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SAML2.0 SSO for PBCS and Oracle Cloud

SSO for Oracle Cloud: Oracle Cloud uses the SAML 2.0 protocol to integrate internal and external users. Oracle Cloud doesn’t support all features of this standard. Oracle Cloud uses the SAML standard to enable secure, cross-domain communication between Oracle Cloud and other SAML-enabled Oracle systems, as well as a selected number of non-Oracle identity management systems located on-premises or in a different cloud. Oracle Cloud SSO also includes a failback mechanism.If SSO...

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Configuring OBIEE with Full End to End SSL

Author: veera.raghavendra.rao@oracle.com What do we need to configure SSL:1. CA Root Certificate 2. CA Intermediate Certificate (if exists) 3. Java Keystores :: Identity Keystore and Trust Keystore 4. OBIEE Server Certificate 5. If External LDAP Directory like Oracle Internet Directory running in SSL    OID Server’s CA Root Certificate    OID Server’s CA Intermediate Certificate (if exists)    OID Server CertificateThis is a Test Environment where OBIEE is configured in SSL...

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Importing server and private key in Oracle wallet

You want to create a wallet containing your server cert and private key provided by your PKI administrator as a yourcert.p12 file. Let s assume the password for the private key is "mypassword". One way is to: a/ convert this p12 to jks keytool -v -importkeystore -srckeystore yourcert.p12 -srcstoretype PKCS12 -destkeystore yournewkeystore.jks -deststoretype JKS You must use the same password for the new jks and the private key = "mypassword"Import in this keystore, the...

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OBIEE or above: Admin Server unavailability is not impacting OBIEE tasks

Applies To:, Admin Server unavailability is not impacting OBIEE tasks. By setting virtualize tag to true (in EM) to manage multiple LDAP providers, it is enabling failover and HA on authentication and authorization inside OBIEE. Following are the test cases used for testing impact on OBIEE, if Admin Server is not available:   a. Test 1: Admin Server crashes and impact on OBIEE Scenario: All OBIEE components are up and running. b. Test 2: Admin Server had not...

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OBIEE 11.1.1 - Web catalog upgrade from 10g to 11g corrupted some user permissions

Web catalog upgrade from 10G to or or corrupted some user permissions, this may cause slow user login time and also slowness in accessing the dashboard. Resolution: Cleanup Web catalog via instanceconfig.xml using the steps documented in "Validating the Catalog" in System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. Runcat cmd line commands to cleanup all permissions that appears to be Invalid. Tip: It is recommended to run...

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OBIEE 11.1.1 - How to use OBIEE Impersonate parameter for quick checks

If you quickly need to check a user permission issue, you can use the Impersonate parameter on the url. However, you have to issue two requests to get a report, you cannot do this in a single url: Impersonation is "atomic" with authentication. It's not a "request" level parameter. You have to authenticate in "impersonated mode": http://server:7001/analytics/saw.dll?Logon&NQUser=YourAdministrator&NQPassword=Admin123&Impersonate=TheUserToImpersonate Then http://server:7001/analytic...

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