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OLAP_MAX_CONNECTIONS Property Considerations

The OLAP_MAX_CONNECTIONS property controls the maximum
number of connections from Planning to Essbase. The default setting is 10, but the property can be increased to allow
for more concurrent Essbase connections. The Hyperion Planning Administrator’s Guide recommends a setting of 20
for 100 users and 100 for 500 users.

Although the OLAP_MAX_CONNECTIONS property can be increased,
the amount the setting can be increased is constrained by the SERVERTHREADS
setting in Essbase. The SERVERTHREADS
setting defines the number of threads available for an Essbase
application. The default SERVERTHREADS
setting is 20, so if this setting is not changed, the most the
OLAP_MAX_CONNECTIONS can be increased is 20. Therefore, if an OLAP_MAX_CONNECTIONS setting higher than 20 is
required, the SERVERTHREADS setting in Essbase must also be increased to a
value at least equal to the OLAP_MAX_CONNECTIONS setting. If the application requires direct
connections to Essbase using SmartView or Financial Reports that bypass
Planning altogether, then the SERVERTHREADS setting should be set to a value
higher than the OLAP_MAX_CONNECTIONS setting based on the required number of
concurrent SmartView and Financial Reports Essbase connections.

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