complex calculations. The @CURRMBR (dimension) function
is used to return the name of the member currently being calculated in the
specified dimension.

When using the @CURRMBR calculation function, take into
consideration if the calculation is dense or sparse. The @CURRMBR calculation function is expected
to be slower when used on a dense dimension since the function calculates at
the block level, not the cell level. As
a result, the function will calculate all of the dense dimension members, even
if a particular dense dimension member is not present in the query. Conversely, performance is not an issue when
using the @CURRMBR calculation function on a sparse dimension since the block
corresponds to only one sparse dimension member.

In addition, the @CURRMBR function on a dense dimension could
produce unexpected results or errors when used in conjunction with other
functions such as @CONCATENATE. For
example, if a dynamically calculated member in a query contains the formula “Actual”->@MEMBER(@CONCATENATE(@NAME
(@CURRMBR ("Account")),"_Total")) and the Account dimension
is sparse, the query will run without error as long as the account in the query
generates a valid outline member. However, if the Account dimension is dense, the query will result in the following error even if the account in
the query generates a valid outline member:

Error executing formula for [member name] (line 0): attempt to cross a null @ member in function

The error is produced because the @CURRMBR function
calculates at the block level and therefore calculates on all accounts in the
dense block. Not all accounts within the block will generate a valid outline
member, resulting in the error message above.

For further information on the @CURRMBR function, see http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E40248_01/epm.1112/essbase_tech_ref/frameset.htm?currmbr.html

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  • Hari Wednesday, June 15, 2016


    I m receiving above error because Account dimension is dense.

    Error executing formula for [member name] (line 0): attempt to cross a null @ member in function [@X]

    What are the ways we can avoid this error?



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