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Essbase BSO Parallel Calculation and Calculator Cache

Jane Story
Senior Principal Applications Specialist - Customer Engineering & Advocacy Lab (CEAL Team)

Essbase BSO
parallel calculation utilizes calculator cache on a per thread basis. This post is to show the relationship between
using parallel calculation and calculator cache.

For calc parallel and calculator (calc)

  • Calc Parallel specifies the number of threads per calculation execution
  • Calc Cache is memory used per thread

If your calculations contain, for example,
CALCPARALLEL 9 and 5 users run this script, then (9 threads * 5 users) = 45 concurrent
threads will be used (assuming 45 threads are available and the content of the
calculation does not force serial calculation). If threads are not available, the calculations will wait until threads
are available.

If your CALCCACHEHIGH is set to 2 MB (as an example) then every thread will use 2
MB i.e. (9 threads * 5 users) = 45 concurrent
threads * 2 MB calc cache per thread, would mean that up to 90 MB of memory
would be used for these 5 concurrent calculations.

Although, in some circumstances, it may be
possible to increase these settings, it is important to be aware of this memory
usage and thread availability when considering use of calc parallel and calc
cache with applications, especially with applications that have high user

Testing should be performed to prove that
performance improvement outweigh the additional memory requirements.

Please see the following documentation for
more details on calc parallel and calculator cache:

Calc Parallel:


Sizing the Calculator Cache:


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